Real Estate Law & Asset Protection for Texas Real Estate Investors - 2018 Edition

Real Estate Law & Asset Protection for Texas Real Estate Investors - 2018 Edition

by David J. Willis


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This book is a pragmatic and creative approach to legal and asset protection issues faced by investors in Texas real estate, particularly investors in residential and smaller commercial properties. It is not intended to be a textbook or comprehensive academic treatise. Rather, it contains practical perspectives and techniques developed over the years in the course of advising and representing investors. Since there are usually as many opinions as there are lawyers in a room, it should be no surprise if other lawyers disagree with at least some of my conclusions. In response, I would point out that there is nothing theoretical in this book. Every strategy I describe has been tried and has succeeded in the real world. Having said that, every reader should consult his or her attorney prior to implementing any of my suggestions in order to insure compatibility with individual circumstances. Business plans vary and so do investments and asset protection strategies. This book does not offer legal guidance to any particular person with regard to any particular case. Note also that the law changes and evolves, often rapidly. While cases and statutes are cited in this book, the reader should do independent research to ascertain the current status of the law before relying on any of these citations.

If you are a real estate investor who owns (or aspires to own) 10, 20, or 50 or more properties, then you should consider reading this book. If you use creative methods such as wraparounds and "subject to" transactions then you may find this volume very useful indeed. However, if your goal is to assemble an international consortium to purchase Rockefeller Center or Trump Tower, then this is probably not the volume for you.

All real estate investors should form the habit of doing thorough due diligence prior to investing in real estate. This includes consulting attorneys, accountants, insurance advisors, and other qualified professionals on overall methods and goals as well as specific transactions. Every investor should have a team of seasoned professionals available to answer questions, offer input, and provide customized services. A professional investor will also acquire a basic level of competence in searching and obtaining information and copies from real property and appraisal district records.

On the subject of transactional documentation, I urge readers to avoid most standard forms, especially those obtained from the Internet, except for contracts and addenda promulgated by the Texas Real Estate Commission and the Texas Association of Realtors. Consider all others suspect.

Lastly, it has been my experience that good ethics make for good business. Avoid any transaction that even hints of fraud or deception. If it appears too good to be true it probably is.

I welcome comments and criticism. I can most easily be reached by email at

David J. Willis

Author Bio:

David J. Willis

30 years’ experience in Texas transactions and litigation

Board Certified – Residential Real Estate Law, TBLS

Board Certified – Commercial Real Estate Law, TBLS

AV rated for ethical standards and professional ability

Two law degrees (J.D. and LL.M.)

Former adjunct law professor

Licensed Texas real estate broker

Listed as one of Texas' Top-Rated Lawyers by

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Publication date: 04/27/2018
Pages: 420
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Real Estate Law & Asset Protection for Texas Real Estate Investors - 2018 Edition 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
GeneInvestor 12 months ago
Attorney David J. Willis has written an excellent book for people who are considering real estate as an investment. This book is written in an easy to understand way. It's a must-read for about 99% of those out there who are beginners as well as for those who are seasoned investors. It is by far the best source of information on real estate investing I could find, besides speaking to an attorney. This book is so valuable to me because I learned how to avoid costly pitfalls and easily avoidable errors. It has made me aware of so many mistakes that I would have made, especially in some of the subject-to and lease options transactions I was considering. This book will give you a huge advantage over your competitors, and you'll be able to spot a lot of the misinformation that is going around. In a world ridden with real estate seminars and real estate hype about foreclosures, wraparounds, and LLC's, this book allowed me to see right through so much of the bad information that is out there. This book is indispensable to any real estate investor out there who is a beginner or a seasoned pro, and I'm lucky I read it before I did my first real estate deal. I'm really grateful for finding this book.
Jason Kraus More than 1 year ago
Super book. It's both an excellent reference guide for real estate professionals and a great start for practicing Texas attorneys needing to brush up on real estate law. Jason D. Kraus, board certified real estate attorney, Houston, Texas.