Real Education!: With Scientific & Spiritual Understanding

Real Education!: With Scientific & Spiritual Understanding

by Arun Sood


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Starting from my final year of college, this book took countless hours over the years to do. It confronts interesting, insightful topics with real answers to why modern society in general lacks real education. It challenges the status quo while showing teachings from "ancients" who I prove to be more advanced, and what they said regarding where we really came from, our place in the universe, and how we must strive to move forward as a really educated society. And this book has evidence from both modern science and spiritual sources as much as possible. This maybe the book for you...

Let's confront problems of officials who have seized control of modern schools, science, and religion, by using real education, science, and spiritual teachings the officials claim to understand and follow. Let's be open to where our real history and sources stem from. I provide many specific examples that show ancient societies were far more mentally evolved and advanced than we're lead to believe by most modern officials. Using them as as a source too, I provide warnings of how to move forward as an individual and as a society. This is based on a a more true understanding of what real education, science, religion, and spirituality is.

Please don't dismiss this. It took a lot of work but if you read it, it's worth it. It's interesting, insightful, and crucial.
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