Readings about The Social Animal / Edition 11

Readings about The Social Animal / Edition 11

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Worth Publishers


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Readings about The Social Animal / Edition 11

Exploring the most important ideas in social psychology, this collection of classic and contemporary reading includes accounts of specific experimental findings as well as more general articles summarizing studies on such topics as attraction and aggression.

In this edition, the most significant and provocative articles of earlier editions have been retained, including such classic as Stanley Milgram on obedience and Solomon Asch on conformity. Organized to illustrate the major themes of Elliot Aronson's highly praised book, The Social Animal, this acclaimed Collection of articles can readily be adapted for use with any introductory text, or even in lieu of a text.

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ISBN-13: 9781429233422
Publisher: Worth Publishers
Publication date: 06/01/2011
Edition description: Eleventh Edition
Pages: 624
Sales rank: 290,793
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.20(h) x 1.30(d)

Table of Contents

Preface XI

An Open Letter to the Reader XIII

I Introduction: Reflections on the Research Process 1

1 Research in Social Psychology as a Leap of Faith Elliot Aronson 3

2 On Baseball and Failure Elliot Aronson 10

II Conformity and Obedience 15

3 Opinions and Social Pressure Solomon E. Asch 17

4 Behavioral Study of Obedience Stanley Milgram 27

5 "From Jerusalem to Jericho": A Study of Situational and Dispositional Variables in Helping Behavior John M. Darley C. Daniel Batson 41

6 A Focus Theory of Normative Conduct: Recycling the Concept of Norms to Reduce Littering in Public Places Robert B. Cialdini Raymond R. Reno Carl A. Kallgren 56

7 Making Sense of the Nonsensical: An Analysis of Jonestown Neal Osherow 80

III Mass Communication Propaganda, and Persuasion 99

8 Effects of Varying the Recommendations in a Fear-Arousing Communication James M. Dabbs Jr. Howard Leventhal 101

9 Attribution Versus Persuasion as a Means for Modifying Behavior Richard L. Miller Philip Brickman Diana Bolen 112

10 The Impact of Mass Media Violence on U.S. Homicides David P. Phillips 132

IV Social Cognition 147

11 Contrast Effects and Judgments of Physical Attractiveness: When Beauty Becomes a Social Problem Douglas T. Kenrick Sara E. Gutierres 149

12 The Effect of Attitude on the Recall of Personal Histories Michael Ross Cathy McFarland Garth J. O. Fletcher 164

13 The Peculiar Longevity of Things Not So Bad Daniel T. Gilbert Matthew D. Lieberman Carey K. Morewedge Timothy D. Wilson 176

14 Strangers to Ourselves: Discovering the Adaptive Unconscious Timothy D. Wilson 189

15 Self-Theories of Intelligence Carol S. Dweck 201

V Self-Justification 217

16 Dissonance, Hypocrisy, and the Self-Concept Elliot Aronson 219

17 Compliance Without Pressure: The Foot-in-the-Door Technique Jonathan L. Freedman Scott C. Fraser 237

18 Reducing Weight by Reducing Dissonance: The Role of Effort Justification in Inducing Weight Loss Danny Axsom Joel Cooper 249

19 Dishonest Behavior as a Function of Differential Levels of Induced Self-Esteem Elliot Aronson David R. Mettee 263

20 Using Cognitive Dissonance to Encourage Water Conservation Chris Ann Dickerson Ruth Thibodeau Elliot Aronson Dayna Miller 275

21 A Self-Affirmation Intervention to Reduce the Racial Achievement Gap Geoffrey L. Cohen Julio Garcia Nancy Apfel Allison Master 288

VI Human Aggression 301

22 The Effects of Observing Violence Leonard Berkowitz 303

23 Does Venting Anger Feed or Extinguish The Flame? Catharsis, Rumination, Distraction, Anger, and Aggressive Responding Brad J. Bushman 315

24 Peacetime Casualties: The Effects of War on the Violent Behavior of Noncombatants Dane Archer Rosemary Gartner 329

25 Deindividuation and Anger-Mediated Interracial Aggression: Unmasking Regressive Racism Ronald W. Rogers Steven Prentice-Dunn 341

26 Predictors of Naturalistic Sexual Aggression Neil M. Malamuth 357

VII Prejudice 379

27 The Nonverbal Mediation of Self-Fulfilling Prophecies in Interracial Interaction Carl O. Word Mark P. Zanna Joel Cooper 381

28 Low Numbers: Stereotypes and the Underrepresentation of Women in Math and Science Joshua Aronson 394

29 Experiments in Group Conflict Muzafer Sherif 415

30 Jigsaw Groups and the Desegregated Classroom: In Pursuit of Common Goals Elliot Aronson Diane Bridgeman 425

31 Branch Rickey, Jackie Robinson, and the Social Psychology of Affirmative Action Anthony R. Pratkanis Marlene E. Turner 436

32 Prejudice as Self-Image Maintenance: Affirming the Self Through Derogating Others Steven Fein Steven J. Spencer 445

33 The Positive Feedback Bias Kent Harber 475

VIII Liking, Loving, and Interpersonal Sensitivity 495

34 Lending a Hand: Social Regulation of the Neural Response to Threat James A. Coan Hillary S. Schaefer Richard J. Davidson 497

35 The Search for a Romantic Partner: The Effects of Self-Esteem and Physical Attractiveness on Romantic Behavior Sara B. Kielser Roberta L. Baral 512

36 Social Perception and Interpersonal Behavior: On the Self-Fulfilling Nature of Social Stereotypes Mark Snyder Elizabeth Decker Tanke Ellen Berscheid 521

37 Some Evidence for Heightened Sexual Attraction Under Conditions of High Anxiety Donald G. Dutton Arthur P. Aron 536

38 Cognitive, Interpersonal, and Behavioral Effects of Social Exclusion: How people Respond to Rejection Roy F. Baumeister Dianne M. Tice 550

39 Arbitrary Social Norms Influence Sex Differences in Romantic Selectivity Eli J. Finkel Paul W. Eastwick 568

Name Index 581

Subject Index 594

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