Readings and Cases in International Human Resource Management

Readings and Cases in International Human Resource Management

by Mark A. Mendenhall, Gary Oddou



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ISBN-13: 9780534923327
Publisher: Cengage South-Western
Publication date: 01/01/1991
Series: Kent Series in Management
Pages: 437

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Answers readers' questions about deploying, operating, and maintaining a successful public key infrastructure (PKI). Uses case studies of pioneering applications to illustrate the benefits of using PKI in e-business communications and transactions, offering background information and other useful material.

Table of Contents

List of contributors     ix
Acknowledgments     xi
Introduction and Introductory Reading and Case: "The White Water Rapids of Robin Earl     1
The context of IHRM: context, culture and strategy     17
Seeing the Elephant: Human Resource Management Challenges in the Age of Globalization     19
The Link Between Business Strategy and International Human Resource Management Practices     35
Human Resource Management in Greece: Have the Colours of Culture Faded Away?     46
Peter Hanson: Building a World-Class Product Development Center for Hi Tech Systems in China     68
Red Cross Children's Home: Building Capabilities in Guyana     78
Changmai Corporation     89
Identifying, selecting and managing the global workforce     97
Strategic Staffing in Multinational Companies: a Resource-Based Approach     99
The Right Way to Manage Expats     119
Competitive Frontiers: Women Managing Across Borders     129
Career Management of Highfliers at Alcatel     148
Recruiting a Manager for BRB, Israel     157
Fred Bailey: An Innocent Abroad     163
Training, performance management, appraisal and compensation issues for global managers     171
Expatriate Performance Management: The Case of NokiaTelecommunications     173
A Local Perspective to Expatriate Success     185
Expatriate Performance Appraisal: Problems and Solutions     208
A Practical But Theory-Based Framework for Selecting Cross-Cultural Training Methods     219
Socometal: Rewarding African Workers     246
Andreas Weber's Reward for Success in an International Assignment: a Return to an Uncertain Future     249
Computex Corporation     254
Challenges and trends in IHRM: employee relations, mergers and acquisitions and international joint ventures, global virtual teams and ethics     257
The Role of Human Resource Management in Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions     259
Weaving Wages, Indebtedness, and Remittances in the Nepalese Carpet Industry     278
My Time or Yours? Managing Time Visions in Global Virtual Teams     297
Four Seasons Goes to Paris     317
Anatomy of a Paraguayan Strike     349
The Case of ABB Transformer in Vietnam     366
Johannes van den Bosch Sends an Email     374
Index     377

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