Recluse (Spider Series, #1)

Recluse (Spider Series, #1)

by Jaycee Ford

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BN ID: 2940154712528
Publisher: Jaycee Ford
Publication date: 06/26/2017
Series: Spider Series , #1
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: NOOK Book
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Recluse (Spider Series, #1) 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Melody-19 More than 1 year ago
This was a good book but although I must say I was a bit troubled that it ended in a cliffy. I prefer to be forewarned when an author decides to end a story in such a way. I will say that Ms Ford chose an appropriate place to end this book and we weren't left hanging too badly, at least not with the relationship that was building throughout this book. Wyatt and Mike were both police officers, partners, and best friends. Grace was the wife and love of Mike's life. They had a daughter together, Chloe who is now eleven. Mike was killed in the line of duty and Wyatt and Grace got together for dinner every Thursday night since his death. She was lonely and Wyatt had the feels for her. Those feelings seemed to be building on both sides but Wyatt was scared, frightened to lose her friendship, afraid he could never live up to what she had with Mike. He was also crazy-nuts about her brilliant daughter, Chloe. She had more sense than all of them put together. Wyatt had a lot of flings and an ongoing two-year sex-only affair with a woman named Megan. When he finally owns up to having deeper feelings for Grace he continues his affair with Megan if I understand correctly. (Maybe I misunderstood but I don't think so.) I was hoping that once he realized his feelings the man-whorish ways would stop. It was not flaunted in front of us in the course of the book but it had been mentioned in Wyatt's thoughts that he still met up with Megan and needed to break it off with her. At one point he even considered trying to make a permanent relationship with Megan and trying to let go of his love for Grace, saying he could be 'ok' with 'settling!' He went back and forth on the issue of ending the relationship...or not...several times. I think that made me distrust what he really felt for Grace and highlighted his immature nature, giving me pause as to whether he really knew what he wanted. The break with Megan happened on the first night that Grace accepted his invitation to meet him at the bar where their whole gang always met up and it was also where Megan worked as a bartender. This was not their typical weekly get together. It was more of a spontaneous date type of thing. He mentions then that he looks at Megan (she is behind the bar doing her bartender thing) and her at him and they know their relationship is now over. No words were ever spoken about that we were privy to. I have to include that there was something I didn't completely trust in our hero, Wyatt, or the group of cops that seemed much younger than they were. I wanted Wyatt to have eyes for no one but Grace but at least on one occasion he sure enjoyed looking and it was blatant enough his partner noticed. I think he even had a thought similar to 'if I wasn't in love with Grace... He also commented 'just because I'm in love doesn't mean I can't look'...but it felt more than that. In his thoughts, you could see that if not for Grace he would have gone after this one particular gal. In fact, the immaturity of most all the officers was something that I struggled with. It was like I was reading about horny high school boys going to class every day instead of work. It would have been close to perfect if not for his affairs and hookups. I had to deduct a star for that. I did find the murder mystery intriguing and I'm anxiously awaiting the next book. I recommend this book as well as the series.
Honolulubelle More than 1 year ago
Favorite Quotes: If Grayson appreciated the picture, she must have been a knockout. He was picky as hell with women. If they weren’t a debutante, he wasn’t giving them a second glance; however, most debutantes didn’t really hang around police stations. Grayson Cooks was still very single. She told me last night that if I didn’t marry you, I was too ignorant to be her mother. My Review: Recluse was packed with an odd assortment of quirky and interesting characters as well as an intriguing storyline wrapped around a tractionless murder investigation with no leads and inexperienced detectives. I was coasting along merrily, fully engaged in the story (although it took me a few beats to realize the setting was the same town as her previous Love Bug books), when that slippery and crafty trickster known as Jaycee Ford tossed me a heinous and despicable cliffhanger. I am still stamping my little foot and foaming at the mouth in a complete pique. I am fully invested and on the hook with this one, I cannot let it go and must know how this mystery resolves. I was easily drawn to the endearing characters and ever so curious about the crime. Sigh… hurry Ms. Ford. Please! Hurry! Despite her vile cliffhanger, I remain a Faithful Ford Fangirl - for life.