Reading Strategies and Practices: A Compendium

Reading Strategies and Practices: A Compendium

Paperback(3rd ed)


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ISBN-13: 9780205122875
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon, Inc.
Publication date: 11/13/1990
Edition description: 3rd ed
Pages: 400

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Each chapter includes "Unit Overview."


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1. Lesson Frameworks for Reader Support.
Guided Reading.
Four Blocks.
Directed Reading Activity.
Directed Reading — Thinking Activity.
Scaffolded Reading Experience.

2. Holistic, Whole Language, Learner-Centered, and Literature-Based Approaches.
Theme-Based Units.
Author-Reader-Inquirer Cycle.
Reading-Writing Workshop.
Book Club.
Uninterrupted Sustained Silent Reading.
Individualized Reading.
Shared Book Experience.

3. Intervention Programs for "At-Risk" Readers.
Reading Recovery.
Success for All.
Early Steps.
Monroe Methods.
Gillingham-Stillman Method.
Fernald Technique.

4. Phonics and Word Identification.
Word Study.
Analytic Method.
Synthetic Word Families.
Retrospective Miscue Analysis.
Goodman's Reading Strategy Lessons.

5. Teaching Reading as a Language Experience.
Allen's Language Experience Approach in Communication.
Ashton-Warner's Organic Reading.
Stauffer's Language-Experience Approach.
Patterned Language Approach.

6. Response to Literature and Drama.
Process Drama.
Point, Counterpoint.
Response Heuristic.
Sketch to Stretch.
Readers Theatre.

7. Responding to Readers as Writers and Genre Study.
Author's Chair/Peer Conferencing.
Dialogue Journals.
Style Study.
Story Impressions.
Expository Reading-Writing Think-Sheets.
Readingand Writing as Composing.

8. Discussion and Cooperative Learning.
Literature Circles.
Great Books' Shared Inquiry.
Conversational Discussion Groups.
Discussion Web.

9. Comprehension Development and Thinking Critically.
Questioning the Author.
PReP Technique.
Anticipation Guide.
Text Preview.
ReQuest Procedure.
Question-Answer Relationships.
Explicit Teaching of Reading Comprehension.
Induced Imagery.
Dialogical-Thinking Reading Lesson.
Inquiry Chart.

10. Meaning Vocabulary.
Possible Sentences.
Contextual Redefinition.
Feature Analysis.
Word Map.
Vocabulary Self-Collection Strategy.

11. Content Area Literacy.
Graphic Organizers.
Study Guides.
Selective Reading Guide.
Idea Mapping.
Text Structure Structure.
Story Grammar and Story Maps.
Sentence Combining.
Guided Writing Procedure.
I-Search Paper.

12. Studying.
Survey Technique.
Notetaking System for Learning.
Guided Lecture Procedure.
Graphic Information Lesson.

13. Oral Reading.
Choral and Repeated Reading.
Radio Reading.
Echo Reading.
Topping's Paired Reading.

14. Assessment for Classrooms, Teachers, and Students.
Performance Assessment.
Anecdotal Records.
Running Records.

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