Reclaiming Accountability in Teacher Education

Reclaiming Accountability in Teacher Education

by Marilyn Cochran-Smith, Molly Cummings Carney


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Cochran-Smith and her research team argue that it is time for teacher educators to reclaim accountability. They critique major accountability initiatives, exposing the lack of evidence behind these policies and the negative impact they have on teacher education. They also offer an achievable alternative based on a commitment to equity and democracy.

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ISBN-13: 9780807759318
Publisher: Teachers College Press
Publication date: 04/20/2018
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Marilyn Cochran-Smith, Molly Cummings Carney, Elizabeth Stringer Keefe, Stephani Burton, Wen-Chia Chang, M. Beatriz Fernández, Andrew F. Miller, Juan Gabriel Sánchez, and Megina Baker are members of Project TEER (Teacher Education and Education Reform) at Boston College, a group of scholars and practitioners led by Marilyn Cochran-Smith who work collectively on issues related to teacher education, policy, and politics.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments xi

Part I Teacher Education in the Era of Accountability

1 Accountability in Uncertain Times 3

Reclaiming Accountability 4

Accountability and Democratic Education 5

The Discourses of Accountability 7

A New Political Climate for Education? 9

Reading This Book 12

2 Teacher Education's Era of Accountability 15

The Era of Accountability 16

Unprecedented Global Attention to Teacher Quality Tied to Neoliberal Economics 18

Continuous Public Narrative About the Failure of Teachers/Teacher Education 20

Teacher Education as a Policy Problem 23

The Teacher Education Establishment's Accountability Turn 25

Education Reform as the Cure for Inequality 28

Whither the Era of Accountability? 31

3 The Eight Dimensions of Accountability 33

Theorizing Accountability in Education and the Public Sector 35

The Eight Dimensions of Accountability: A Framework for Making Sense of Accountability in Teacher Education 37

The Foundations of Accountability: Values, Purpose, and Concepts 42

The Problem of Teacher Education: Diagnostic and Prognostic Dimensions 45

Power Relationships in Accountability: Control, Content, and Consequences 47

Part II The Problem with Accountability: Four Cases

4 Tug of War: Federally Mandated Reporting Requirements for Teacher Education 55

Context: Federal Involvement in Teacher Education 57

2016 HEA/Title II Reporting Regulations: An Eight-Dimensional Analysis 60

2016 HEA/Title II Reporting Regulations: Theory of Change and the Related Evidence 68

Impact and Implications 71

5 A Would-Be Watchdog: CAEP's Problematic Approach to Professional Accountability 76

CAEP Accreditation: A Beacon for Unified Professional Accountability? 77

CAEP Accreditation: An Eight-Dimensional Analysis 80

CAEP Accreditation: Theory of Change and the Related Evidence 86

Impact and Implications: The Jury Is Still Out 90

6 NCTQ: Shame and Blame in Market-Based Teacher Accountability 94

Context: NCTQ's History and Approach 95

NCTQ's Teacher Prep Reviews: An Eight-Dimensional Analysis 98

NCTQ: Theory of Change and the Related Evidence 104

Impact and Implications: NCTQ's Impact on the Field? 109

7 edTPA: Performance, Professionalization, and Pearson 113

Context: Understanding edTPA 114

edTPA: An Eight-Dimensional Analysis 116

Claims and Evidence: Authenticity, Improvement, and Professionalization 123

Impact and Implications: Examining edTPA's Influence on Teacher Education 127

The Uncertain Future of edTPA 132

Part III Reclaiming Accountability

8 The Problem with Accountability 135

The Accountability Paradigm in Teacher Education 136

The Foundations of the Accountability Paradigm 137

The Problem of Teacher Education in the Accountability Paradigm 142

Power Relationships in the Accountability Paradigm 147

Rejecting the Accountability Paradigm, Preserving Accountability 151

9 Democratic Accountability in Teacher Education 153

The Foundations of Democratic Accountability in Teacher Education 154

The Problem of Teacher Education from the Perspective of Democratic Accountability 160

Power Relationships in the Democratic Approach to Teacher Education Accountability 164

Toward Democratic Accountability in Teacher Education: Promising Practices 171

Now More Than Ever 181

References 184

Index 212

About the Authors 227

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