Reclaiming Our Democracy 20th Anniversary Edition

Reclaiming Our Democracy 20th Anniversary Edition

by Daley-Harris Sam


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ISBN-13: 9781933822846
Publisher: Camino Books, Incorporated
Publication date: 09/03/2013
Pages: 256
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.80(d)

Table of Contents

For the Twentieth Anniversary Edition

Foreword Muhammad Yunus vii

For the Tenth Anniversary Edition

Foreword Marian Wright Edelman ix

Foreword Marianne Williamson x

For the First Edition

Foreword Valerie Harper xi

Introduction to the Twentieth Anniversary Edition xiii

Introduction to the First Edition xix

Preface xxv

Chapter 1 Getting Started: From Hopelessness to Action 1

Chapter 2 Getting to the Media: Finding a Public Voice 5

Chapter 3 Expanding Nationwide: Learning the Importance of Speaking Powerfully 9

Chapter 4 Our First Victory: The Global Primary Health Care Initiative 17

Chapter 5 Getting to Our Courage and Action on Ethiopia 33

Chapter 6 Moving to Washington and to New Issues: The International Fund for Agricultural Development 39

Chapter 7 Vitamin A: Believing Is Seeing 51

Chapter 8 Shots Felt Around the World: The Universal Child Immunization Act 57

Chapter 9 Raising Money: Fundraising Was a Slower Breakthrough 71

Chapter 10 Starting a RESULTS Group in Albuquerque or Any City: If at First You Don't Succeed 79

Chapter 11 Expanding RESULTS Beyond the United States: Starting RESULTS in Britain 83

Chapter 12 Going Down Under: Starting RESULTS in Australia 91

Chapter 13 Starting RESULTS in Germany 95

Chapter 14 Starting RESULTS in Japan 103

Chapter 15 Banking on the Poor: The Microenterprise Loans for the Poor Act 107

Chapter 16 A Personal Healing and an Organizational Healing: Building Community 127

Chapter 17 Eliminating the Worst Aspects of Poverty: The Global Poverty Reduction Act 131

Chapter 18 The Global Poverty Reduction Act: Part II 147

Chapter 19 RESULTS Conferences: More Time for Healing 159

Chapter 20 Getting Coverage on RESULTS: I Love a Parade 163

Chapter 21 Checking Implementation: Is the Microenterprise Poverty Lending Program Working? 167

Chapter 22 Shining a Light on the Needs of Children: The 1990 World Summit for Children Candlelight Vigils 171

Chapter 23 Starting RESULTS in the USSR 195

Chapter 24 How to Heal the Break Between People and Government: The Presentation Is the First Step 201

Chapter 25 How to Do It! RESULTS Innovations 215

Chapter 26 Working with a Member of Congress 227

Chapter 27 Working with the Media: Speaking to the Entire Community 231

Chapter 28 1991-2004: From Civic Cynics to Empowered Citizens 235

Chapter 29 The RESULTS Model Takes Aim at Climate Change 253

Chapter 30 Center for Citizen Empowerment and Transformation 269


Twentieth Anniversary Edition 279

Tenth Anniversary Edition 281

First Edition 283

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