Recycler Riches: How to buy truckloads of books for pennies each from the #1 untapped book source

Recycler Riches: How to buy truckloads of books for pennies each from the #1 untapped book source

by Warcry Communications


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Recycler Riches is a 10,000 word transcript of an interview with a man making 20k to 30k a month, buying books by the truckload for pennies each from the world's #1 most untapped book source.

The following is a true story.

  • Nearly half-a-million dollars in gross profits over two years.
  • A million books.
  • Pennies each.

Bookseller Peter Valley had never heard numbers like this, but this is what he was hearing when he met a man we’ll call "Bookseller X." And this man had a story to tell:

  • How he did almost half a million dollars in gross profits with used books.
  • How he did it picking up from a single source.
  • How he did it picking up books only twice a month.

It all started when Peter Valley was researching his book, Book Sourcing Secrets.

In doing the research, he wanted to include a chapter about wholesale book sourcing (buy books by the truckload from the paper-waste market) but he didn't have enough experience in this to write about it himself. So he tracked down an expert.

The man he tracked we'll call Bookseller X. And the information he had was so lucrative, Peter Valley actually paid him for an interview. (And it wasn’t cheap)

When Bookseller X got going, Valley knew this interview was way too lucrative to be reduced to a chapter in a book.

So Valley edited the interview down to 10,000 words, and releasd it in this limited paperback printing titled Recycler Riches.

The numbers Bookseller X did were staggering, and worth repeating: A million books. Half a million in sales. Books by the truckload for pennies each.

This is the most expensive 32-page book you'll ever buy. But inside, you'll get the blueprint of running a six or seven-figure Amazon bookselling empire.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781732709607
Publisher: Warcry Communications
Publication date: 08/20/2018
Pages: 34
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.07(d)

Table of Contents

  • The story of this book
  • The interview begins
  • Average number of books per load
  • Monthly revenue
  • Getting started: Adam’s story
  • Book sourcing before recycling centers
  • The idea: Learning of the source
  • Single sourcing vs. wholesale sourcing
  • Making first contact: Striking the first deal
  • The life cycle of a book: How books end up at recycling centers
  • What recycling centers usually do with their books
  • Typical quality of books found at recycling centers
  • Researching recycling centers: What to look for
  • The two most important factors in choosing good recycling centers
  • Approaching a recycling center: Do’s and don’ts
  • The two things recycling centers need to hear before making a deal
  • Approaching your first recycling center
  • Your first on-site visit: Doing reconnaissance
  • The gaylord: The standard unit at recycling centers
  • Negotiating with recycling centers
  • Negotiating pricing: How much to offer
  • Knowing who to contact
  • Overcoming the common objections of recycling centers
  • One-time pickups vs. recurring pickups
  • Paying by the pound
  • Expected volume of books
  • Combining pickups
  • Being “on call”
  • What percentage of books have value
  • Detailed look at what equipment is needed
  • Where to take the books: Renting storage space
  • Workflow: Starting the sorting process
  • Hiring help
  • Purging leftovers
  • The second-best source
  • Repricing
  • Revenue vs. costs
  • Step-by-step action guide
  • Resources for research

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