by Marian D. Schwartz
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Realities 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great book -- insightful, funny and moving. I highly recommend it!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I bought this book on a whim and I'm so thrilled I did. Not only is it an excellent and relateable story, its also wonderfully written.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
1 <p> What if writers were the only ones who knew reality? What if to be an author, you had to see to another dimention? What if l your dreams and thoughts would happen, and all you had to do was write it down and publish it? <p> Destiny looked at the silly words that had formed on her paper and crumpled it up. She had writer's block. "I have nothing to write about. My life is boring as dirt," Destiny informed Mr. Sharvwl, her ELA teacher. <br> "Please remain seated, Destiny Fyr." He said, writing in his book. <br> Destiny made a grumbly sigh and picked up her pencil, starting to write again. <p> What if the world wasn't round, but that was just how we saw it? What if there were four dimensions? Length, width, height, and zone? <p> Atoms cannot be created or destroyed. <br> Or was that energy? <br> Destiny sighed and tried to write another sentance, breaking the only pencil she had in her binder. <br> "Can i get a pencil from my locker?" She asked Mr. Sharvwl. <br> "That's detention." He said. <p> Destiny grumbled and sat at her desk. <p> She blinked her eyes, the leaves around her a bright, emerald green. Wait, leaves? <br> She stood up and stretched, looking at her paws, then her tail. "I'm a cat!" She shreiked, waking up a whole bunch of kittens. <br> "Destinykit, you've been a cat for five moons and three qaurters of one." Said a grumbly shecat. <br> "Yeah, but that's the first time you've talked. We don thought ya were a mute!" Said a kit beside her. <br> "Where am i? Who are you? What am i doing here? When did i get here? How did i get here? Why am i here?" Said Destinykit. <br> "Where, what, when, who, why, how?" Said the other kit. <br> "You are at ThunderClan. I am Darkfill, your aunt. Your mother, Fawnpelt, is not in the den currently. Your brother is Glidingkit, this is Capekit, Yellowkit, Bruisekit, and Thekit, my kits. The leader of this Clan is Scarestar. You are here being a kit. You got here when you were born. You got here by Fawnpelt loving Zebrastrike. You are here for whatever reason StarClan sent you here." Awnsered Darkfill. <br> Bruisekit poked her with his tail. "Y'all is getting yer ceremony near the gathering. Be lucky if you get to come."