Reborn:A Vampire Blood Courtesans Romance

Reborn:A Vampire Blood Courtesans Romance

by Michelle Fox

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"5 star! Top pick!" from Night Owl Reviews.

***Full length novel. No cliffhangers. Features a vampire who knows how to suck! Multiple books in the series all published and ready to read!***

I have to sell myself to the vampires. I know it's not safe, but there's no other option. Not for the amount of money I need. It's either become a blood courtesan or watch my mom die while we lose the only home I've ever known.

So I leap before I look and soon I'm sharing a bed with vampire Kristos Anastos. He's hot, rich and his fangs hurt so good. The courtesan thing is better than I thought it would be...until bullets start to fly.

Kristos believes he's the target, but it soon becomes clear it's not him they're after. It's me. And if I want to live, I'd better figure out why.

I thought I was just a college student, a good kid raised by a single mom down on her luck, but I have secrets even I don't know about.

Blood is money and mine may be worth the most of all.

What readers say...

"Kept me turning the pages to see what twists and turns were going to happen next . ABSOLUTELY LOVE the intriguing intricacies of her creative writing about the vampires."

"Please make more vampire books like this I loved it. What I like about this book is there is a good story behind it. Its not just vampires killing humans. I love when there is that one vampire that falls so in life with a human woman that he will risk his own life for her and go against his own rules just to save her and keep her for himself. And this book gives us readers that and more. If you have not read this book read it!!! This book was so good I loved it!"

"Incredibly likable characters. Snarky dialogue. Adventure. Gunfire. Vile bad guys. Smoldering hot hero. Funny, sweet heroine. Kidnapping. Daring rescues. Steamy sex. Happy ending. This story has it all. Loved it!"

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BN ID: 2940157025700
Publisher: MM Publications
Publication date: 12/07/2016
Series: Blood Courtesans Vampire Romance Series , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 204,474
File size: 486 KB

About the Author

NY Times and USA Today Bestselling author Michelle Fox lives in the Midwest with her husband, kids, the occasional exchange student and two, sweetly disobedient dogs. She loves fantasy and romance, which makes writing paranormal romance a natural fit. Occasionally, she goes through a maverick phase and writes contemporary romance. In her spare time, she's been known to shake her bon-bon at Zumba, make spectacular cheesecakes, hoard vintage costume jewelry and eat way too much ice cream (Ben and Jerry’s Karamel Sutra for the win!).

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Reborn:A Vampire Blood Courtesans Romance 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 27 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this book :) Fell in love with the characters from the start. Felt the humiliation as if it was my own, the anger, the love :) not many authors are able to bring out the feelings of emotions through the words, but this author succeeds :) I have read 1 other story by this author and plan to read others as long as this great writing style continues. I recommend this book if you are interested in paranormal romances.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Good story
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is wonderful
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Fun, quick paced, just enough.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Good story, get you hooked.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love it!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great story that keeps your attention and is hard to put down. Looking forward to reading more books by this author.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book was alright but could have been better with a little more detail. It seemed quickly put together even though the actual writing flowed well..... The story was a little predictable. Too predictable. I didn't care for the male lead character and found it hard to believe a jaded, centuries old, vampire fell in love so fast especially after saying humans were just food. Of course the lead female character was "special", please.....................................................................................................................
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love a good vampire story and this one is exceptional! Going to get the set. Enjoy!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Short read. Steamy level was good. Plot a little thin
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The plot caught my interest. The story wasn't strong enough to keep it. Just ok.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Michelle Fox's Vampire Blood Courtesan series totally consumes you. Great storyline, characters, steam, thrills and suspense. Plan on reading EACH one. You won't be disappointed .
rokinrev More than 1 year ago
"We become the choices we make. I try not to forget that." Myra and Kristos, a human and a vampire. This is the story of how a blood courtesan is born and how she acts and reacts to the passions and danger involved in it. I am an unabashed vampire genre aficionado. However, I am also a picky one. I like smart well written books ala Anne Rice, and it looks like I have found some in this series. Not so erotic as adventurous, this fast read swept me up into a really good read.
singneon More than 1 year ago
Very good vampire romance. Interesting plot with shocking twist and turns. Myra very inexperienced and clueless to the seriousness of their situation but Kristos patiently protects her from herself as well as others. It's funny at times, sexy and action packed.
VaWineLover More than 1 year ago
I found this book to be different from any of the vampire books I have read in the past. The concept of humans knowing about vampires but choosing to ignore them was definitely a new one. Of course they cannot always be ignored. Not if you choose to be a Blood Courtesan. Myra is in dire need of money. She is trying to finish college and her mother has cancer. She signs up to be a Blood Courtesan, not being entirely sure what that will entail. She knows that vampires feed on these women, but she doesn't exactly understand why her tendency to blush would be a turn-on, or why the interviewer keeps talking about wine. She is surprised when she is accepted so quickly, and not too happy to learn that her "training" will start immediately. Perhaps she should have mentioned the whole virgin thing? Little did Myra know that this quick introduction into the world of Blood Courtesans is not her only problem. She no more than trips her way into her first dinner date (literally trips!), but the next thing she knows she is dodging bullets, and really? Arrows? The vampire, Kristos, manages to get her out of the line of fire and to a safe? place. She finds that her virginity is not only acceptable, but another turn-on for Kristos. And speaking of turn-ons, that vampire can sure turn her on. The book is very fast-moving, with kidnappings, life-changing discoveries, and of course, sex. Join Myra and Kristos as they dodge vampires and bullets on their way to some revelations that stun even them. I received an ARC of this book with the understanding that I would leave an honest review.
SimplySarahReviews More than 1 year ago
I was given an Advanced Review Copy, by the author, for a honest review. I thought this book was going to be a typical girl meets vampire story, but it was much deeper than that. Myra had sass and didn't let Kristos always have control over her. She was a breath of fresh air to his centuries of existence. I would have liked a little more information on Fox's take on vampire lore and her characters. Still, good romance, plot, and descriptive setting. Loved the characters and cute, funny moments too. Great novel! - Sarah
Ktebid More than 1 year ago
Myra needs help. Her mother is sick and she desperately needs money, so she signs up to become a blood courtesan and is given to Kristos. Kristos has much experience training new blood courtesans, but something about Myra has his blood running. When an unknown threat comes after her, Myra and Kristos are forced to come to terms with her past. This was a fantastic read - great dialogue, fast paced action, and hot romance.
AnnaSalamatin More than 1 year ago
This is a vampire love story. It has steamy erotic vampire love scenes. But there is nothing typical about this story. And nothing typical about Myra Danson. She has no clue yet, but her life is about to change forever. Myra never knew her father and her mother now has cancer. She needs to do what ever it takes to get the money to insure that her mother gets the care she needs to save her life....being a courtesan to vampire is what she decides to do. I was just captivated by the whole story line.... It is something out of the norm and the characters are all so well delevoped, each one got a hold of me... I loved some, hated others and laughed at a few. I do recommend this to adults only please
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
If you have not read this series you need to! This was just another book to hook you so you read straight through to the end!
BettyFinch More than 1 year ago
The financial and mental strains of a college student are bad enough, but add in a mother who has cancer and needs a high priced treatment to stay alive, and you have Myra. Vampires are known to the general population, though largely denied. The only way that Myra can think of to make money fast and in large amounts is to become a blood courtesan. With passing the interview to become a blood courtesan, Myra is sent to be trained by Kristos, a very old vampire with lots of pull in the vampire realm. If he approved of the fair skinned beauty then her career would take off. Follow Myra on her erotic and dangerous life filled with some major twists and turns. I have read many of Michelle Fox's books and they just keep getting better and better. I highly recommend this to anyone who loves paranormal books. I was given this book for an honest review
Donnafaye More than 1 year ago
Action, laughter and surprises are just a few reasons you should read this vampire romance. Very enjoyable. Different take on vampires.
DebsIN More than 1 year ago
If you love Vampire romance, you will absolutely love "Reborn". The story has a bit of a different take on the vampire and his mate. "Reborn" kept my interest from page one and didn't let up until the very last page. It had such a great flow, with really good writing, that I read in one sitting. Michelle Fox incorporated a real romance story in Kristos and Myra with problems and romance that ends in a wonderful HEA. Kristos is just the perfect mate for Myra. The difference in this romance is that Kristos has fangs, but has the depth of a being a loving caring mate for Myra. Thank you to the author for gifting me with a copy of "Reborn" as it was a great read. My review is my own based on my reading of "Reborn". Looking forward to more great vampire romances by this author. 4.5 Stars!
EmilyP23 More than 1 year ago
Bravo! Awesome story from start to finish. The main character, Myra, needing to earn money quickly to help her mother with her cancer treatments, arranged for an interview to become a blood courtesan for vampires. Needless to say, her intro into that life did not go as planned. Almost as soon as she arrived at the restaurant, after a humorous mishap, real bullets started flying and she and her vampire “client/trainer” Kristos had to run for their lives. As she was recovering from her wounds, and they got to know each other better, Kristos realized the father Myra never knew was actually a powerful, ancient vampire and the attack on them was to capture or kill her and not him as they had assumed. To save her, Kristos would have to turn her so she stood an even chance against the vampires. “If you want to live, you will have to die.” And the adventure began . . . The only parts I did not like (purely personal bias) were the scenes referencing kinky sex (though none thankfully was actually carried out). I’m not a prude, but pain is not something I am comfortable with and it left me stone cold and shuddering with distaste at the thought. But beyond that admittedly personal reaction, the story was captivating and fast-paced. I loved it and recommend it!
spanishladyAM More than 1 year ago
I have always loved Michelle's Fox's vampires, she gives them so much humanity, you'd think they have a heart. Myra has decided that the only way she will be able to support her mother's Cancer treatments is to become a Blood Courtesan.. What she hadn't counted on was the vampire Kristos, he takes her breath away. And then the bullets start flying! But wait, thing is they are not for him, but for her and then her world changes, things are definitely not what she thought they were in her life.! What she is and the way Kristos protects her, takes her to a whole new level. This is such a wonderful mixture of passion, love and lots of action.