Real, Honest Sailing with a Great Lakes Captain

Real, Honest Sailing with a Great Lakes Captain

by Gary W. Schmidt, Warren Gerds


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ISBN-13: 9781467581141
Publisher: Gerds Publishing
Publication date: 08/09/2013
Pages: 322
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 9.90(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Warren Gerds is critic at large for the CBS-TV affiliate in Green Bay, Wisconsin. He has been a super-active journalist in Wisconsin for decades, first with the Green Bay Press-Gazette. He writes at about theater, the arts, and creative people on a daily basis for the website of WFRV-TV. He writes reviews for more than 160 live performances a year. In addition, his six books range widely, from historical fiction to stories from his career and from an elaborate look at the life of a Great Lakes freighter captain to what he calls autobiographical fiction set in the Wisconsin wilderness where eagles, bears, and wolves rule.

Table of Contents

Section 1 Cargo Hold IA - Basics
Hatch 1 - "Cap"
Hatch 2 - Access limited
Hatch 3 - Leaving
Hatch 4 - Captains and Quarterbacks
Hatch 5 - Captains
Hatch 6 - Credentials
BULKHEAD: Dorothy Ann and Pathfinder Timeline
Section 2 Cargo Hold IB - Necessities
Hatch 7 - Drinking water
Hatch 8 - Garbage
Hatch 9 - Septic system
Hatch 10 - Food
Hatch 11 - Supplies
Hatch 12 - Fuel
Hatch 13 - Habits
Hatch 14 - Laundry
Hatch 15 - Sleep
Hatch 16 - Communications
Hatch 17 - Uniform
Hatch 18 - Flags
BULKHEAD: (First set of color photos)
Section 3 Cargo Hold II - Voyages
Hatch 19 - Plotting
Hatch 20 - The pie story
Hatch 21 - Soo passage
Hatch 22 - Welland Canal
Hatch 23 - Typical day
Hatch 24 - Season
Hatch 25 - Crew
Hatch 26 - Packers
Hatch 27 - Time off
Hatch 28 - Forces of nature
Hatch 29 - Navy
Hatch 30 - Lassoin' a deer
Hatch 31 - First tugs
Hatch 32 - Inside an engine
Hatch 33 - Fire
Hatch 34 - Star tug
Hatch 35 - Talkin' tugs
Hatch 36 - Trip up the Fox
Hatch 37 - Kate's birthday
Hatch 38 - Kids on board
Hatch 39 - Logs
Hatch 40 - Birds and bugs
Hatch 41 - Border crossing
Hatch 42 - Traffic systems
Hatch 43 - 9/11 impact
Hatch 44 - Boat nerds
Hatch 45 - A boat lover
Hatch 46 - Rest in peace
Hatch 47 - Edmund Fitzgerald
Hatch 48 - The Flower Lady
BULKHEAD: (Second set of color photos)
Section 4 Cargo Hold III - Operations
Hatch 49 - Inside the Dorothy Ann
Hatch 50 - Captain's room
Hatch 51 - In the pilothouse
Hatch 52 - Outside the Dorothy Ann
Hatch 53 - In & about the Pathfinder
Hatch 54 - Holds, hatches, gates
Hatch 55 - Bodies
Hatch 56 - Lake levels
Hatch 57 - Loading
Hatch 58 - Products
Hatch 59 - Unloading
Hatch 60 - Belts
Hatch 61 - Dognapping
Hatch 62 - Weather effects
Hatch 63 - Anchors
Hatch 64 - Growing tomatoes
Hatch 65 - Maintenance and requirements
Hatch 66 - Layup and fit out
Hatch 67 - Dry dock
Hatch 68 - Mussels
Hatch 69 - Interlake
Hatch 70 - Training
Hatch 71 - Rescues
Hatch 72 - The three-hour tour
BULKHEAD: Great Lakes Fleet
Section 5 Cargo Hold IV - Maneuvering
Hatch 73 - Cover photo
Hatch 74 - Mississippi River
Hatch 75 - At the docks
Hatch 76 - Driving
Hatch 77 - Speed
Hatch 78 - Pins
Hatch 79 - Z-drives
Hatch 80 - Bow thruster
Hatch 81 - At the controls
Hatch 82 - Ports and docks
Hatch 83 - Cuyahoga Old River Bed
Hatch 84 - The Cuyahoga
Hatch 85 - Tricky docks
Hatch 86 - Advice
Hatch 87 - Nuisances
Hatch 88 - The radar story
Hatch 89 - Accident
Hatch 90 - Best teacher
Hatch 91 - Relief
Dorothy Ann/Pathfinder Glossary
Standing Orders
Ship Signals
Security Levels
To Cap

What People are Saying About This

Holland, Michigan - Marc Vander Meulen

"Captain: I've just finished reading your book "Real, Honest Sailing" and want to say thank you for publishing your experiences. While I own many books about Great Lake shipping, yours is one of only a few that gives a first hand account of a sailing career. The fact that the DOROTHY ANN / PATHFINDER is a unique vessel adds icing to the cake."

Wendy Lutzke

"(A) treasure of great stories and practical information, just what people want to know about life on a Great Lakes ship." —Wendy Lutzke, education curator, Wisconsin Maritime Museum

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Real, Honest Sailing With a Great Lakes Captain 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Captain Gary W. Schmidt, master of vessels on the Great Lakes for more than 40 years, died Friday, Oct. 2, at his home in Allouez, Wis. He Schmidt was age 69 and succumbed to cancer. For 13 years at the close of his career, Capt. Schmidt was master of the 711-foot tug-barge combination Dorothy Ann/Pathfinder of the Interlake Steamship Company. Following service in the U.S. Navy aboard the USS Chicago during the Vietnam War and during the USS Pueblo crisis, he started his career in tugs in Sturgeon Bay, Wis. He quickly worked his way up through the ranks because of his skills at sailing and compatibility with crews under him. Capt. Schmidt was a devoted fan of the Green Bay Packers, drawing attention to the Dorothy Ann/Pathfinder when he displayed his 10-foot-tall Packers player balloon in such places as Detroit, Chicago and the Soo Locks. Whether the rugged-looking Packers player balloon was cheered or booed, Capt. Schmidt savored the moments. He was also co-author of the autobiographical book, “Real, Honest Sailing with a Great Lakes Captain,” describing in detail all the facets of mastering a large freighter on the Great Lakes today. The book won a Silver Award from the Nonfiction Authors Association. At widespread book signings and slide presentations, Capt. Schmidt fascinated audiences with his knowledge of Great Lakes commercial sailing and his personable manner. Folks simply liked him. A presentation at the Neville Public Museum in Green Bay attracted an overflow crowd, requiring a back-by-popular demand second appearance. The first presentation was recorded for posterity, and copies of the DVD are held in university libraries. The title of the book, “Real, Honest Sailing,” is drawn from a crewman’s description of the kind of experience Captain Schmidt provided for all aboard. Funeral functions will be held in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Visitation is at Malcore Funeral Home, 701 N. Baird St., Friday, Oct. 9, from 5-8 p.m. Visitation continues at 9 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 10, at the funeral home until the time of the memorial service at 11 a.m., followed by military honors. Visit to share a condolence with the family.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Captain Schmidt delivers a resounding recreation of a life on the Great Lakes. The sheer magnitude of the work, the bone crushing moments of danger along with the tedium involved with the long reaches between the delicate focus of docking a 700 foot vessel are on display. The incredible complexity of the work involved, with 14 crew members working as a team is stunning. Captain Schmidt runs his ship with a light hand and develops a great loyalty among his crew. Death lurks at the margins, with the story of the Edmund Fitzgerald sinking along with the personal tragedy of Captain Schmidt losing his own brother. The scale of the ship, and its incredible amount of work done impart a juggernaut sense of implacable unending movement from dock to dock to dock. I was amazed at the incredible finesse involved in running the Cuyahoga river with the behemoth. All in all a huge story.