Rebel for God: Faith, Business, and Rock 'n' Roll

Rebel for God: Faith, Business, and Rock 'n' Roll

by Eddie DeGarmo


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“A fascinating journey … I read Rebel for God front to back nonstop … This book has heart, humor, and seeps with wisdom.”—John Cooper, Skillet

“Trailblazer. Legend. Visionary. Artist … These are just some of the words I use to describe Eddie DeGarmo.”—Chris Tomlin, artist, songwriter, author

“Eddie DeGarmo has been a pioneer … you will love the story behind the music and the many people he helped you to love.”—Mike Huckabee, former governor of Arkansas, host of Huckabee on TBN

Eddie DeGarmo never expected to be a rock star.

At age ten, he began playing keyboard in a Memphis rock ‘n’ roll band. A decade later, he was filling international stadiums with his own music as a member of DeGarmo and Key.

In Rebel for God, DeGarmo describes his journey from the shadows of Graceland and Johnny Cash to the presidency of the largest Gospel and Christian music publishing company in the world, Capitol CMG Publishing.

DeGarmo’s ride has been one for the ages. His life has been filled with broken strings, changed keys, and a drive to keep rocking through it all. Step out of the audience and into Eddie’s personal walk with God. You will be inspired, filled with laughter, and challenged in your faith along the way.

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ISBN-13: 9781621578086
Publisher: Salem Books
Publication date: 06/26/2018
Pages: 256
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 8.90(h) x 1.50(d)

About the Author

Eddie DeGarmo has sold millions of records as an artist in a genre he helped to invent, millions as a record label executive and entrepreneur, and impacted hundreds of millions of people as a music publisher. He started mixing his newfound teenaged faith with rock and roll, the only music that felt natural to him, long before religious folks were ready for drums and amps. His band, DeGarmo & Key, slogged it out on the road for years, taking arrows from both the sanctified and the secular before breaking through as one of the most successful bands of the genre. Later he introduced multi-platinum and Grammy Award winning band dcTalk, and many others, to the world through his label Forefront Records. He was then recruited to lead the largest faith based music publisher Capitol CMG Publishing. Under his supervision that company went on to change the face of “Modern Worship” music. He with DeGarmo and Key was inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame on the same day as his Memphis hometown hero, Johnny Cash. Eddie and Susan enjoy their kids and grandkids in Nashville, TN.
The first Christian music group to appear on MTV, they were nominated for seven Grammy Awards and 17 Dove Awards, received the ASCAP Vision Award at the 29th Annual ASCAP Christian Music Awards, and was inducted into the Gospel Music Association's Hall of Fame in January, 2011. Dana Key died unexpectedly on June 6, 2010. This book is a legacy to Dana as much as it is Eddie's story.

Table of Contents

Foreword Louie Giglio xv

Foreword Tobymac xix

Prologue: Key Changes xxiii

1 When You're Not Looking 1

2 In the Days of Thy Youth 7

3 Chase the Wind 13

4 Too Far Too Long 21

5 Livin' on the Edge of Dyin' 31

6 Go Tell Them 39

7 Emmanuel 49

8 Love Is All You Need 57

9 One Step Closer 67

10 Wayfaring Stranger 75

11 Matter of Time 81

12 Ready Or Not 87

13 All the Losers Win 97

14 Are You Ready? 103

15 You Can't Run From Thunder 111

16 Every Day a Celebration 119

17 Activate 125

18 Long Distance Runner 129

19 Special Kind of Love 141

20 Preacher, I'll Need A Friend 145

21 Rise Up 149

22 Jesus Is Coming 155

23 Nobody Loves Me Like You Do 161

24 Temporary Things 167

25 She Believes 175

26 I Have Decided 185

27 Let the Whole World Sing 195

28 Don't Stop the Music 203

29 Holy Hustle 207

30 Six, Six, Six 211

31 Destined to Win 219

32 Every Moment 225

33 Soldier of Fortune 233

34 Rock Solid 239

35 Feels Good to Be Forgiven 245

36 The Pledge 249

37 Let's Get Upset 253

38 Against the Night 259

39 If God Is For Us 263

40 Heat It Up 267

41 It's My Business 275

42 Dare to Be Different 281

43 Stressed 291

44 Competition 299

45 Ultimate Ruler 307

46 Blessed Messiah I !Hero 313

47 Rebel for God 321

48 Out of the Danger Zone 325

49 Soldiers of the Cross 329

50 Divine Embrace 335

51 I Use the "J" Word-To Extremes 341

Acknowledgments 349

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