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Recent Developments in Electronic Materials and Devices / Edition 1

Recent Developments in Electronic Materials and Devices / Edition 1


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ISBN-13: 9781574981452
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 01/03/2002
Series: Ceramic Transactions Series , #131
Pages: 371
Product dimensions: 4.72(w) x 9.45(h) x 0.79(d)

About the Author

K. M. Nair is the editor of Recent Developments in Electronic Materials and Devices, published by Wiley.

Amar S. Bhalla is the editor of Recent Developments in Electronic Materials and Devices, published by Wiley.

Table of Contents

Poisson's Ratios in High-Coupling Ferroelectric Ceramics (A. Ballato).

Determination of Binder Decomposition Kinetics for PVB-BaTiO3-Pt Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors (S.J. Lombardo and R.V. Shende).

Characterization of the Sol-Gel Derived PZT Thick Films on Metal Substrates (J. Cheng, W. Zhu, N.Li, L.E. Cross and Z. Meng).

A Study on Hot-Pressed 0.3PAN-0.7PZT Piezoelectric Ceramics (Y. Xu, D. Shi, S. Li, P. Wang and S. Tian).

Rare-Earth Metal Doping Effects on the Piezoelectric Properties of Pb(Zr,Ti)O3-Pb(Mn,Sb)O3 Ceramics (Y. Gao, K. Uchino and D. Viehland).

Studies on Dielectric Behavior of Ni0.8Zn0.2Fe2O4 Processed through Novel Techniques (R.V. Mangalaraja, S. Ananthakumar, P. Manohar and F.D. Gnanam).

High Breakdown Strength and High Dielectric Constant Capacitors in the Strontium Zirconate and Strontium Titanate Solid Solution System (S.J. Lombardo, R.V. Shende and D.S. Krueger).

Preparation and Characterization of Sr0.5Ba0.5Nb2O6 Ceramic Fibers through Sol-Gel Processing (M. Toyoda and K. Shirono).

Current Topics in the Field of Materials Technology of BME-MLCCs (T. Nomura and Y. Nakano).

Formation of Titanium Dioxide Micropattern by Direct Synthesis from Aqueous Solution and Transcription of Resist Pattern (N. Ozawa, H. Yabe and T. Yao).

Study of Surface Donor-Acceptor Active Centers Distributions during Ceramics Ball Milling (M.M. Sychov, O.A. Cheremisina, V.G. Korsakov, S.V. Mjakin, V.V. Popov, N.V. Zakharova and L.B. Svatovskaya).

Modeling of Nonlinear Phenomena during Deformation of Interparticle Necks by Diffusion-Controlled Creep (A. Maximenko, O. VanDerBiest and E.A. Olevsky).

Manufacture and Characterization of Low-Temperature Sintered CO2Z Ceramics (S. Wang, L. Li, Z. Gui, S. Su and J. Zhou).

Fabrication and Cofiring Behaviors of Low-Sintering Monolithic Piezoelectric Transformers (L. Li, R. Zuo and Z. Gui).

Functionally Gradient Relaxor Dielectric Composites with X7R Characteristics (Z. Gui, R. Zuo, C. Ji and L. Li).

Dielectric, Peizoelectric, and Ferroelectric Properties of PMN-PNN-PZT Quarternary System (X. Guo, J. Cheng, Z. Meng and H. Chen).

Optimization of Ferrite Powder Processing by Characterization of Slurry Properties (J. Wrba and R. Lucke).

Manufacturing of Advanced Dielectric Coatings by Thermal Spraying (A. Killinger).

Electrical Properties of Barium Titanate Thick Films (C.R. Foschini, B.D. Stojanovic, J.A. Varela, V.B. Pavlovic, V.M. Pavlovic and V. Pejovic).

Microwave Dielectric Properties of Al2O3-MgO-REOx (RE: Rare Earth) Systems and their Application to New LTCC (H. Kagata and H. Katsumura).

An Ultrasonic Motor for Catheter Applications (S. Cagatay, B. Koc and K. Uchino).

Grain Size Dependence of High-Power Piezoelectric Characteristics in a Soft PZT (C. Sakaki and K. Uchino).

High Power Piezoelectrics of (1-x)Pb(Zn1/3Nb2/3)O3-xPbTiO3 Single Crystals (S. Priya, U. Belegundu, A. Carazo and K. Uchino).

Residual Stress in High-Capacitance BME-MLCCS (Y. Nakano, D. Iwanaga, T. Hibi, M. Miyauchi and T. Nomura).

Processing of Pb-Ba-Zr-Ti-Based Dielectrics for High-Power Capacitor Applications (R.J. Rayne, T.J. Jessen, B.A. Bender, M. Kahn and M.T. Chase).

Additive Interactions in Aqueous BaTiO3 Suspension (C.-C. Li and J.-H. Jean).

Aqueous Tape Casting of Surface-Modified Cordierite Glass-Ceramics Powders (S. Mei, J.M.F. Ferreira, J. Yang and R. Martins).

Embedding a Passive Material Layer in Low-Temperature Cofired Packing (E.R. Twiname, G.L. Messing and C.A. Randall).

Recent Topics in Ferrite Materials for Multilayer Chip Components (A. Nakano, H. Ichikawa, I. Nakahata, M. Endo and T. Nomura).

Lead-Free Multilayer Dielectric System for Telecommunications (R.L. Wahlers, S.J. Stein, C.Y.D. Huang, M.R. Heinz and A.H. Feingold).

Microwave Dielectric Characterization of Ferroelectric Ceramics with Sleeve Resonator Techniques (R.G. Geyer, P. Kabos and J. Baker-Jarvis).

Field Dependence of the Dielectric Properties of Barium Strontium Titanate Single Crystals (D. Garcia, R. Guo and A.S. Bhalla).

Electric Field Dependence of Dielectric Behavior of (Sr1-xPbx)TiO3 (Y. Somiya, R. Guo, A.S. Bhalla and L.E. Cross).

Lattice Dynamics and Dielectric Properties of Ferroelectric Thin Films for Frequency Agile Devices (X.X. Xi, A.A. Sirenko, I.A. Akimov, A.M. Clark and J.-H. Hao).

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