Rebel Vengeance:

Rebel Vengeance: "La Vibora"

by RW Andrews


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REBEL VENGEANCE "La Vibora" is the debut novel from RW Andrews & new Action/Thriller Series. Shockingly graphic violence weaved into an exciting plot to make for a thoroughly enjoyable reading experience. Lifelike drama,suspense,and colorful dialogue that has no bounds. Forget Politically Correct this book takes you into the minds of the characters & explores their darker side.
Find out just how Evil a good man can become when he seeks vigilante justice for his friends. Set in Modern day America the events are realistic along with each character. A very good start to what looks to be an exciting new series with a fresh writing voice.

La Vibora (The Viper) rules his domain with bullets and the blood of those who oppose him. He is a ruthless Crime boss operating in the Big Apple having managed to stay under the radar of law enforcement. His enemies fear him and his employees follow orders without question. The Viper is a predator and he considers all others as prey for the taking. Then circumstances he could not foresee introduce a new threat to his criminal enterprise. Now he and his cartel have become the ones being hunted and the hunter knows no boundaries and does not play by the rules. Perhaps it is the ego of La Vibora, or the insanity that causes him to under estimate the new foe. Regardless Hank Merritt has his sights set on one thing only and that is to bring vigilante justice to a New York crime organization. What transpires can best be described as Rebel Vengeance!

Finding himself in a strange city, Hank must rely on total strangers to maintain his secretive mission. A big problem that is magnified when he does not know who the enemy is or who he can trust. Even law enforcement must be scrutinized, and his actions put him immediately at odds with them. Now he is a person of interest and likely suspect in a homicide. Avoiding arrest and hiding from the true criminals requires some backwoods skills and a bit of good fortune. For Hank it becomes necessary to ask for help from a long time friend and a few unlikely new acquaintances. A plan must be made to find the men who killed a friend and left his girlfriend in a comatose state fighting for her life. Emotions are on edge, as Hank continues to weave a web to trap the villain; he must first deal with their ability to counter attack. Deciding a strong offense has to be the best defense he flips the script on The Viper. Becoming a predator himself, Hank goes to extremes to send shock and fear into a group of men who thrive on hurting and killing others. Now it is a matter of who has the stronger wits, and who can strike the deadliest blows. Brutality is met with a hardhearted approach that even the organized crime cartel is not prepared for. The ruthless torture of those unlucky to be taken alive stuns even the veteran homicide detectives. Until the final shot is fired justice is not finished, and Hank is determined to succeed at all costs.

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ISBN-13: 9781512139457
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 11/28/2015
Pages: 388
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.80(d)

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