by Paul E Beauchemin

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Reboot: How We Can Reprogram Our Internal Stories For Success

Do you sabotage yourself just when it looks like you are about to make it big?

Is your inability to control your emotions hurting your relationships?

Are you stuck rehashing old memories and cannot move on?

Are you constantly triggered by little things and feel stuck in a cycle of anger?

Most people don't take a moment to step back and think about the stories they tell themselves. They have been fed stories by their parents, by the media, and by their peers but don't see the connection between these stories and their place in life.

If your life isn't going where you want it, you are in a job or a relationship that doesn't bring you joy, and your life story is not working the way you desire, then this book is for you.

By bringing attention to the stories we tell ourselves, we can empower ourselves and lift ourselves out of negative thoughts and destructive behaviors that are keeping us down. This means taking personal responsibility for our decisions, our actions, the way we spend our time, and the way we look at life.

Life is abundant and full of opportunity to find success-whatever success means to you-but if we are not careful about the stories we tell ourselves, the most oppressive force in life can come from our own minds.

This book will teach you about the science, spiritualism, philosophy, and reasoning behind the stories you tell yourself, and give you the tools to revise those stories so they can positively impact your life and help you reach your potential.

What you will learn in this book:

•                How to control emotions so your energy is not drained away.

•                How to avoid procrastination and generate action to achieve the success you want.

•                How to revisit old memories and come to peace with your past.

•                How to shift the patterns your brain uses to keep you from seeing the truth.

•                How to control your reaction to the onslaught of triggers you face every day.

•                Fifteen new frames to see the beauty and abundance in the world and transform your life.

•                A plan to make you the hero in your own life's story.

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ISBN-13: 9781735430522
Publisher: Jinna Software Associates
Publication date: 10/20/2020
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 236
Sales rank: 824,783
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About the Author

The oldest of eight children, Paul was released from the shackles of a mental prison and went on to build a large talent stack: plumbing, electrical, real estate investing, entrepreneurship, chemical engineering and statistics to name a few. He has no credentials from an Ivy League school but he has developed a much greater skill than can be taught in a classroom: the ability to create the stories that drive his life. Paul and his wife, Jinna, and their old dog are full-time adventurers. He has cycled up Pikes Peak, RV'd over most of Canada, Alaska, and the lower forty-eight. He's the father to many adopted children. He's worked on dozens of unique scientific discoveries and even has a few patents with his name on them. Reboot distills decades of investigative work into how the mind works and how anyone can get the life they really want.

Table of Contents


Groundwork: Your Software Architecture

1. My Reboot

2. How Program Subroutines Are Triggered

3. Why You Need to Learn to Code Yourself

Part I: The Programming Language

4. Nature, Nurture, and the Stories We Tell Ourselves

5. Startup Virus Code - Our Victim Stories

6. The Path Out of Code Flaws

7. A Reason to Modify Our Code - Purpose Directed Living

8. Understanding Our System Hardware

9. Rebooting Your Memory Card

Part II: OS-Me

10. How Our Brain Operating System Works

11. Feedback Loops and The 80/20 Principle

12. Programming Language Commands

13. Program Results and GIGO

Part III: Correcting the Code | 85

14. The Debugging Software

Part IV: Operating System Bugs

15. Faulty Code Overwriting: Mind Reading

16. Improper Hardware Acceleration: Addiction Stories

17. Messy Code: Drama Queens and Toxic People

18. Memory Intensive Programming: Hallucinations, Fantasy Stories,

and Self-Delusion

19. Secondary Viruses: Cults and Conspiracy Theory Group Stories

20. Poor Logging Methodology: Depression, Despair and Comparison


21. Stress Testing: Hormesis for the Mind

Part V: Unlocking the Code to Transformation

22. A Reprogramming Example

23. Re-Framing the Meta-Story of Your Life

24. Staying Positive and Focused

25. Seeing Abundance

26. Staying in Love with Life

27. Staying in the Present

28. Accepting Others

29. Finding Independence

30. Staying Healthy

31. Staying Content

32. Staying Opportunity Focused

39. Relinquishing Our Urge to Save Others

Part VI: Advanced Growth Seeking Intelligence Programs

40. The Chaos/Order Conundrum

41. The Risk/Safety Assessment

42. Social Risk Taking

43. Educational Risk Taking

44. Physical Risk Taking

45. Financial Risk Taking

46. Risk Taking Pivot Points

Part VII: A New Algorithm

47. The Great Story

48. The Great Transformation

49. Examining Pivotal Moments & Talents

50. Debugging Software Quick Summary

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