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Reconstruction and the Aftermath of the Civil War

Reconstruction and the Aftermath of the Civil War

by Lisa Colozza Cocca

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Children's Literature - Greg M. Romaneck
The Reconstruction period in American history is often portrayed as a seemingly senseless progression of mistakes that culminated in a restoration of almost antebellum-like social structures in the South. In reality, as Lisa Colozza Cocca presents in this volume of the illustrated "Understanding the Civil War" series, Reconstruction was the result of a nation's people trying to reinvent itself on the fly following a war that cost more blood than virtually every other conflict in American history combined. If, in the end, Reconstruction was a failure, it can be explained with clearer eyes when this context is kept in mind. In this introductory work, the author allows her readers to understand that Reconstruction began not with the firing of the final shots of the war, but rather, over the course of the Civil War itself and beyond. Abraham Lincoln, Radical Republicans, disaffected democrats, recently freed slaves, and defeated Confederates all had a stake in what eventually became Reconstruction. Yet, as Lisa Colozza Cocca deftly explains in this well researched work, the end result of these sometimes violently conflicting interests was the ultimate degradation of America's former slaves. Readers of this well written study will come away with a twin feelings that opportunities were missed in the Reconstruction era and that the times themselves made seizing them virtually impossible. As a result, American society still processes some of the same issues that existed in 1865, a fact that readers of this book will profit from reflecting on Reviewer: Greg M. Romaneck

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