Reborn: Journals and Notebooks, 1947-1963

Reborn: Journals and Notebooks, 1947-1963

Hardcover(First Edition)

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"I intend to do have one way of evaluating experience—does it cause me pleasure or pain, and I shall be very cautious about rejecting the painful—I shall anticipate pleasure everywhere and find it too, for it is everywhere! I shall involve myself wholly...everything matters!" So wrote Susan Sontag in May 1949 at the age of sixteen. This, the first of three volumes of her journals and notebooks, presents a constantly and utterly surprising record of a great mind in incubation. It begins with journal entries and early attempts at fiction from her years as a university and graduate student, and ends in 1964, when she was becoming a participant in and observer of the artistic and intellectual life of New York City. Reborn is a kaleidoscopic self-portrait of one of America’s greatest writers and intellectuals, teeming with Sontag’s voracious curiosity and appetite for life. We watch the young Sontag’s complex self-awareness, share in her encounters with the writers who informed her thinking, and engage with the profound challenge of writing itself—all filtered through the inimitable detail of everyday circumstance.

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ISBN-13: 9780374100742
Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux
Publication date: 12/09/2008
Edition description: First Edition
Pages: 318
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SUSAN SONTAG immediately became a major figure of our culture with the publication in 1966 of the pathbreaking collection of essays Against Interpretation. She went on to write four novels, including the National Book Award-winning In America, as well as a collection of stories, several plays, and seven works of nonfiction. She died in New York City on December 28, 2004.

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Journals and Notebooks, 1947-1963
By Susan Sontag

Farrar, Straus and Giroux

Copyright © 2008 Susan Sontag
All right reserved.

ISBN: 9780374100742

I believe:(a)That there is no personal god or life after death(b)That the most desirable thing in the world is freedom to be true to oneself, i.e., Honesty(c)That the only difference between human beings is intelligence(d)That the only criterion of an action is its ultimate effect on making the individual happy or unhappy(e)That it is wrong to deprive any man of life [Entries "f" and "g" are missing.](h)I believe, furthermore, that an ideal state (besides "g") should be a strong centralized one with government control of public utilities, banks, mines, + transportation and subsidy of the arts, a comfortable minimum wage, support of disabled and age[d]. State care of pregnant women with no distinction such as legitimate + illegitimate children.Preface copyright © 2008 by David Rieff


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Reborn: Journals and Notebooks, 1947-1963 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
gdietz on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I have to admit that I hadn't read any of Susan Sontag's writing before this collection. I think it was the voyeuristic aspect of reading someone's journal that interested me at first, but I stayed interested throughout this volume because of feeling the excitement of her insatiable intellectual curiosity. And the fact that the selected journals start when she was only 15 make it even more amazing. Of course, I now regret that I'll never get a chance to see her in person, but you get bet I will be reading her works.
LillianRodriguez on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Reading Susan Sontag's journal was a journey in finding out all the dark secrets and thrills of this highly respected individual. It was to pull back the curtain of privacy, most of us walk around with, and reveal the humanity beneath all the reverence of the great thinker and writer. S.S. was an extremely intelligent woman with immense insecurities. I found her philosophical insights and references to philosophers (Nietzche and Kant) enlightening and they will help guide me with further reading. If you would like to understand who the woman behind the academic success is ... this is a must read!