RED ALERT: Does the Future Have a Church?

RED ALERT: Does the Future Have a Church?

by Gil CANN


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The age of Christendom is over. The age of post-modernity has arrived. How do ordinary, everyday congregations deal with the crisis facing them?

Red Alert is a book for those in leadership, and in the pew, who want to know how to respond to the myriad number of social changes facing churches in the West. It explores the options before us, suggesting that the way forward is not tinkering with non-essentials, but reframing the whole paradigm -- not a new way of doing church 'the old way', but a new way of being church altogether.

Eminently practical, this book is designed to show how your church can be empowered to become an authentic community and effective agent for the gospel in the wider society. It shows how the Christian church can not just survive, but prosper.

"The world has changed... radically... such that any church committed to ‘business as usual’ will find itself on the road to irrelevance and death. The gospel, on the other hand, is always relevant and the church’s mandate has not changed. Gil Cann’s appeal to the local church to acquire understanding, demonstrate flexibility, exercise creativity and generate energy is, in essence, an impassioned appeal to choose life. Ignore it at your peril!"

Elizabeth Kendal

Religious liberty analyst, advocate and author

Director of Christian Faith and Freedom, Canberra, ACT, Australia

"This is a wonderful book: down-to-earth, honest and brimful of distilled wisdom, born of decades of generous and warm-hearted ministry to scores of Christian communities around the country. If you’ve ever had the joy of knowing and listening to Gil, you’ll know exactly what I mean. If not, you are in for a very special surprise. Take up and read!"

Dr Rikki Watts

Dean of Theology at Alphacrucis College, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Research Professor with Regent College, Vancouver, Canada

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ISBN-13: 9780732404314
Publisher: John M. Waterhouse
Publication date: 04/04/2018
Pages: 312
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Gil Cann has served as a pastor, evangelist, itinerant preacher and leadership trainer. Much of his work has been in response to requests from churches and para-church agencies. These are from virtually all denominations throughout Australia. He has also worked in New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and several Pacific Island nations.

A frequent speaker at church leaders' events, Gil has visited several countries where significant revival and church renewal has taken place. He has served for many years as a pastor of Truth and Liberation Concern in Melbourne, a church widely known for relating to people of non-Christian backgrounds.

For twelve years, he edited 'Working Together', the quarterly publication of the Australian Evangelical Alliance, which sought to equip churches to meet the challenges of being God's people in this post- Christendom era. His many articles have been published in Australia and beyond. Gil is also the author of 'Liberating Leadership' and 'Church on the Mezzanine Floor'. This is his third book.

Gil is married to Cathie and they have five adult children and ten grandchildren. They live in the Yarra Valley, east of Melbourne, Victoria.

Table of Contents



1 Our Christendom heritage: MILESTONE OR MILLSTONE?


3 What in the world is going on? MAKING SENSE OF OUR TIMES

4 There are no unbelievers: EVERYONE BELIEVES IN SOMETHING

5 Organisation or organism? WHAT MAKES THE CHURCH UNIQUE?


7 Not Sunday at 10.00, but 24/7: THE PRIMARY MINISTRY OF A CHURCH

8 Lost in translation: A CRUCIAL ROLE GONE MISSING

9 A new priority for leaders and pastors: FROM MAINTENANCE TO MISSION MODE

10 Sunday service or family reunion? WHY DOES GOD WANT US TO MEET?

11 ‘Can’t wait till next time!’ WHAT SHOULD WE DO WHEN WE MEET?

12 When we come together: MORE ESSENTIAL ISSUES

13 From discord to harmony: MAKING THE MOST OF OUR MUSIC


15 ‘I’ve been meaning to ask you!’: SOME FREQUENTLY RAISED QUESTIONS

16 Tough times ahead: THE NEED FOR REAL COURAGE

17 An attitude of gratitude: LIVING IN THE GRACE OF GOD


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