by Alan Baxter


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Realmshift by Alan Baxter

Isiah is having a tough time. The Devil is making his job very difficult.

Samuel Harrigan is a murdering low-life who used ancient black magic to escape a deal with the Devil. Now he's on the trail of a crystal skull that he believes will complete his effots to evade Lucifer. But Lucifer wants Samuel's soul for eternity and refuses to wait a second longer for it. Now Isiah must protect Samuel and keep the Devil at bay, because Isiah needs Samuel's search for the skull to continue...

...not for Samuel's sake, but for the sake of all humankind.

RealmShift is an engrossing dark fantasy thriller; a fascinating exploration of the nature of belief and its effect on the world. Magic, action, and intrigue, from dank city streets to the depths of hell and beyond.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780982508749
Publisher: Gryphonwood Press
Publication date: 04/07/2010
Pages: 316
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.71(d)

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RealmShift 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
TracyRivaBookReviewer More than 1 year ago
There are some people' whose heads you really don't want to be inside and dark fiction author Alan Baxter is one of those people. In Realm Shift Alan Baxter takes you from blood sacrifices to the varied realms of hell and back again, battling demons, gods and Lucifer himself in a gore fest that makes your head spin. Not only does Baxter spin a tale of life on the dark side, he questions, quite soundly, the basis for all religions, modern and ancient, treating all with the same irreverence and offering an alternate viewpoint that is so valid it's almost frightening. It'll challenge your deepest held beliefs. Belief creates reality and Baxter's reality is full of magic and darkness, evil and good, but a good that lies easily to serve its own purpose and with the full backing of the universe and all the power behind it. Baxter's fight scenes are intense. They get your heart pounding, leaving you on the edge of your seat. With Baxter's own martial arts training the scenes are realistic, sometimes so much so that you find yourself wondering if Baxter himself has ever crushed someone's head or slit a throat and heard the blood gurgle and the breath hiss as his victim lie dying. Baxter draws you along a knife's edge of tension from the first page to the last, leaving your heart thumping and sweat on your brow. A good example of the supernatural element in Baxter's writing, his use of imagery and his ability to write a good fight scene follows: "Samuel could do nothing but watch helplessly as the battle began. Isiah's fingers were pressing with immense force into the devil's face. Samuel could hear the creak and crack of bones fracturing, Isiah's middle finger and thumb slowly sinking into the hollows of Lucifer's temples, dark black blood leaking out, running down his cheeks. Satan's own nails were drawing blood from Isiah's forearm, Isiah's skin taut and white under his grip. The devil lashed out with his other hand, clawing for Isiah's face. Isiah caught his hand with lightening reflexes, his hand wrapped around the devil's closed fist, squeezing. More of Lucifer's bones began popping." RealmShift is phenomenal. If it's not already on your bookshelf it should be. RealmShift First Published 2006 by Alan Baxter, Second Edition, 2008 by Blade Red Press. ISBN 978-0-9805782-0-1 available online through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, other online bookstores, as well as local book retailers. For more information see the author's website at...
Guest More than 1 year ago
RealmShift by Alan Baxter is a gripping, thought-provoking tale that evokes a strong response within the reader, both on an emotional and an intellectual level. It is a dark fantasy that takes the reader on both an adventure-filled ride, but also a spiritual exploration. The main character, Isiah, has the unenviable task of aiding Samuel, a human version of the stuff that gathers in the bottom of a septic tank, in a quest to kill another bottom-feeder. The reason? If Samuel doesn¿t fulfill his destiny and kill bad guy number two, that guy is going to kill a good guy, which equals bad news for the human race. Action abounds in this thriller, though the pacing slows at times, particularly when things get too dialogue-heavy. The opening is almost literary in style, and borders on being a distraction for about twenty pages. As the novel progresses, though, Baxter's style emerges and the narrative is consistently solid and well-crafted. The most interesting aspect of this book is the spiritual exploration. Baxter¿s premise is that God(s) created neither the world, nor humankind. In fact, the gods are human constructs, and if enough people believe something strongly enough, that belief will come true. This perspective poses interesting avenues of thought: Is there a such thing as ¿right and wrong¿, since there is no perfect superior being to impose a moral code upon the human race? If strength of belief plus number of believers equals deity, how has Elvis not conquered the universe? This book is not for every reader. It is dark fantasy blended with action, adventure and spiritual exploration that in no way falls into the typical Judeo-Christian mold. Some will find the story too graphic, while others might be uncomfortable with the avenues in which spirituality is explored. Personally I found it a gritty, entertaining read that made me think. If you like your speculative fiction a little on the dark side, RealmShift is for you.
Guest More than 1 year ago
We get launched straight into the action: the semi-protagonist must locate and guide a perfect example of the scum of the earth and ensure that he fulfils his 'destiny', which involves being in a Guatemalan jungle in a certain point in space-time and killing a second scum of the earth before this second scum of the earth kills a third person who incidentally is not the scum of the earth. Sounds simple, and if that was all there was it would make for a rather bland thriller. Except that the semi-protagonist is essentially an unpaid employee of an unnamed Force that is the source of all things. And according to the book, our world is essentially driven by our thoughts - our beliefs and convictions can create reality, whether this is manifested in the use of magic or the literal existence of every type of deity that anyone's imagined. Such a host of deities can be hard to manage, which is why there is the need for employees (like our semi-protagonist) to maintain some kind of balance in worldviews, beliefs and the deities which are the waste products of these beliefs. Essentially, I couldn't help comparing the worldview in Realmshift to the movie Constantine. However, Realmshift has none of the crappiness of Constantine... Hope I haven't given too much away... Told in a way that's action packed (almost in a comic book style), the book gets its appeal through its reflections on the less fantastical aspects of our life like religions and society. It takes the piss out of the absurd aspects of many a belief system without being dogmatic or following some new-age motivational trend followed more for the purpose of selling books than for substance. Not everything in the book works, but it's a great ride which shan't disappoint. The novel has elements of both a good sci-fi/fantasy/thriller AND the more literary novel of ideas. Admirers of both should be able to enjoy this heartily. A great first published novel by Baxter!
Guest More than 1 year ago
The title draws intrigue. Impressionable cover art, glossed, and a staccato opening ¿ almost literary ¿ clinches it. I must confess, somewhat abashed: my aversion to Lulu is partially smoked. Twice, ensconced in a tram, reading this 452 page tale, I missed my stop. Isiah, the protagonist is an immortal who detects demon sulphur on Earth. Missions all over the world but now one in his own backyard. Isiah is having one bad day. Shift of realm, immortals invade, dark forces. Alan Baxter introduces us to a mystical world, a shadowed realm with forces beyond comprehension or principle. Chasing rain, silvered drops. Zig-zag, left, right, left, always down. Human tumble at the station. Ticket in, click, ticket out, next. Mr. Baxter writes with conviction he writes differently rather well. Some sections lose their zing, pace and dialogue considerably slow but the overall effect, more so for a first time author, is notably fine. Physical and dimensional conflict is one of the best features of the tale. Effortless script makes gullible the reader, carrying him to a destination, any destination, manic laughter fading. Confrontation, lunacy. Every showdown effective each madness palpable. Prose flows smoothly, almost poetic. RealmShift is a novel I am loath to put down. A most surprising read. Quite a ride.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Realmshift is action packed and keeps you wanting more, with a plot that builds to an exciting crescendo. The characters are three dimensional, and you find yourself caring about what happens to the `bad guys¿ as well as the good. The clashing of various religions and philosophies adds another depth to the story, and seems to draw influences from a huge number of sources. From Moorcocks view of Hell, to the humorous Angels in the likes of the film `Dogma¿ and Pratchett and Gamens `Good Omens¿, a dash of Mayan culture with some Zen philosophy on the side, Baxter keeps the reader both interested and amused. If you, like me have found yourself getting tired of the usual stuff being churned out by well known authors, then give this book a read. You will not be disappointed.