by L. S. Murphy


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There's no way sixteen year old Quincy Amarante will become the fifth grim reaper. None. Not over her shiny blue Mustang. Her Jimmy Choos. Or her dead body.

She's supposed to enjoy her sophomore year, not learn about some freaky future Destiny says she has no choice but to fulfill.

It doesn't take long for Quincy to realize the only way out of the game is to play along especially since Death can find her anyway, anywhere, anytime. And does.

Like when she's reassuring her friends she wants nothing to do with former best friend Ben Moorland, who's returned from god-knows-where, and fails. Miserably.

Instead of maintaining her coveted popularity status, Quincy's goes down like the Titanic.

Maybe ... just maybe ... that's okay.

It seems, perhaps, becoming a grim reaper isn't just about the dead but more about a much needed shift in Quincy's priorities-from who she thinks she wants to be to who she really is.

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ISBN-13: 9781937744199
Publisher: J. Taylor Publishing
Publication date: 01/07/2013
Pages: 278
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.63(d)

About the Author

L.S. Murphy lives in the Greater St. Louis area where she watches Cardinals baseball, reads every book she can find, and weaves tales for young adults and adults. When not doing all of the above, she tends to her menagerie of pets as well as her daughter and husband.

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Reaper 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
bookworm8910AS More than 1 year ago
I have to admit that the cover is what drew me in, I tend to be a person who reads looks at the title, the blurb, then the cover; I believe that one should not judge a book by the cover. But this book has such an interesting cover that I immediately wanted more. From the start I wanted to know what was going to happen next. This story was well written, I needed to learn more about why all this was happening. What happened to cause her and Ben to not be close any more? Quincy not only has to deal with all the typical teen stuff but now she has to deal with the grim reaper. The story was not disappointing at all, it did bring tears to my eyes and caused me to think. I'd absolutely recommend this to anyone.
Book_Bite_Reviews More than 1 year ago
I really liked Reaper. I think it was a well written story and flowed really well together. In the beginning I didn't relate to Quincy, but as the story went on I really started to like her. I absolutely loved Ben's character and just wish that he would have been a little more in the loop with what was going on in Quincy's life. Although I really liked the story as a whole I do have to say that the ending was a little too tidy for me and ending up being cheesy. I think it really needed to be re-looked at and maybe re-worked to make it a little bit messy so it seemed more believable and less cheesy.
RtBBlog More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by: April Book provided by: Publisher Review originally posted at Romancing the Book Reaper by L.S. Murphy is a unique YA paranormal story that grabbed me from the very beginning and hooked me until the surprise ending. Imagine suddenly learning that you are predestined to become a Reaper – aka Death and still being in High School and thinking that your life is looking pretty darn good. One day as you are going about your everyday life, everything and everyone freezes around you and a stranger suddenly appears before you with a big dog, claiming that he is there to show you what is to become of your life. Your future is no longer your own and you find yourself being zapped from death scene to death scene. All a bit of a shock, to say the very least. All of this – and so much more – is exactly where Quincy finds herself one day. I have to say that it took me a while to like Quincy. In the beginning she seems very self-centered and worries only about being in the “in” crowd – no matter how much it hurts others and how much she loses her true self to have that status. She and her friends are incredibly shallow, mean and just not someone I would want to be around. It was for these reasons that I could not fully find myself caring for her or connecting to her. As the story goes on and she learns some tough lessons in life, I found myself liking her more and caring about her. The character that I really loved was Ben, who is known as a scrub – the lowest of the low on the school social ladder. His kindness, compassion, loyalty and attitude are commendable and highly attractive. Reaper is a story with twists and turns and I often found myself trying to figure out who could be trusted and who could not be. I think that this story personifies much of the personalities, trials, tribulations and attitudes of teens in today’s society. L.S. Murphy does an excellent job of creating a realistic story and then adding the aspect of the fictional paranormal/Reaper twist to it. We also get the pleasure of meeting Destiny and Fate, neither of which I was too impressed with. The ending was a bit of a surprise to me and one that left me satisfied. The romance was heartwarming and the character development of Quincy was excellent and one that I greatly liked. All in all, I feel that Reaper is a very unique and highly creative story. I have read my share of both YA and Paranormal (both of which I love) and in all that reading, I have never come across a storyline quite like this. It is nice to get my hands on something different that kept my attention, was a fast read and one that evoked several levels of emotions within me. I greatly look forward to reading more work by L.S. Murphy and recommend Reaper to those who enjoy YA Paranormal! Favorite Quote: “Well, that’s you, not me.” Anger snaps any calm I had when the conversation began. “No way I’m dating Robert Hardin.” “Not a bad idea, Q-Tip,” Ben Moorland whispers as he pushes between us. His musky aftershave leaves a trail into the classroom. “Scrub.” Jordan sneers toward his T-shirt-clad back. “Don’t call him that,” I whisper, unable to voice my true opinion loud enough for her to hear me – she wouldn’t understand.”
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was such an amazing story. The main character, Quincy, was a little hard to like at first, but that's because you know she's a good person playing the typical high school mean girl. As the story goes on and the characters grow, it's hard not to feel their emotions and pain. I rarely cry through tough/emotional scenes in novels, but this one made me teary eyed several times. This is definitely a must read! Great job, LS Murphy!
Danielle_C_Smiley More than 1 year ago
Genre:  YA Urban Fantasy Publisher Type:  Small Press/Indie (J. Taylor -- I love these guys) My Rating:  *  *  *  * My Review: So when I recieved Reaper I was really excited.  It has a great premise and it's from my favorite publisher (I've never not liked one of their books).  Then as I got to reading, I started worrying.  Yikes, Quincy isn't a likable character (think Austin's Emma).  Nope, not likable.  Not at all.  In the beginning.  But then..... her character growth is subtle and is masterfully entwined throughout the story.  She becomes an incredible character as the book progresses.  She goes from shallow to complex and it's such an incredible journey.  I was completely taken by surprise by how much I grew to love this gal! Now death is, well, pretty dark stuff and keeping a book from going down into depress-y'all-ville is definitely a gift.  Ms. Murphy nails it with a beautifully crafted balance between the deep (I cried.... a bunch) and the light-hearted (love the fun and creative "otherworldly" characters!!).  And then the romance ---oh the romance!!!  Oh so wonderful!!!  Oh how sweet!!!  Oh how perfect!!! There's a lot of bittersweet in this novel and the last portion is FILLED with bittersweet.  There was major tear expulsion (but don't worry it's never overly dramatic) and I have mixed feeling about the conclusion.  It's a well done end, but it's so bittersweet that I feel quite conflicted.  Believe me, indifferent is not an emotion you'll be feeling as you finish this book!  It'll leave you thinking about it for weeks. Cover Art: I love the clean, crisp design of this cover.  It fits the book so well, too!!!  I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.  See more of my reviews on my blogsop blog, Known to Read.
StephWard More than 1 year ago
4.5 Stars 'Reaper' is a young adult fantasy novel that follows future reaper Quincy Amarante as she learns about her fate and tries to deal with reaper training alongside her normal teenage life. After securing her spot in the popular crowd by saying the right things, being the right weight, wearing the right clothes - Quincy realizes that the person she's become isn't the real her. After her childhood best friend Ben moves back to town, Quincy finds herself at a crossroads - she must choose between her popular life or what her heart is telling her is what she really wants. She also has to deal with Destiny, Fate, and her reaper mentor popping in to show her the realities of life and death - and the ropes of being a reaper. This was a really interesting and moving story. The majority of the book deals with Quincy's normal life as a teen - cliques in school, family issues, boyfriends, fake friends, bullies, etc. as well as her trying to deal with the fact that she's going to become a reaper after she dies. The scenes when she is learning about reaping are very sobering for her and for the reader - it shows the harsh realities of life and just how short and unfair it can be. Problems in Quincy's normal life are realistic and easy to identify with - a pushy boyfriend, a back-stabbing best friend, feelings for the "wrong" guy, striving for popularity - and also deeper issues like family, friendship, and being true to oneself. I had a real issue with the ending of the book. I cried really hard. Twice. I didn't like how it ended, but I see how it fit with the book. It doesn't mean that I have to like it. That part of the book shows a lot as well - a whole new depth that I didn't know the book was going to take on. It was sad, sobering, and very emotional. I think it added a new layer to the story, which makes it all the more captivating. The characters - especially Quincy and Ben - were well done and realistic. I was easily identifying with Quincy from the beginning and definitely rooting her Ben and her throughout the novel. It's rare when I get crushes on guys from books, but all I can say is that it's impossible not to love Ben. *sigh* The writing was very well done and had a great pace to it. It was light-hearted and fun but definitely talked about serious issues and had some really deep issues for the reader to think about even after they're done reading. Overall, this is a fantastic YA fantasy about reapers and a sarcastic main character - but it is so very much more than that if you look just a little bit closer. Highly recommended! Disclosure: I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
SezjbSB More than 1 year ago
This book has been on my wishlist for quite a while now, so when I was asked to take part in this blog tour I jumped at the chance, and I'm so glad that I did, the book was fantastic and definitely deserving of the five stars that I gave it. This was such a fresh and original storyline, the fact that the heroine of the book Quincy is to become a Reaper and no matter how much she fights it, it's her destiny whether she likes it or not, I liked her journey into finally accepting the fact that this was something she had to do, and the end, OMG! did I cry it was such an emotional ending, and while I sort of knew it was coming, it didn't change the fact that I wish it didn't end the way it did although it was the perfect ending to finish off the book. The changes that Quincy went through from being one of the most popular girls in school  to finally allowing people to see who she really is beyond her popularity and to finally being able to reconnect with the person she used to be helped guide her into finally accepting her fate. There were quite a few people in this book that I really didn't like: Jordan (her supposed best-friend), who was completely undeserving of what Quincy did for her, and it should have stayed the way it was meant, but as I said I can understand why it was written the way it was, she was such a selfish and unlikable character, throw in Logan and Robert and I think that they all deserve each other, now I don't know whether the characters were purposely written the way they were to be disliked but I found I just  couldn't stand them. Now Ben, I loved him and I wish that he'd had more page time, and the ending killed me but I really liked the way that Ben and Quincy's final part of the story was written for them, it was perfect for how the story arc turned out. A great book I'll be sure to read again.
heytuesday More than 1 year ago
Quincy and her best friend has decided they want to be Queen Bees of the school and things are going pretty well, the hot new guy has his eye on Quincy and her popularity is rising, there's only two problems in the way. Quin can't stop thinking of Ben, the "scrub" (aka bottom of the high school totem pole of coolness), who was once her best friend before he left and having Destiny and Great-great-great-great grandpa Forsyth show up telling you that you'll be the fifth grim reaper can really put a kink into things too. Reaper is a pretty cute teen read. I actually found that for about 3/4 of the book it was definitely more high school drama rather than paranormal reaper story. Forsyth wants Quin to know what her future holds so basically she's gets to shadow the fourth reaper (Forsyth) on his job. These moments are pretty interesting and you get to understand a little more of the reaper world and how it works. Only thing these moments are only randomly inserted among the high school drama of Quin (who starts off pretty shallow) and only make a real impact near the end of the book. The majority of the story is actually seeing Quin working towards accepting her destiny as a reaper which is putting a toll on her high school way of life. Like most teen novels, there's (inconsequential) love triangles, bickering friends, jackasses and some moments of clarity. The ending is what got me. I'm a little conflicted, I enjoyed it but at the same time I felt it didn't really quite fit with the rest of the book. Overall, a fun, light, and quick read, just don't put your hopes too high on the paranormal aspect because it definitely falls under high school drama genre. 
surroundedbybooks More than 1 year ago
An emotional novel, REAPER by L.S. Murphy leaves a reader looking at death and life in a different way. Sixteen-year-old Quincy Amarante stands at the pentacle of her sophomore class. She’s beautiful, popular, and the girl all guys desire. But all that changes in a stop of time when her ancestor greets her and tells her she’s the next reaper. Is she having a mental break? Did someone slip her drugs in her water? As her popularity goes down the drain, she must decide what is important in her life and how she can handle the hand Fate and Destiny have given her. REAPER starts out a bit erratic with an OCD perfectionist in Quincy Amarante. Half the time I was on the fence on whether or not I wanted to keep reading. I wasn’t certain I cared much about the characters, except for Ben Moorland. I loved the paranormal parts with the reaper and Destiny, but that worldbuilding and characterization was too few and far between. Then, midway through the novel, everything changed. The pace was better, and Quincy became more herself than the superficial queen of popularity. Her future life as a reaper became in focus and the consequences of such a life. Murphy plunks the reader’s heartstrings as events turn tragic yet necessary in a touching and emotional ending. Although L.S. Murphy’s REAPER started out slow, this novel is worth reading and stays with the reader.