The Reality Filter

The Reality Filter

by PS. Jevanael

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The evidence of a murder turns up in your photography project. Evidence from your rocky-road past invades the dreams of your happy present. Your best friend is dead at your hands, and wasn’t who you thought she was from the beginning. The worst part is, you don’t remember a thing, and you’re trapped within a world you built up around reality to save yourself.

Renton “Ren” Saulnier is a complex mastermind, living a normal yet sometimes quirky existence as a third year photography student in college. He has his own apartment away from the confines of his smothering rich family, and he finds company with his childhood friend, and art student at the same college, Chimera Fulber.

An exploration of the human mind’s ability to create separate realities, THE REALITY FILTER delves into a madman’s world on the borderline between genius and insanity. When photographs of a murder victim begin showing up in Ren’s projects, his fragile world begins to fall apart. He discovers that his college is really a psychiatric hospital, and he is being held there on charges of murdering Chimera, who to him, is alive and well. With no recollection of the events leading up to his accusations, Ren begins to investigate his past and family history, uncovering the ghosts he never imagined existed, as he discovers that he created his own reality of the university to project over real life of the psychiatric hospital. As Ren comes to terms with all the events unfolding from his mind, and his previously hidden away abusive past, he is able to live in the real world, defeating his ghosts.

THE REALITY FILTER communicates the strength of the human mind and its ability to shut out events in one’s life and create false scenarios to replace them. The theme says that our lives are whatever we create for ourselves, no matter what situation we may be born into. While Ren’s situation was not a positive one in which to implement this ability to create a new world for himself, he is proven to be a strong personality because he was able to block out the terrible things in his life and live the way he wanted to under his own power.

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BN ID: 2940012355713
Publisher: Lois Bennett
Publication date: 07/09/2013
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

PS. Jevenael discusses her role as an author:

Since I could hold a pen, writing has been the essence of my life. I indulge myself in the fascination of the human condition, and so I write to expose the discrepancies in it. I'm also an avid blogger, and have a strong internet presence through my writer's blog and all the social networking attached to it. Taken by the style of the Romantic writers, I have adopted a style which allows me to (generally) write completely in metaphors. People are cruel, the world is small, but it's an amazing place to be.

I have graduated 3D animation at Humber College, Comic Design and Scripting at Mohawk College, a creative writing mentorship with Richard Scrimger, and Humber College's Creative Book Publishing program specializing in Agenting and Marketing. I have also taken a course on viral marketing through various social media on the internet, pursuing my interest in the digitization of the book industry. I've had countless short stories and poems published in a school magazine "The Starving Poet's Society Magazine" from 2000-04 when I left the school. I've also published monthly articles in the Hamilton based culture newspaper, Mayday, for a year before leaving to pursue other opportunities. Currently, I am working part time for the LCBO, allowing me to make writing my full time endeavor. I have written eight novels of literary fiction, commercial fiction, and psychological fiction, with many more ideas.

The author plans to be married soon and to continue her writing career.

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