Ready for It

Ready for It

by Chusita Fashion Fever


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A modern introduction to all things sex, Ready For It delivers honest, accurate information in a wholly relatable voice.

YouTube sensation Chusita Fashion Fever gives no nonsense advice on everything from relationships, sexual identity, your first time and the difference between on-screen sex versus #IRL. And this is about real life; Chusita addresses actual questions and concerns posed by her teenage fans.

The bold package features body-positive comic illustrations and “fun facts” health sections, while Chusita’s signature voice is authentic and non-judgmental; straight and LGBTI readers are welcome. Myths are debunked and taboos explored—allowing readers to learn not only about the logistics of sex, but about consent, respect, self care, and the intuition needed to make mature sexual decisions with confidence.

An Imprint Book

"Refreshingly explicit... Concise and easy to read, with advice that is sex-positive and straightforward." —Kirkus Reviews

“A reassuring, nonjudgmental guide that meets today’s teens exactly where they are.” —Booklist

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ISBN-13: 9781250133885
Publisher: Imprint
Publication date: 09/25/2018
Pages: 160
Sales rank: 758,576
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.60(d)
Age Range: 17 - 18 Years

About the Author

Chusita is a Spanish vlogger who lives in Madrid. “Chusita Fashion Fever” is her YouTube channel, and she creates video content on all aspects of culture—fashion, music, sex, and relationships.

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There's a time in life when everything about your body changes — all thanks to adolescence. Parts that you'd hardly noticed before start to develop; acne and hair start sprouting all over; your hormones go wild ... DON'T BE SCARED! This is normal and it happens to everyone.

Delicate as a flower and shaking like a leaf

The physical changes your body undergoes also come with changes in your reactions and emotions. Sometimes you'll feel extremely sensitive and want to cry at the drop of a hat; sometimes you'll feel irritable, or start laughing for no apparent reason. You'll constantly feel like a WHIRLING TORNADO.

Physically, you'll experience SENSATIONS you'd barely ever felt before. When you talk to someone you like, you might get short of breath, look down at the ground, and often you'll be barely able to speak. The gentlest touch can send shivers down your body and set your imagination running wild.

You and your reflection

If you've never been curious about yourself before, NOW'S THE TIME. Look at yourself in the mirror and inspect the shape of your naked body by looking and touching. Explore all its hidden nooks and crannies. Knowing your body is where sex begins.

At first, you might be embarrassed or feel like the image in the mirror isn't what you'd like it to be. STOP JUDGING YOURSELF. Don't trust in images of ideal beauty; they change all the time. Feeling good in your own skin increases attractiveness, and those around you will pick up on this.

The more you enjoy your own body, the more beautiful and attractive you'll find it. SIZE MEANS NOTHING: not for penises, not for boobs, not for anything. The important thing is to know your body and know how to use it; this will help you to SATISFY YOURSELF in a relationship.

Love your own body and let it be your guide to A WORLD OF NEW SENSATIONS.

* * *


CHUSITA tells the truth

"The bigger a guy's penis is, the more pleasure his partner will experience."

NOT AT ALL! A big penis does not mean more pleasure. The most important thing is to know how to use what you've got.

"Girls don't care about the physical."

UM, NOOOO. Of course they do, just like everyone else! But this doesn't mean that they only care about what they see, because the feelings that develop through your other senses are more important.

"If a guy has big feet (or long fingers or arms), it means he has a big penis."

FALSE. No one body part can determine the size of another.

"Boys are constantly thinking about sex."

THINK SO? If they did, they would never get anything done. And girls do think about it, too. No one spends all their time thinking about sex.

"You have to shave to be beautiful."

DON'T EVEN START! Where there is hair, there is pleasure! Pubic hair is there for a reason. Wear it the way you feel most comfortable.

"Boys who can't grow beards are underdeveloped."

COME ON! There's no set age for when you should get a beard or mustache, and they don't have anything to do with someone's emotional or sexual development.

"People only like girls with big boobs."

YOU SURE ABOUT THAT? Big boobs might catch attention, of course ... But someone can like a girl for lots of reasons, not just because of her chest size. And many people like all different sizes of boobs.

Size and girth don't matter-the important thing is what you do with it.


Your figure has grown bigger and filled out, and your hips have widened (along with your butt), your waist is changing, your breasts have grown, your nipples are more noticeable, and you've probably started your period ... All of these things mean that your body is now developed. Be careful! You're now able to reproduce. GULP. Be sure to take precautions.

New sensations

With so many new changes, it's not surprising that you feel confused. You get emotional much more easily and you start to feel attracted to others. It's an attraction that is deeper than a crush on your favorite singer or actor. It's your SEXUAL AWAKENING, and there's no reason to be scared or embarrassed by it.

Your body has started producing the hormones responsible for your physical and emotional changes, as well as an increased LIBIDO, otherwise known as sex drive.

You'll experience a mixture of feelings and sexual thoughts, including erotic fantasies ...

Your FIRST EXPERIENCES will probably be with yourself, so it's important to get to know your body, because your genitals have changed both in their size and in the way they function.

SEX GUIDES suggest that you use a mirror to get a good look at your vagina. Do it! You'll find that what you see is nothing like the pictures in textbooks, which are oversimplified. Human nature is quite a bit ... REALER than that!

Bodies and identities don't always match

Everyone has a gender identity, and sometimes a person's body doesn't align with their gender identity. Thinking about and questioning gender identity are part of understanding who you are. No matter what, you might benefit from reading about female bodies and male bodies, and for more information about transgender identity, see here.

Explore your body

MONS VENERIS OR PUBIS: The triangle-shaped area of flesh between the legs, which is normally covered in a thick layer of hair. Stroking it helps you become aroused.

LABIA MAJORA: The folds that surround the outside of the vulva. When you become aroused, these separate.

LABIA MINORA: The interior folds of the vagina, which are full of nerve endings; this makes them very sensitive. They join at the top, covering the clitoris. During arousal, they increase in size.

CLITORIS: A small organ above the vaginal opening, which is extremely sensitive. When it's stimulated, it becomes erect.

VAGINAL OPENING: It's the larger opening situated below the urethra. When you are aroused, it will become moist and widen to allow penetration.

VULVA: This is all the external genitals of the female body, including the labia and the clitoris.

Beauty issues

Don't even think about googling a "normal-looking" vagina because EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT. Some have a more or less pronounced pubis, others have larger labia ... and if there's hair, it's there for a reason! Hair protects your most sensitive areas from bacteria and even increases sensitivity during sex.

There's no point in trying to have a perfect body. What's most important is to FEEL COMFORTABLE in your own skin. If you do want to change your body, do it in a controlled way, with healthy eating and exercise, or with the help of a professional. It's totally okay to DECORATE YOUR BODY with a few embellishments here and there, but it's not a bad idea to stick to things that you can remove later. You have your whole life to decide if you want something that will stay forever.

Breasts and nipples

There is a common FEMALE OBSESSION surrounding breasts and their size, be-cause we tend to think that big boobs will make us attractive. Forget about comparing sizes and firmness. Who cares about the color of your areola? Dark brown or light pink or anywhere in between is great. And don't worry about the size of the areola either; it's not too big or too small, and it changes depending on if you're hot or cold anyway! Your boobs, whatever they look like, are incredible. Get to know and enjoy them. Breasts, and especially nipples, ARE HIGHLY SENSITIVE and you can have a great time touching them.

Sexual awakening is normal. Don't be scared or embarrassed by it.

The nipple is an important PLEASURE POINT, and when stimulated it stands up and hardens. However, some nipples do not respond to arousal, and there are times when stimulation just causes irritation. Every person has a different level of sensitivity, and this also varies depending on where you are in your cycle. Nipples normally become inflamed and irritable a few days before your period. As you come to know yourself better, you'll know what's normal for you.


One of my boobs is bigger than the other and I'm so embarrassed by it! What if my boyfriend notices?

I. P., 14

Don't be surprised or worried — what you're experiencing IS NORMAL! Lots of girls find that one breast grows more quickly than the other at first, and it often equals out. In any case, remember that very few bodies are actually symmetrical. It's very common for boys, for example, to have one testicle that's bigger than the other. CHUSITA

Your own pace

You're the one who gets to decide how much importance to place on your first experiences, in line with your own values. In the past, "virginity" was like a prized possession, and now it can sometimes seem like it's a race to see who can be the first to lose it. But come on! Neither one belief nor the other is completely true.

Sex as part of a relationship is not the only way to EXPERIENCE SEXUALITY. You can experience it in whichever way you like; there's no need to be in a relationship if you don't feel ready or you don't want to be. You can just kiss and cuddle the person you like, you can just masturbate ... Don't try to rush a sexual connection, because FEELINGS COME AT THEIR OWN PACE; it might be sooner or it might be later. You have a long time ahead of you to start having sexual experiences at your own pace.

The hymen

If there is a part of your body linked to your virginity, it's the hymen. But you don't have to think of it as a flower that you give to somebody; your hymen IS JUST ANOTHER PART OF YOUR BODY.

The hymen is a thin membrane of tissue that is located *around* the vaginal opening — not *over* it, as some people believe. It also doesn't "break," though it may tear when you first experience penetrative sex, which can produce minimal blood. But it won't always happen like that! Many girls don't even notice that their hymen has torn, either because there wasn't much tissue there to begin with — or because it bleeds days later.

It doesn't normally break during masturbation either, or when using a tampon, or during exercise — although sometimes it can tear. It could be that the hymen doesn't completely break during your first time.

DON'T WORRY. If or when it breaks, it's not dangerous.


One day you will find, unexpectedly, that your penis HAS SUDDENLY GROWN. It's no longer just the organ you pee with ... and it starts to have a life of its own! Your hormones go wild, you experience sudden SEXUAL IMPULSES when you see a suggestive image, and unexpected feelings rush through the most intimate parts of your body.

If you wake up to find your sheets and pajamas messy, don't worry. It's natural to start having WET DREAMS when puberty begins, as you're constantly producing sperm and it needs somewhere to go. Your body is developing — but be careful! You're now able to reproduce. GULP! Be sure to take precautions.

THIS IS NOT THE ONLY CHANGE: your testicles have also grown and they will continue to grow, just like your penis, until you are about eighteen years old. You might also start to grow a beard and mustache, your voice will change, and your muscles will feel stronger.

This is the time to inspect yourself and get to know your genitals without judging them. It could be that one testicle is bigger than the other, or it might hang lower, giving the appearance that it's sagging. THIS IS NORMAL. As you grow, everything will often start to equal out and move into its correct place.

The penis will no longer stay flaccid, and YOU WILL GET ERECTIONS several times a day. They can happen on their own, especially when you wake up, or you can make them happen by stimulating yourself. You may also notice a whitish secretion when you separate the foreskin from the glans. This is called smegma and you should remove it by carefully cleaning yourself with water.


My penis is not very big, even when it's erect. I heard that using it a lot helps it to grow. Is that true?

J. J., 15

No! You can't build it up with exercise, because it's not a muscle. However, it may continue to grow by itself for a few more years, until it reaches its full adult size. CHUSITA

Sometimes you just can't help comparing your genitals with others', whether it's in the changing room, at the gym showers, or in public restrooms. DON'T BECOME OBSESSED BY IT! The most important thing is to know your own body well and get comfortable with it.

Arousal, which can happen when you least expect it, has probably already led you to touch your own genitals. And if you still haven't tried touching yourself, get ready to. Masturbation is HEALTHY AND NATURAL. I even have an entire chapter dedicated to it.

Explore your body

SHAFT: The longest part of the penis, which hardens and grows during an erection.

FORESKIN: The skin that covers the glans, which may be removed via circumcision. It is connected to the glans by the frenum, a ligament that usually slides backward during an erection.

GLANS: This is the upper and most sensitive part of your penis. During arousal, it is exposed and becomes even more sensitive.

URETHRA: This is the hole where urine and semen come out. During an erection, it widens.

TESTICLES AND SCROTUM: Testicles are the glands that produce sperm. When stimulated, they rise and enlarge. The outer sac that covers them is the scrotum, tissue that is very sensitive to touch.

PERINEUM: An area located between the testicles and the anus, it's highly sensitive and comfortable to stroke. Some people say this area covers the male G-spot, or prostate.

ANUS: It is very sensitive and will sometimes contract when you are aroused. Contractions can be intensified with stimulation.

SEMEN OR SPERM: The viscous liquid produced by the testicles and released through the urethra during orgasm, when you ejaculate.

Types of erection

When a guy becomes aroused, blood is redirected to the penis, which increases in size and girth and hardens, producing an erection. This is a natural response to REAL OR IMAGINARY STIMULATION, and as you get to know your body you'll be able to control it more. It may only last a few seconds, softening or even disappearing suddenly. Or it can last for up to half an hour with stimulation.

Every man experiences erections differently and there is no typical erection. Your penis may point upward, downward, or directly in front of you, or CHANGE ITS DIRECTION depending on how turned on you are.

Sometimes, especially during adolescence, boys experience SPONTANEOUS AND INVOLUNTARY erections. If this happens at an intimate moment it doesn't matter too much, and at home alone you can let yourself get carried away with those feelings of arousal.

Problems tend to happen when you get an erection in public, or at an inconvenient time. It's normal to want to suppress or conceal it, but there's no reason to be embarrassed. In any case, DON'T BE UPSET BY IT; it happens to every guy at some point or another. Breathe deeply, and think about something nonsexual that will cool you down. This is all part of discovering your own body.

As you get to know yourself, you will learn how to heighten your arousal, and how to stop it when the moment's not right.

If at any point you want an erection but can't get one, respond calmly, and try to keep a sense of humor. If it doesn't happen now, it will happen later. It's probably only a MENTAL BLOCK, brought on by the pressure to perform. When you relax, you'll often have absolutely no problem getting an erection. If you are still concerned, don't hesitate to consult a doctor or counselor.

Size issues

If there's one thing that every guy worries about, it's his PENIS SIZE. You can all calm down! Every penis is different and there's no guide that tells us which is best. Any penis is great if you know how to use it. When pleasing someone else sexually, size means nothing. What's more, a penis that's too large can actually be uncomfortable for your partner. And anyway, there are other ways to please your partner — using your hands, your mouth, your words ...

A normal penis size ranges from about 3 to 4 inches when it is flaccid, with an average of about 3.5, and when erect it grows to between 5 and 7 inches, with an average of about 5.5. If you've ever heard that old rumor about the 12-inch-long schlong ...


Beyond your penis

Male genitals are made up of more than just your penis and testicles. Don't forget your PERINEUM, the area between the scrotum and anus. Don't be embarrassed to touch it, or stimulate it in different ways — there's intense pleasure to be had there.


When your body becomes sexually excited and is stimulated, you feel sexual pleasure. When you first discover this feeling, it's a very intense bodily experience. Pleasure lifts your mood and makes you feel satisfied and happier with yourself. Giving and receiving it is TRULY AN ART!


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Table of Contents

Title Page,
Copyright Notice,
Let's Talk About Sex,
Let's Get Started,
Discover Yourself,
Female bodies,
Male bodies,
The female orgasm,
The male orgasm,
Attraction and Gender,
Beyond labels,
A Committed Relationship,
I like you,
Going out,
Friends with benefits,
I'm breaking up with you,
The Right Time,
The right person,
The right place,
Female masturbation,
Male masturbation,
Mutual masturbation,
LET'S ...,
Get to Know Each Other,
Fool around,
Kiss again,
Touch again,
Get naked,
Hooking Up,
Oral sex,
Vaginal sex,
Anal sex,
Fantasies and sex toys,
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