Recent Progress on Kinins: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of the Kallikrein-Kinin System

Recent Progress on Kinins: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of the Kallikrein-Kinin System

by Bonner, Fritz


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ISBN-13: 9783764328160
Publisher: Birkhauser Basel
Publication date: 11/28/1992
Series: Agents and Actions Supplements Series , #38
Pages: 634

Table of Contents

The KININ’91 MUNICH Opening Address.- The KININ’91 MUNICH Opening Address.- The E.K. Frey-E.Werle Foundation and The Academic Celebration:.- The E.K. Frey-E.Werle Foundation and The Academic Celebration:.- The Foundation.- The Eulogy of the Rektor of the LMU Wulf Steinmann.- The Honoured Scientists.- Kallikreins and Kallikrein Inhibitors.- A Common Nomenclature for Members of the Tissue (Glandular) Kallikrein Gene Families.- Evolution of the Kallikrein Gene Family.- A Re-Evaluation of the Tissue-Specific Pattern of Expression of the Rat Kallikrein Gene Family.- Functional Diversity of Proteinases Encoded by Genes of the Rat Tissue Kallikrein Family.- Identification of Proteins of the Kallikrein Family by Isoelectrofocusing and Immunoblotting.- Comparative Studies on P2 Specificity of Wild-Type Rat Tissue Kallikrein, Y99H: W215G Mutant and Tonin.- Expression of Human Salivary-Gland Kallikrein in Insect Cells by a Baculovirus Vector.- Determinants of Tissue Kallikrein Cleavage Specificity in the Limited Proteolysis of Kininogens.- Kinetics of Bond Cleavages at Kallidin Release by Tissue Kallikrein: Cleavage of Two Peptide Bonds in a Single Enzyme-Substrate Complex?.- Kinetics of Lys-Bradykinin Release by Porcine Pancreatic Kallikrein from Rabbit Low Molecular Weight Kininogen.- Characterization of Kallikrein Isolated from Rat Submandibular Glands by a Simple and Rapid Purification Procedure.- Kallikrein-Like Activity in Nonpregnant and Pregnant Rat Uterus, Fetal Membranes, Placenta and Amniotic Fluid.- Dynamics of Kallikrein Activity in Different Biological Fluids of Pregnant Animals.- Bovine Pancreatic Kallikrein: Purification and Radioimmunoassay.- Purification and Characterization of New Arginine Esteropeptidase from the Soluble Fraction of Human Submaxillary Glands.- Molecular Diversity of Tissue Kallikrein in Human Saliva.- Detection and Separation of Some Arginine Amidases Including Tissue Kallikrein from Human Seminal Plasma.- Immunoassays for the Determination of Human Tissue Kallikrein (TK) in Different Body Fluids Based on Monoclonal Antibodies.- Biological Assay for Tissue Kallikrein: Comparison with the Synthetic Substrate S2266.- Computerized Immunoblot Analyses (CIBA) of the Distribution of Prekallikrein and its Activation Products in vivo and in vitro.- Expression of Kallikrein-Binding Protein and ?1-Antitrypsin Genes in Response to Sex Hormones, Growth, Inflammation and Hypertension.- Possible Identity of Kallikrein Binding Protein with Protein C Inhibitor.- Inhibition of Glandular and Plasma Kallikrein by Benzamidine Derivatives.- A Finding of Highly Selective Synthetic Inhibitor of Plasma Kallikrein; Its Action to Bradykinin Generation, Intrinsic Coagulation and Experimental DIC.- Studies on the Design of Orally Active Peptide Analogues.- A Systematic Approach for Determining Minimum Inhibitory Sequence and Contribution of Individual Residues in Binding of Kininogen Fragments to Tissue Kallikrein.- Kininogens and Cysteine Proteinase Inhibitors.- Hydroxylated Kininogens and Kinins.- Mapping of the H-Kininogen Binding Site Exposed by the Prekallikrein Heavy Chain.- Characterization of Cell Binding and Thrombin Inhibitory Regions on Kininogens’ Heavy Chain.- Parallel Procoagulant and Anticoagulant Pathways for High Molecular Weight Kininogen Coagulant Function.- Purification and Some Properties of Kininogens in Canine Plasma.- Determination of Human Low Molecular Weight Kininogen by Immunoassay.- Kininogens as Inhibitors of Calpains: Characteristics and Biological Implication of the Reaction.- Kininogen Deficiency in the Rat.- The Structure and Expression of the Genes for T-Kininogen in the Rat.- T-Kininogen, Processing and Functions.- Increased Uptake of T-Kininogen by the Liver in Inflammatory Conditions.- The Role of the Kininogens as Cysteine Proteinase Inhibitors in Local and Systemic Inflammation.- Caiman Kininogen-Like Cysteine Proteinase Inhibitor.- Isolation and Characterisation of Chicken L- and H-Kininogens and their Interaction with Chicken Cysteine Proteinases and Papain.- Characterization of Two Members (CST4 and CST5) of the Cystatin Gene Family and Molecular Evolution of Cystatin Genes.- Kininases and Kininase Inhibitors.- The Angiotensin I-Converting Enzyme (Kininase II): Molecular and Regulatory Aspects.- Structural Features of Two Kininase I-Type Enzymes Revealed by Molecular Cloning.- Comparative Molecular Modeling of the Active Subunit of Human Kininase I.- Tissue Specific Expression of Angiotensin Converting Enzyme.- Detection of Angiotensin Converting Enzyme mRNA in the Rat Heart by Use of the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR).- Tonin-like Activity Present in the Human Submandibular Gland.- Localization and Characterization of Human Salivary Kininases.- Human Serum Carboxypeptidase U: A New Kininase?.- Aminopeptidase P: Purification of a Membrane-Bound Bradykininase from Rat Lung.- Further Characterization of Endopeptidase H2, a Serine Proteinase from Human Urine.- The Kallikrein, Kininase and Related Peptides Activities in Central Asian Snake Venoms.- A Useful and Sensitive Method for Demonstration of the Involvement of Either Kallikrein-Kinin System in Pathological States.- Quantification of Ile-Ser-Bradykinin Degradation in Human Serum and Ascites.- Inhibitors of Some Recently Characterized Kinin-Metabolizing Enzymes: A Brief Overview.- Isolation of a Bradykinin-Potentiating Factor from Scorpion Tityus Serrulatus Venom.- Isolation and Characterization of Biological Properties of Inhibitors of Angiotensin-1-Converting Enzyme from the Spider Venom Latrodectus Tredecimguttatus.- Kinin Receptors and Kinin Antagonists.- Kinin Receptor Classification.- Cloning of a B2 Bradykinin Receptor: Examination of the Bradykinin Binding Site by Site Directed Mutagenesis.- Anti-idiotypic Antibodies against the Kinin Receptor.- Probing the Bradykinin Receptor: Mapping the Geometric Topography Using Ethers of Hydroxyproline in Novel Peptides.- 125I-Tyr, D-Arg [Hyp3, D-Phe7, Leu8] BK, a Radiolabelled B2 Antagonist Specifically Interacts with Two Distinct Binding Sites on Epithelial Membranes of Guinea Pig Ileum.- Putative Novel Bradykinin B3 Receptors in the Smooth Muscle of the Guinea-Pig Taenia Caeci and Trachea.- Bradykinin Antagonists: The State of the Art.- Bradykinin Antagonists: Synthesis and In Vitro Activity of BIS Succinimidoalkane Peptide Dimers.- New and Highly Potent Bradykinin Antagonists.- Pseudopeptide Analogs of Bradykinin and Bradykinin Antagonists.- Bradykinin Antagonists Do Not Require a D-Aromatic Amino Acid Residue at Position 7.- Metabolism and Characterisation of Kinins and Hoe 140 (Kinin Antagonist) in the Synovial Fluid of Patients with Inflammatory Joint Diseases.- Localization of Kallikreins and Kininogens.- Immunovisualisation of Plasma Prekallikrein and H-Kininogen on Human Neutrophils and in Human Hepatocytes.- Localization of Kallikrein Gene Family Proteases in Rat Tissues.- Hormonal Regulation of Pituitary Glandular Kallikrein: A Morphometric Study.- Kallikrein-Producing Cells in the Rat Pituitary and Pineal Gland.- Cellular Localization of Human Kininogens.- Immunolocalization of High Molecular Weight Kininogen (HKg) and T Kininogen (TKg) in the Rat Hypothalamus.

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