Reality in Lie

Reality in Lie

by Mr Fazil Guney


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Brief Description of the content:

• Story 1: "Money to buy Heaven"

Can a corrupt, sinful person earn his way into heaven through philanthropy? A corrupt government official (or just bureaucrat) earns his riches through bribery - he has everything he wants - except a ticket to heaven. He is convinced that philanthropy will wash away his sins...but is he sincere or is offering a bribe to God...

• Story 2: "Godfather Duty"

This story is based on true facts that took place during the war between Armenia and Azerbaijan. In the midst of a violent, bloody ethnic conflict, an Armenian military officer decides to help his former neighbor, an Azeri man, to escape from the Armenian captivity. He takes a dangerous personal stance based on his feelings of mercy and personal justices and defies his government and the extreme view most in his society have of their former neighbors. Based on true facts, this story shows that even in a world turned upside down and filled with death, we all have an individual choice to make - to share in the bloodlust or to stop it.

• Story 3: "The Girl of Emancipation"

The Kidnapped Groom (nice way to have fun with this)
Years of tradition in the Caucasus have the groom kidnapping his bride-to-be - a much more romantic, dramatic version of a Western elopement. Yet even in the Caucasus the times are changing and in this story, tradition is turned on its head as a wealthy, powerful woman has decided she will kidnap her groom! Women's emancipation Caucasus style!

Brief Description of the content:

• Story 4: "Reality in Lie"

Can the truth exist without lies? This is the story of a con man. Working as a middleman between bribe takers and bribe givers, he has accumulated great wealth, but his life is based on lies, fraud and corruption. A beautiful woman enters this world and he want to have her - she refuses to have anything to do with him. Once again, he relies on his skills of fraud and deception in an effort to get true love, but can love be won through deception and fraud?

• Story 5: "Songs are Not Guilty"
In this story, we meet a woman who was happy with her marriage until she encounters financial difficulties. Her husband, who was a journalist and poet, supported her and their family. His many connections also helped boost her career, as he was well respected and influential. With the collapse of the old system, society rapidly and dramatically changed...from a socialist economy, with its own values, to a capitalist economy where money and power are more valued in the society. Overnight her husband no longer commands the respect and influence that he used to have in the socialist society, he finds himself unable to help with her career plans and he cannot support their family in a way that he used to before...

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