Real KSAs -- Knowledge, Skills and Abilities -- for Government Jobs

Real KSAs -- Knowledge, Skills and Abilities -- for Government Jobs

by Anne McKinney


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This book is designed to help people who seek their first federal government job as well as federal employees who want to advance in the system.

The process of getting a government job often involves preparing complex applications, and those applications frequently require written statements or "elements" which are called "Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities" or KSAs. In the competitive hiring process, the individual who gets hired for the federal job usually has the best KSAs.

This book shows examples of effective KSAs that have worked for real people. The book doesn't simply "tell how" to write KSAs; it actually "shows how" to write KSAs in sample after sample related to multiple fields. This book will do a great deal to make the federal hiring process understandable as it illuminates one of the most complex features of getting a government job: writing the KSAs or "elements," as they are often called.

Praise for other titles in the Government Jobs Series and Real-Resumes Series:
"Distinguished by highly readable samples." - Library Journal
"A guide that significantly translates veterans' experience into viable repertoires of achievement." -Booklist
"This thoughtful resource should come as a welcome and valuable tool." -Small Press
"Those picking up this book will be looking for specific references. Most likely they will find what they're looking for. Written in clear, practical terms." -Independent Publisher
"A complex process suddenly made simpler. Recommended for anyone seeking a federal job." -Veteran's Voice

Testimonials from people who have successfully used this book:
"Getting into the federal government system is a complex process, and that process is made easier by the guidance in this book." J. Lampros, book reviewer
"How to write effective KSAs mystified me until I followed the formats provided by the Government Jobs Series." P. Allessio, government employee
"Some books talk about what you need to put into KSAs. This book shows what to do in sample after sample, and the real examples helped me get a big promotion." J. Sadisamo, government employee
"After I left military service as an NCO, I tried for a year to get into the federal system. One day I got hold of this book and rewrote my KSAs so that my experience was translated into understandable terminology. That made all the difference, and I am now a GS-13 in Washington, DC." A. Brown, federal employee
"I had been wrestling with KSAs for more than two years when I discovered this book. It was like a light bulb turned on. Through the samples in this book, I saw the rhythm and flow of the KSAs when they are highly effective, and I decided to grind it out by following the samples. I will never like writing KSAs but I know how to write them now so that I get selected for an interview, thanks to this book." P. McIlheny

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