Recovering from Heart Disease in Body and Mind: Medical and Psychological Strategies for Living

Recovering from Heart Disease in Body and Mind: Medical and Psychological Strategies for Living


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Recovering from Heart Disease in Body and Mind: Medical and Psychological Strategies for Living by Dennis C. Ortman, Paul Dorian, Brian Baker

" Cowritten by a psychiatrist and a cardiologist, this book eXamines both the medical and psychological ramifications of coronary heart disease, providing specific physical, mental, and

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ISBN-13: 9780737303605
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies, The
Publication date: 05/01/2000
Pages: 316
Product dimensions: 6.03(w) x 9.01(h) x 0.89(d)

Table of Contents

A Note to the Readerxi
Chapter 1Preparing for the Journey: About This Book and How to Use It
Why did we write this book?1
Who is our intended reader?3
How is this book different from other books on heart disease?4
Part 1The Guide
Chapter 2Guide to the Journey: An Introduction
What you need to know about "The Guide"11
Forum (Tony): Does awareness help?16
Chapter 3Event
What's wrong with Anna?21
What happened?22
What, in fact, happened to my heart?24
What happened to me?!27
What to expect31
Forum (Anna): Dealing with the event32
Chapter 4Aftermath
Rose is lost38
Where am I?39
Where am I medically?40
Where am I emotionally?43
Family concerns45
Forum (Rose): Lost and found47
Chapter 5Recuperation
Is Mary healing?52
The body heals54
The mind reacts63
Family matters72
Achieving a balance73
Forum (Mary): Finding the path of healing78
Chapter 6Rehabilitation
What can Joe do?85
An approach to rehabilitation88
The fork in the road91
The importance of adaptive denial92
The magic of empowerment93
The secret of empowerment: Structured activity94
Can I prevent my CAD from recurring or progressing?97
Family concerns98
A guide to the rehab programs100
Forum (Joe): Getting into gear113
Chapter 7Recovery
Has Kevin recovered?121
Home at last123
Can I recover from CAD?123
What is realistic recovery?125
What do I still need to do?127
The challenge of maintenance129
Family note130
Keeping a balance131
Forum (Kevin): Looking back and looking forward134
Part 2Directions
Chapter 8What You Need to Know about "Directions": An Introduction145
Chapter 9Heart: Key Physical Issues for Those with Heart Disease
What is heart disease?149
What to do in an emergency158
What happens when you go to the hospital?160
Tests often performed on patients with heart disease162
Surgical procedures often performed on patients with heart disease167
Medications often prescribed for patients with heart disease169
Your team of professionals181
Medical research184
Risk factors for coronary heart disease188
Women and heart disease203
Chapter 10Mind: Key Emotional Issues for Those with Heart Disease
Stress and CAD216
Stress management and the seven vulnerabilities219
Stress and heart disease: A patient's personal view237
When to seek counseling, and from whom242
Psychiatric emergency245
Chapter 11Heart to Mind: Three Dialogues between Cardiology and Psychiatry about the Journey to Recovery
The third way246
Themes of healing252
Ready for rehabilitation260
Chapter 12Six Journeys
Tony: "What--me worry?"265
Anna: "Repeated episodes"270
Rose: "When you don't get back to normal"275
Mary: "Ms Busy"278
Joe: "Joe is stalled"281
Kevin: "Mr Reactive"283
Recommended Reading289

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