Recycling Words

Recycling Words

by Katherine Cabrera


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Recycling Words by Katherine Cabrera

Poet Katherine Cabrera presents Recycling Words, in which she highlights the complicity of the mind and simplicity of the world. This collection is the scapegoat of the mind to the soul, a passionately compelling journey of words connecting spirituality and mind, yielding self-discovery.


You belong to me and our love already exist,

Your mind is not aware.

Your lips warmly touched mine,

Your eyes carefully search for truth,

It all exists in the present and past.

Our arms soar across the sky.

Limitless we live.

Our beliefs, our wishes, unite in a web smothering each other, noticing the similarities.

I've already tasted you.

Your sweet skin searches for the bitterness of mine,

Your tender fingertips wrap my body and hesitantly proclaim ownership.

My nose has already discovered your scent,

My heart already recognizes your voice; your love.

It has all been discovered.

Open your eyes.

My body already begs for you, as your body anxiously wants mine.

Open your eyes.

You've already fallen in love,

You've already existed in all my memories; as I do in yours.

Your mind craves my uncertainties,

Your arms search for my insecurities,

Your heart roams through my pain.

You've already existed in my life as I continue to exist in yours.

Your mind cannot leave me; your heart grows inquisitive of mine.

You cannot live without me.

Open your eyes; all that you see is not a fantasy.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781458218537
Publisher: Abbott Press
Publication date: 04/14/2015
Pages: 108
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.20(h) x 0.20(d)

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Recycling Words

By Katherine Cabrera

Abbott Press

Copyright © 2015 Katherine Cabrera
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4582-1853-7


    Tender Love

    Sweet, sweet, voice,

    Sing tenderly to my ears,
    Sing tenderly to my heart, let it reveal from hiding.

    Sweet tender voice,
    Touch my soul with your say,

    Oh the lovely melody that escapes, each time making me yours.

    Sweet, sweet, voice,

    Gently blind me with your words, softly choke me with your truths,
    slowly become all my deepest desires.

    Sweet, sweet, voice never stop being you.


    You belong to me and our love already exist,

    Your mind is not aware.

    Your lips warmly touched mine,
    Your eyes carefully search for truth,

    It all exists in the present and past.

    Our arms soar across the sky.
    Limitless we live.
    Our beliefs, our wishes, unite in a web smothering each other,
    noticing the similarities.

    I've already tasted you.

    Your sweet skin searches for the bitterness of mine,
    Your tender fingertips wrap my body and hesitantly proclaim

    My nose has already discovered your scent,
    My heart already recognizes your voice; your love.

    It has all been discovered.

    Open your eyes.

    My body already begs for you, as your body anxiously wants mine.

    Open your eyes.

    You've already fallen in love,
    You've already existed in all my memories; as I do in yours.

    Your mind craves my uncertainties,
    Your arms search for my insecurities,
    Your heart roams through my pain.

    You've already existed in my life as I continue to exist in yours.
    Your mind cannot leave me; your heart grows inquisitive of mine.
    You cannot live without me.

    Open your eyes; all that you see is not a fantasy.

    Hungry heart of pain

    The eyes of the sea created the loneliness soon to exist,
    The current stroked every curve on the sand, knocked every edge
    on the rocks and ruined it became.
    Afraid of the things that may not come,
    Afraid of actuality.
    The hungry heart of the sea searched for love.
    It's lonely soul searched for company.
    Yet all the things it saw drove the current away.
    All the things that existed were destroyed,
    The wind became the truth, as the tides heart turned aloof.
    The pain numbed any feeling of happiness.

    Turning cold,
    The pain made her world less.
    Her mind dreamed of things her heart knew she could never attain.
    Her mind told things her heart could not allow.
    The sea was learning to grow.

    Her past was the past,
    Her truth was right now,

    Her right now became her future, her forlorn future,
    The future she now yearned for.

    She became habituated with the design of loneliness.
    Love did not exist in her world of chaos,
    Love would not reveal in the depths of solitude.

    She stands,
    Dancing on the earth's surface,
    Dancing to a tune of loneliness and to the beat of her singing heart,

    She does not fail to linger.
    With her hungry heart of love,
    And her loneliness of pain.

    Fooled heart

    The more you become reality, the less I am seen,
    As your mystery fades,

    My mind already knows what to suppose.

    So why can't I awake?

    Awake from this desire, my heart once wished for,

    As you become familiar, I can't help but remain,
    I wait to see, all that I've already seen,

    And then,

    Then the words you articulate, all sound the same,

    My thoughts begin to flow,
    They become recognizable, and my daydreams meet with the
    long ago.

    You are becoming more of the past, as the present and future are

    I am no longer an image,
    All that's left are the lines that you failed to complete.

    Your touch makes me weedy; your voice becomes horrid and
    Your eyes speak of lies; speak of lust,

    And it is only in this moment, your body yearns for mine,
    Your body craves for that moment that I become yours,

    But we both know, it is not real.

    You transform into all my worst fears, all my worst rivals,

    And the more I know about your truths, I can't help to wonder,

    What am I doing?

    In this moment, sadly, I am becoming less of me and more of you.

    Guide me to your heart

    Let us be one,
    Let us create,
    Let us become,
    Guide me to your world, and watch me love every part of it.


    Fear seems to empower as doubt settles in,
    Thoughts take over,
    Thoughts of him are doubted.

    Steady fear takes place and does not allow the experience of what
    is said,


    The mind questions the existence of it as the heart yearns for it,
    The mind paints a picture that details duplicity,

    Will the past recur?

    The spirit urgently wants the feeling of unsighted trust,
    Yet, fear lingers.

    The body aches for a bonafide touch,
    Making the body fall deeper,

    Even if it's close, it's pushed away.


    Waiting for something that never approaches,
    Waiting on words that never pass on to truths,
    Words that remain trapped in conversations, in text, in merely
    anything but certainty.

    Believing that things will remain,
    That possibly one day, the eyes will see what the heart requests,

    Focused on this construction with you,
    Focused as my attention is yours,
    Nevertheless, your attention fails to be mine, as your mind wonders,
    and my heart waits.
    Both trying to invent and formulate,

    But where are the bricks?

    Obsessed with the design of all the things that may grow,
    Obsessed with the actuality that this may not be easy to let go,
    Obsessed and probing,
    Chasing and waiting for the impossible and surviving on this
    daydream, fabricated with your help.

    Cannot breath,
    Stuck in this sea,
    Large body of water that does not fail to lose me,
    Drowning and searching for you,
    Searching for signs that you may be close,

    Searching for truths,
    When will it stop?

    Your words once pure, real, and true,
    Have become words,
    The reality is, none of this seems to want to exist,
    At a distance.

    Coconut tree

    She stood behind a coconut tree,
    Waiting for a new reality,
    A vision that would fright away her sight,

    Her restless legs grew attentive to the other woman's laugh,
    Her eyes grew with the image of the man she already knew.

    Her skin camouflaged with the tree as her lips met in attempt to
    keep quiet,
    Her empty mind grew with thoughts.

    "Silence!" her body yelled.

    The sun radiated heavily on the two,

    The other woman was familiar,
    The woman was someone she already knew,
    The dark hair and tan skin was her beloved friend.

    Her mind blew with disgust,
    Her skin trembled with fear,

    Stuck and glued she remained, as the grass wrapped on to her feet.
    The clingy grass refused to let her move.

    She stood, as she watched them both enjoy each other's company,
    The coconut tree provided the shade wanted.
    The tree tried, but could not dismiss the pain; she hugged on tighter.

    The hard wood purposely scratched her skin,
    And drops of blood dripped.

    This man was someone she once loved,
    The woman was once a friend,

    And at the coconut tree, a woman's heart dismissed.

    Cannot be

    Things that are meant to be, to flow, to be embraced, are analyzed.

    The stream ceases, as the pebble blocks the waves,
    Her mind will not allow, blinding her.

    The grass sits quietly, supporting her body as the clouds move
    effortlessly, listening to her broken heart,

    Hoping that the thoughts will slowly drift away.


    We are all connected,
    The roots in the ground connect with the veins in our feet,
    The air that we breathe bring life to the lungs,
    All in all, connecting humanity.
    The sun only shines when we deliberately frown, reminding us of
    the miracles that are sure to come.
    The trees always still, reminiscent of peace and of life,
    As each stem grows proving how inevitable it is to win against time,

    "So walk," they quietly whisper through the breeze.
    Birds only sing with the noise of our heartbeat, touching each
    chord exactly,

    Just listen.

    Fish only swim with the current of dreams, as waves only flow with
    our creativity,

    We are all connected.

    The moon only shines to remind us that even in the darkest of
    times stars exist,
    All smiling and lighting the great sky,
    Nevertheless we are the sky, we are the birds, the creative spiders,
    lazy turtles and sleepy tulips that create the universe.

    We are all connected,

    We are all one,

    A magical force of energy, we cannot see, but we can feel and
    perceive to be real.
    We are all one.


    Free I am falling,
    Lightly I land, softly on your hands, near your heart.
    Pounding softly,
    Beating lightly,
    Overflowing, your heart it beats,
    Offering and giving me the air I breathe,
    Delivering life,
    Speechless I remain.
    As your heart beats softly and your words fall,
    Your words become the drug I need,
    The drug I cannot give up so I continue to receive,
    I've lost control of what it means to not be me,
    I've lost the shield that protected me.
    Pounding and beating, I know you're alive, I do not need to check
    your vital signs,
    I know you're real; I do not question your existence.
    The more your heart beats for me, the more mine beats for yours.
    Questioning, how much further could this all go?
    How much further can my heart feel? Could this space become
    How much closer could we be?
    As your words flow, as your heart beats, you become reality.
    I exist for you,
    You exist for me.

    We don not belong

    Fantasies are real in the world of you and me,
    Seeing and perceiving what everyone fails to see,

    Questioning: what wonders do they seek and believe?

    This world we've created, open to anyone who's as unordinary as
    you and me,
    Unordinary and challenging to piece,
    Attempting to fit us in this puzzle; but we do not belong.

    We are not the depiction of what others perceive,
    We cannot be in these portraits of reality; so instead, we create the
    images we wish to see,
    Always loving, always true,
    The picture the world fails to tell, but knows to be true.

    The world is our questioning observer: Who are they?

    Searching and exploring for purpose,
    We create, we see, we believe; cause in this place we do not belong.
    We're appropriate where the stars dance to the tune of our voice,
    The sky smiles to our scent,
    Trees speak in symphony,
    While penguins fly with the course of the wind,
    And magic exists from rigorous lips, speaking truths of the world
    Kissing and softly giving the world life to live,
    Seeking and always finding the things that we wish.

    "Oh there is goes," we always confirm.

    Cause we are believers,
    Grounding values with the weight of the world,
    Grounding, and becoming powerful forces of love.

    24 hours

    "24 hours, are these the only hours that make up a day?"

    "Yes dear," he says

    "Well 24, is not enough, I still miss you."

    Precious soul

    It only exist where you allow it to go,
    Flowing, growing, and becoming inevitable,
    Streaming through the depth of your soul, sitting in the core of
    your gut, and rising gracefully in the roots of your heart,
    It follows and breeds into whatever you wish it to be.
    Nothing can influence its beliefs, because it eats and it breathes
    only you,
    You precious soul are its creator; strongest believer,
    You give it life, you let it breathe; graciously it can only move
    within you,
    Each word that you speak, each action you take, shapes it firmly
    into whatever you want it to be.
    You are the creator, powerful soul.
    You are its believer and only you allow it to grow,
    Teaching others of its existence; Oh! It's powerful force, you
    precious soul bring it to life,
    The more you experience it, the more at ease you will be,
    It, it, it lives within you.
    So name it whatever you please,
    You precious soul, are its creator.

    Ginger green

    The greenest tea stood in the largest mug,
    Ginger bits sat heavy and strong.
    The bittersweet ginger grew silently in the searing water,
    Agreeing to share its company,
    Agreeing that alone it would not be,
    So Ginger and Green they became.


    Climbing and out of breath,
    In need of oxygen,
    Not life; shuffling and trying to find.

    Finding things hard to let go.

    The hardest book to let go,
    The shortest song ever sung,

    The brightest star, the darkest night,
    The hottest summer, the calm brisk water,

    Heavy and delicate,
    Peaceful and sound,

    Creating and illuminating a space never once found,

    And with the space, the mind has time to wonder and begins to provide.

    Dreams begin to form, on the podium of love,
    Never-ending dreams that grow,
    Allowing darkness never to form.

    Vulnerable, naked, pure, and unsure,

    Growing, changing, becoming all it wishes.

    Roll it gently

    Where are you rolling with my heart?
    Where are you going with my trust?

    Why are you getting away with this?

    How can you walk with my heart in the box of your soul?
    Where are you running with that smile?

    Can't your lips just stop talking?
    Can't your voice stop singing songs of love?

    Was that my heart beating?
    Was that my heart dropping?
    Was that my skin flushing in red?

    What goes through that beautiful mind?

    Can I peek into your soul?
    What stories will unfold?

    What color could your heart be?

    How honest can this love be?

    How much trust can we really hold in the depths of our souls?

    Here is my heart, may you roll it gently.

    He seems to know

    I don't want to become the things they say; because I am not.
    I do not look that way,
    I do not speak that way,
    So unusual I'll stand,
    Particular like the stars, sitting and fitting into the universe,

    Hmm, yet he seems to point me out.

    Particular I am, like frantic squirrel running up the tree;
    he can still spot me.

    I am unique, so please, do not try to fit me,
    I am unusual and new, but no one seems to see.

    My thoughts are different the moment I let go,
    'Cause I let go,
    No one can see,

    But he seems to know.

    A mind reader, I'd say,
    "No a magician," my heart argues,
    "He must be a physic," my mind speaks.

    Oh, what is true?

    "Well, he must be like you, unique, particular, and new. He's a star that
    sits in the darkest sky, smiling and pleading for you," speaks my soul.


    Indelible are your words, as they sneak sensibly from your mouth,
    Prudently pleasing the world about,
    Changing folks whom inhabit the space shared,
    Indelible, utterly, perfectly, flawed.

    Galaxy Unseen

    I'll be your star, you be my moon,
    Lets soar together through the galaxy unseen,
    Untouched we'll remain.

    Each planet we pass,

    Each star smiles and believes in what we have,
    Wings are not what we need,
    Our love will suffice.

    This journey to the galaxy unseen, becomes all that others believe,
    Envy can't exist and ceases to proceed,
    Cause with your voice, my touch, and our hearts, each planet aligns,
    Each planet becomes one and our love is the light it uses to shine.

    Our worries once existed,
    Our pains are all behind,

    All we see is each other,
    All we need is each other,

    We are each other's ecstasy,
    Each other's cure.

    So close your eyes and let's take this ride,
    Be my moon and I'll be your star.

    We are unlimited

    We are bountifully made to create and be what we wish to be.
    Bountifully made to believe and be.
    Standing tall, knowing that all, is what we wish it to be.
    We are unlimited.

    Any other way

    What's that you say?
    You wouldn't want me any other way?
    I'll simply reply, you are the only way I've ever wanted.
    Frankly, you've created "this way."

    Sweet life

    The sweet life is one without luxurious cars,
    Life without jewels that gloss,
    Life without monogram bags,
    Monograms that tell the story of who you are.
    The sweet life is living without fears and doubts,
    Driven by faith, geared by love,
    A life created by you, painted by your heart, and written by your


Excerpted from Recycling Words by Katherine Cabrera. Copyright © 2015 Katherine Cabrera. Excerpted by permission of Abbott Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Recycling Words 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Recycling Words is an amazing book! Very well written and shows Katherine's passion. I highly suggest her poems to everyone! A must read!!! Her words are very enlightening and motivating. Katherine has encouraged me with her words and shows the beauty within her. Thanks, KC.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I had the pleasure of meeting Katherine at an event she had for this book and having her autograph it. Every page speaks volumes with not only great writing but amazing insight. As soon as I started reading I could not stop flipping the pages until I found myself finishing the entire book. Highly recommended for anyone who appreciates the art of words and poetry . " Open your eyes; all that you see is not a fantasy".