Rebooting Work: Transform How You Work in the Age of Entrepreneurship

Rebooting Work: Transform How You Work in the Age of Entrepreneurship

by Maynard Webb, Carlye Adler


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ISBN-13: 9781118226155
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 01/28/2013
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 6.20(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Maynard Webb is the chairman (and former CEO) of LiveOps and a board member at both and Yahoo! Previously he was the COO of eBay. He is the founder of the Webb Investment Network (WIN) as well as the Webb Family Foundation. He lives with his wife, Irene, in Silicon Valley. For more information, please visit

Carlye Adler is an award-winning journalist and bestselling author. She is co- author, with Marc Benioff, of Behind the Cloud and The Business of Changing the World, as well as coauthor of The Dragonfly Effect. She lives in New York. For more information, please visit

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Table of Contents

Foreword: The Benchmark of Success ix
by MegWhitman

Preface xiii

Introduction xxv

Part 1 Why Work Isn't Working

1 Changing Work 3

2 Technology: Powering the Future of Work 11

Part 2 Reframing How We Think About Work

3 The Framework 27

4 Frame 1: The Company Man or Woman 41

5 Frame 2: CEO of Your Own Destiny 61

6 Frame 3: The Disenchanted Employee 79

7 Frame 4: The Aspiring Entrepreneur 105

8 The Age of Entrepreneurship 123

Conclusion: Break New Snow 133

Part 3 Getting Started

Appendix A The Worksheet 141

Appendix B Worksheet Examples 147

Appendix C Services You Should Know About 157

Notes 161

Acknowledgments 171

About the Authors 175

Index 177

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From the Publisher

“You can't have everything you want, but you can have the things that really matter to you. Rebooting Work shows you how to make the right changes to get the most out of work—and life.”
—Marissa Mayer, CEO, Yahoo!

“Maynard Webb is one of those rare individuals who sees tremendous possibility where others see problems. In Rebooting Work, he applies to individuals the same intuition and expertise that helped leading companies embrace technology and prosper. This is a terrific guide for anyone who wants not just a fulfilling career, but also a fulfilling life.”
Howard Schultz, chairman, president, and CEO, Starbucks Coffee Company

“The world is changing faster than ever. The social, mobile, and cloud technologies that are being rapidly adopted provide amazing new opportunities to engage with customers and employees, and fundamentally change the way we need to manage our companies. Rebooting Work outlines how tomorrow’s successful companies must completely rethink how they work to engage and motivate people.”
Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO,; author, Behind the Cloud

Rebooting Work covers a fascinating topic—the future of work—and nobody is better qualified to write about it than legendary Silicon Valley company builder Maynard Webb.”
Marc Andreessen, co-founder and general partner, Andreessen Horowitz; co-founder, Netscape Communications

“Maynard is one of the most effective leaders I have ever worked with. He knows how to blend innovation with execution at scale. Rebooting Work shares the practical insights and lessons from his experience.”
John Donahoe, president and CEO, eBay

“In order to succeed you must have the courage to take risks. Rebooting Work outlines the reasons to choose change and gives readers a foundation for success.”
Brad Smith, president and CEO, Intuit

“Maynard Webb’s old-school belief in working hard and shooting for the stars, combined with his understanding of cutting-edge technology, is the playbook for winning at whatever you do.”
Jed York, CEO, San Francisco 49ers

“People do not like to be managed, but they love to be led. Rebooting Work introduces a new vision for work and Maynard Webb leads readers to a place they want to go, one that has less traffic congestion and a better work-life balance.”
Scott McNealy, co-founder, Sun Microsystems; chairman, Wayin; founder, Curriki

“In every corner of society, there are optimists, agitators, and rabble-rousers—people who have never lost hope that it is possible to create change. Maynard Webb has created economic and technological change through so many companies he’s helped build. In Rebooting Work, he takes his message of hope to change how the world works.”
Jeffrey Skoll, founder and chairman, Participant Media; founder and chairman, The Skoll Foundation; former president, eBay

“As you go and pursue career goals, it’s important to do something that you love. Rebooting Work acknowledges the importance of putting passion and purpose in work. Maynard Webb—Silicon Valley’s go-to guy to get stuff done—gives you a framework to help you get there.”
Jeffrey Housenbold, president & CEO, Shutterfly

“Rebooting Work is as profound as it is a pleasure to read. Not only will this book help you achieve the happiness that comes with being fulfilled, it will also help companies achieve far more by cultivating and supporting motivated and high-spirited people.”
—James M. Citrin, leader, CEO and board practice, Spencer Stuart; author, You Need a Leader, Now What?

“The social and mobile revolution is forcing customer service contact centers to go social or get left behind with decreased customer loyalty and loss of market share. We’re seeing companies transform their businesses and reach new heights of success by integrating social and mobile capabilities in their customer service contact center. Rebooting Work takes a different angle on the revolution—how this positively impacts individuals—and shows anyone how to get on board.”
—Marty Beard, president and CEO, LiveOps

“We are all entrepreneurs, accountable for our own professional destiny—whether we are launching a technology start up or working in a large corporation. This unique and accessible book is one big Silicon Valley mentoring session, delivered by a battle-tested executive with a can-do attitude.”
Thomas J. Tierney, co-founder and chairman, Bridgespan Group; former CEO, Bain & Company; co-author, Aligning the Stars and Give Smart

“Maynard Webb understands the importance of thinking big and starting small. Rebooting Work is an engaging and informative book that helps readers find clarity of purpose. It will influence entrepreneurs for years to come.”
Jim Goetz, general partner, Sequoia Capital

“Enlightening, entertaining, extremely practical. Maynard Webb has given us the best kind of business book: a treasure-trove of practical wisdom woven into a fascinating story. If you are looking for a highly-readable map to business success in the 21st century, look no further. Maynard Webb helped invent the new technological world we live in, and no one knows better how to channel the power of technology while maintaining the essential heart-connections that allow work to be a source of joy and life-satisfaction. Get this book! Reading Rebooting Work could well be the best investment you make this year.”
Gay Hendricks, Ph.D., author, The Big Leap and The Corporate Mystic

“Seeing trends in technology early is what matters. Maynard Webb sees them early, and Rebooting Work covers what’s next in IT and how to use it to transform work and your life.”
Matt Carey, executive VP and CIO, The Home Depot

“A near perfect storm of digital technologies has enabled the emergence of electronic marketplaces for everything from stocks to antiques. In Rebooting Work, Maynard Webb compellingly illustrates the emergent electronic marketplace for jobs and the profound implications this has for our careers.”
—William A. Thornton, former CTO, Fidelity Investments

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Rebooting Work: Transform How You Work in the Age of Entrepreneurship 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Tunguz More than 1 year ago
I have to admit: when I first got this book I thought it was yet another vanity book project by a powerful egomaniacal Silicon Valley bigshot promising to solve all of the World’s problems by recasting them in the mold of his own special insight. I’ve read several such books and have even bought into the hype of some of them. They were full of grand proclamations and even grander visions of the future, but most of them left any crucial nitty-gritty steps out and did not really connect with the majority of the ordinary workers hoping to further their own careers. However, I was in for a big pleasant surprise. “Rebooting Work” is a succinct and to-the-point case for the emerging world of entrepreneurial approach to the individual careers. Maynard Webb is a well-known figure in Silicon Valley circles. He has helped reinvigorate eBay’s technological backbone and push it into the stable and sophisticated online trading platform that it has become. In “Rebooting Work” he tries to distill decades of experience working in the high-tech sector, mentoring workers and colleagues, and helping launch a new online working platform in LiveOps. The book tries to instill the entrepreneurial mentality in all workers; regardless of what work environment you might find yourself in right now. The goal, in the words of this book, is to become a “CEO of your own career.” The book presents a simple four-square grid of four different types of career situations, and tries to help you to the successful entrepreneurial square.  One of the big points of the book is that the recent developments in technology, especially the wide penetration of fast internet, are finally making it possible for a vast majority of workers to work virtually from anywhere. I am afraid that this is still more of a desideratum than an actual reflection of the state of marketplace for work. However, just a few years ago I would have also thought that a book like this one is unrealistic in its expectations. Today I am much more cautiously optimistic. “Rebooting Work” presents the reader with the vision of work in the 21st century as it should be. I sincerely hope that it does become a fully functioning reality before too long.  **** What could have made this book even better. ****  I would have like more concrete examples of various careers options and steps in building them from scratch online. This would also include a proper assessment of various career tools and skills, and ways of acquiring them. In particular I would have liked a better advice of how marketable various skills are and will be in the upcoming years.  This book is a great resource, motivator, and a mindset builder for the kind of work world that will (hopefully) emerge in the upcoming years. It’s very to the point and largely devoid of hype and overselling of the case that it’s making. However, you should still be prepared to do most of the footwork on your own and be able to avail of various online and offline resources that are out there. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Easy to read, great information demonstrating how technology can really change the way we work for the better. Offering options to have more free time while making great money. Caution-you must be self motivated to be successful with this strategy.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
In this book, Maynard Webb argues compellingly that the world of work is changing, and changing very quickly. Mr. Webb's Four Frameworks provide a  great foundation on which he examines how technology and the rapid pace of innovation are impacting the nature of work. I agree with Mr. Webb that the one is happiest when he or she is  CEO of your their destiny, and he provides great advice on how to get there!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Rebooting Work takes a fresh approach to looking at 'how we work' in a new way.  the book offers inspiring tools and words of wisdom through stories--stories that motivate and move you to understand the breadth of what work means in our 3.0 world. As an entrepreneur, I found that the book presents a strong case and thought provoking toolkit  for being the CEO of your own destiny (addressing the challenges and in-static nature of reaching--and pushing the envelop--to keep achieving your personal and professional goals). Maynard's framework is well thought out and explained in a way that makes sense--I appreciate that we can float between different frames throughout life and be strategic about getting back to where you want to be--and stay there  (frame 1--the CEO of my own destiny!) This book also presents a historical case--looking at how work and technology have changed over the past two centuries--and how work has unfortunately taken a slower and less innovative route. This book has inspired me to keep pushing--both push my own limits and also utilize the technological tools we now have, to be happier, more efficient, and more successful. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a pick me up, inspiration, and words of wisdom through an unconventional rags to riches story--that pushes you to be your best and disturb the norm.
Kilho_Park More than 1 year ago
They say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but in this case I did and it paid off. The book was well designed throughout. I liked the structure, which address four places you can be in your career and it gives clear examples of people who have made changes to make their careers better and it also gives solid advice to help people get to where they are meant to be. (The authors call it Frame 2 or CEO of your Own Destiny, which just means being in charge of your work and life.) I’m at a crossroads in my career personally, having just gone back to school to pursue my lifelong passion—photography—and this book helped not only validate that I made the right choice, but this is the wave of work that everyone will be riding in the future. It not only shows how freelancing (which was once thought of as) a risky option, isn't. Instead, its the safer one, and that most of us will serve under multiple employers at the same time, not just one. There were also a lot of concrete tips on how to be more successful and a lot of good explanations on how to use some emerging technologies. I like how the authors talk about the value of meritocracy instead of entitlement and the comparisons to professional sports made it make sense. I think it's pretty cool that Jed York, the CEO of the San Francisco 49ers, endorsed the book on the front flap. While I may be a lifelong die-hard Philadelphia Eagles fan, maybe Jeff Lurie (the owner of the Eagles) will buy a copy and apply some of these techniques to help the Eagles achieve Super Bowl glory as well (chances are slim, bc we're the Eagles but heck, nothing else has worked. I bet Maynard's book helps). BIG fan of this book. -kp
GradStud More than 1 year ago
I am currently in graduate school and have been thinking a lot about my future career options. Rebooting Work is a helpful and thought-provoking read that can help one focus on what goes into making work exciting, fulfilling, and compatible with a healthy and balanced life.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
There’s been a lot of press about this book and the changing world of work so I wanted to see what it was all about. This book is good for someone who is a freelancer and his or her own boss or for someone who works at a company, but who wants to be more in charge of his or her own career. (Rather than putting that responsibility on someone else, like a boss to decide your career path.) The book has a “framework” that defines four different kinds of workers: The company man, the CEO of your destiny, the disenchanted worker, and the aspiring entrepreneur. The authors tell you how to move out of a frame that is not working and how anyone can be “CEO of your own destiny” so that you can have more fulfillment and happiness in your work and your life. One thing that I thought was really interesting is the idea that everyone has to be really entrepreneurial. The days of “paternalistic” companies that gave you benefits and jobs for life are over. But instead of making that lack of job security something to be afraid about the authors show how it is really a good thing and how much we can really accomplish by following our own career dreams and carving our own path. There are worksheets in the book designed to help you find what you really want to do as well as outline the action plan to get there. I found them easy to use and helpful. Fast read and inspirational book.
ValleyView More than 1 year ago
"Aside from the benefits that companies can unlock with new methods of working, and the increased peace and fulfillment those methods can bring individuals, there's additional room and reason for change: the environment." Any organizational theory junkie should snatch up this book immediately, but so too should those of us who are looking at the intersections of working smarter and working greener...which, y'know, should be all of us. A most engaging read with stimulating anecdotes, big-picture thinking and on-the-ground solutions, this text is a great road-map as we all move forward as organizations, companies, and most importantly, individuals.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
As a turnaround specialist, I was interested in what this book had to say about dealing with operational challenges. The book is well written and has keen insights on how to address and resolve issues. I enjoyed the examples from eBay and other companies and I liked how the book included new technologies and specific new thinking (managing people differently than the old way of working 100 years ago) that can boost company productivity and at the same time make employees more satisfied at work. I appreciate that you can put many of these ideas into practice while still staying true to a company’s core values