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Allyn & Bacon, Inc.
Readings in Deviant Behavior / Edition 2

Readings in Deviant Behavior / Edition 2


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ISBN-13: 9780205319046
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon, Inc.
Publication date: 11/03/2000
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 403
Product dimensions: 7.01(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.30(d)

Table of Contents

Preface xi

Introduction 1

Part 1 Defining Deviance 9

1 Images of Deviance Stephen Pfohl 11

2 Defining Deviancy Down Daniel Patrick Moynihan 15

Part 2 Positivist Theories 19

3 Strain Theory Robert K. Merton 21

4 Differential Association Theory Edwin H. Sutherland Donald R. Cressey 27

5 Control Theory Travis Hirschi 30

6 Shaming Theory John Braithwaite 33

Part 3 Constructionist Theories 37

7 Labeling Theory Howard S. Becker 39

8 Phenomenological Theory Jack Katz 42

9 Conflict Theory Richard Quinney 45

10 Feminist Theory Kathleen Daly 50

Part 4 Physical Violence 57

11 What Drives the Libyan Suicide Bombers in Iraq? Kevin Peraino 59

12 Serial Murder: Popular Myths and Empirical Realities James Alan Fox Jack Levin 67

13 What Triggers School Shootings? Michael S. Kimmel Matthew Mahler 76

14 "I Hope Someone Murders Your Mother!": Extreme Support for the Death Penalty Margaret Vandiver David J. Giacopassi Peter R. Gathje 83

Part 5 Intimate Violence 89

15 Tenured and Battered Madeline Bates 91

16 Intimate Stalking: Characteristics and Consequences Jennifer L. Dunn 94

17 Child-to-Mother Violence Debra Jackson 98

18 How Child Molesters Explain Their Deviance Louanne Lawson 108

Part 6 Self-Destructive Deviance 115

19 The Desire for Death Thomas Joiner 117

20 Self-Injurers: A "Lonely Crowd" Patricia A. Adler Peter Adler 129

21 Being Sane in Insane Places David L. Rosenhan 133

22 The Emergence of Hyperactive Adults as Abnormal Peter Conrad Deborah Potter 138

Part 7 Victims Of Stigma 145

23 Managing the Stigma of Personal Bankruptcy Deborah Thorne Leon Anderson 147

24 The Stigma of Obesity Erich Goode 161

25 What Is ItLike to Be a Rural Lesbian? Margaret Cooper 168

26 "You're Not a Retard, You're Just Wise" Steven J. Taylor 173

Part 8 Heterosexual Deviance 181

27 The Globalization of Sex Tourism Nancy A. Wonders Raymond Michalowski 183

28 Flawed Theory and Method in Studies of Prostitution Ronald Weitzer 193

29 Exotic Dancers: "Where Am I Going to Stop?" Jennifer K. Wesely 203

30 "Everyone Knows Who the Sluts Are": How Young Women Get around the Stigma Jennifer L. Dunn 207

Part 9 Substance Use And Abuse 211

31 Binge Drinking on College Campuses Keith F. Durkin Scott E. Wolfe Kara Lewis 213

32 "Hey, Don't Blame Me . . . Blame the Booze" Robert L. Peralta 217

33 OxyContin: A Prescription for Disaster James A. Inciardi Jennifer L. Goode 223

34 Damn, It Feels Good to be a Gangsta: Selling Drugs on Campus A. Rafik Mohamed Erik Fritsvold 229

Part 10 Internet Deviance 237

35 Show Me the Money: Online Mistresses and Slaves Keith F. Durkin 239

36 Online Dating: "I'm Dysfunctional, You're Dysfunctional" Andrea Orr 247

37 Online Boys: Male-for-Male Internet Escorts Matthew V. Pruitt 255

38 Cyberbullying: Offenders and Victims Sameer Hinduja Justin W. Patchin 266

Part 11 Privileged Deviance 271

39 Criminal Telemarketing: A Profession on the Line Neal Shover Glenn S. Coffey Dick Hobbs 273

40 The Neutralization of Professional Deviance among Veterinarians DeAnn M. Kalich 281

41 Societal Causes of Political Corruption Xiaohui Xin Thomas K. Rudel 286

42 Enron: Organizational Rituals as Deviance Jason S. Ulsperger J. David Knottnerus 291

Part 12 Underprivileged Deviance 295

43 Shoplifters: "The Devil Made Me Do It" Paul Cromwell Quint Thurman 297

44 Burglary: The Offender's Perspective Paul Cromwell 302

45 The Immediate Experiences of Carjacking Bruce A. Jacobs Volkan Topalli Richard Wright 308

46 The Good Thing about Workplace Deviance Elizabeth A. Hoffmann 312

Part 13 Controlling Deviance 319

47 What It's Like to be Known as a Sex Offender Richard Tewksbury Matthew Lees 321

48 Responses to Workplace Bullying Joanne D. Leck Bella L. Galperin 329

49 Eating for Two: How Pregnant Women Neutralize Nutritional Deviance Denise A. Copelton 335

50 A New Way of Fighting the War on Drugs Erich Goode 342

Name Index 349

Subject Index 359

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