Reality Dreams

Reality Dreams

by Opher Goodwin


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I started to write this book back in 1971. At the time I thought I was creating something quite revolutionary. I was writing a collage of a story incorporating poems, cartoons, spirituality, biology, physics and philosophy.
I eagerly sent it off to publishers who, for some strange reason, just did not get the weird counterculture entity I had produced. I think they were looking for something that conformed to a more standard format - you know - something with real characters in a real life setting and a story. What I had produced was a psychedelic mind storm. They were not interested. I simply put it down to their lack of ability to understand and went on my way.
Only with the passing of time, many rewrites, and greater objectivity did I realise that the writing was rubbish and the narrative did not carry the reader. They were right to reject it.
So why am I bothering to resurrect it now 46 years later?
Well I ask myself that too. But I am attached to it. It was my first foray into writing and I still find it fascinating. It is a mass of all the ideas going through the head of a twenty year old veteran of the sixties scene. It's full of weirdness and naivety. Rewriting it is like communing with the person I used to be forty six years ago. It's like meeting an old friend. It makes me smile.
I am addressing the writing but I can't do much about the structure. It's a sixties thing - a hotchpotch. It's like reality on acid.
So this is Parts 1 and 2. There will be another volume!

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