Records of Patriotism and Love of Country

Records of Patriotism and Love of Country

by William Bailey


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ISBN-13: 9785518502147
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Publication date: 07/28/2013
Pages: 234
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One other instance of enthusiastic devotion to a cause, and I have done. Captain Moulon commanded the Cleopatra French frigate, which fought the first naval battle of the revolutionary war, with the British frigate La Nymphe, commanded by Captain Pellew, and was beaten. He died by a shot which tore open his back, and carried away the greatest part of his left hip. During his short agonies, he displayed the most heroic attention to his duty. The list of coast-signals adopted by the French was in one of his pockets ; and from that he drew a paper, which, imagining it to contain this list, he died biting it to pieces. The real one was afterwards found. Sergeant Jasper, the Gibraltar artillery man, the bold soldier of the Peninsula, the Graeme, Ensigns Thompson and Walsh, the seven heroes of Berwick Castle, the French nobleman of La Vendee, and Captain Moulon, were all of one noble family; not made so by kings, but by God, the king of kings. Among the assembled people at Manchester were as many of their brethren, who, had they for a moment suspected the atrocious charge about to be made upon them by the beastly, brutal, drunken yeomanry, would of themselves have set the battle in array, and have read the murderers a lesson never to have been forgotten. Thanks, indeed, would have followed upon this, not in undignified andbreathless haste, but in high consideration of the service done; these gladdening thanks would have emanated from a far greater sovereign than him that sent them to the slaughtering troop ever was, or is, or ever will be. MR. WINDHAM. Mr. Garden has remarked, with every satisfaction and the most undeniable truth, that It was the peculiar characteristic of the AmericanRevolution, that the men the most distinguished for genius and virtue were its advocate...

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