Red Awakening

Red Awakening

by Janet Elizabeth Henderson

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Praise for the Red Zone series: "Imaginative, totally preposterous and I absolutely loved every word!" - Marta, Goodreads

In a future where corporations and nanotech implants run the world, Mace Armstrong is in the wrong place at the wrong time... Literally.

The mission is simple: find a way into CommTECH’s state-of-the-art compound, bug the lead scientist of their bio-engineering team before they release an implant that will kill millions, get out without anyone knowing he’s there. For an ex-army ranger, even one out of his element by a century, it should be a walk in the park. Right?


Because Mace isn’t the only one who breaks into the secure facility. With the building overrun with terrorists, he has to find a way out before he compromises himself and the entire Red Zone team to the enemy.

But there’s no leaving without the woman who inadvertently helped him get into the building in the first place: Keiko Sato, CommTECH’s press secretary. She’s brilliant, beautiful, and knows how to hold a grudge. Against him. She has no idea what secrets he and his team are harboring, or that she’s calling to the animal that’s been locked inside of him for a century.

Even as she argues with him about everything, Mace is determined to protect her. He got her into this mess, and he owes it to her to get her out of it.

Whether she wants him to or not.

Each book in the Red Zone series is STANDALONE:
* Red Zone
* Red Awakening

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781640638730
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 10/28/2019
Series: Red Zone , #2
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 400
Sales rank: 44,081
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Janet is a Scot who moved to New Zealand fifteen years ago. Among other things, she’s been an artist, a teacher, a security guard at a castle, a magazine editor, and a cleaner in a drop-in center for drug addicts (NOT the best job!). She now writes full-time and, so far, has written eighteen books. When she isn’t living in her head, she raises two kids, one husband, and several random animals. She survives on chocolate and caffeine.

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Red Awakening 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Regina_Kiddy 15 days ago
Ohhh very good book, Keiko is the press secretary for the ruling organization Comm-Tech. Mace is on a mission to obtain proof that the technology that Comm-Tech is building is faulty and will kill millions. When a terror organization takes over the press conference Mace needs to find a way out. Keiko has knowledge of the building so she’s his way out. He has a secret. Can Keiko and Mace beat the bad guys and escape? But first who are the bad guys? I voluntarily read and reviewed this advanced free complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley
Anonymous 19 days ago
Great story! Can't wait to see what the rest of the teams gifts are!
Evampire9 23 days ago
The mission seemed simple enough even for an ex-army ranger out of his element by a century and should have been a walk in the park. Because Mace isn’t the only who breaks into the secure facility and the building is overrun with terrorists. Mace has to find a way out before he compromises himself and the entire Red Zone team to the enemy but there’s no leaving with the woman who inadvertently helped him get inside and she has no idea that she’s calling to the animal that’s been locked inside him for a century. The second book in the ‘Red Zone’ series is action packed and full of extreme suspense that has readers holding their breath and while knuckling their books or ereaders. The characters are strong, vivid and believable which makes it easy for readers to become caught up in their story and the chemistry between the hero and heroine sizzles with enough electrical current to knock out all the power to the building they are in. The relationship however starts off on an exciting wrong foot and is full of feisty and heated arguments as they struggle to stay alive while denying their attraction. The plot is fast paced, full of suspense and reminds readers of ‘Die Hard’ type movies where the action never stops and the readers can’t possibly find a moment to relax from the pulse pounding excitement. The author has certainly created a wonderfully different futuristic world and a creative paranormal being that is sorta shifter life but really isn’t which makes this a fascinating, feisty and entertaining must read book.
Marta Cox 24 days ago
This series is going from strength to strength and if you can suspend disbelief and just go with it then this is an outstanding and imaginative read. The idea that several soldiers were mutated one hundred years ago does I admit sound preposterous but in the hands of this creative author it absolutely does work . In this futuristic world were neural implants are not only desirable but often mandatory CommTECH without a doubt control far more than they should. Corruption and greed lie at its heart but their public relations front person Keiko Sato has no idea of this and believes wholeheartedly in her work. What she hadn’t expected was to meet the man of her dreams only to discover he’s using her to get within her organisation. You would think that was bad enough but things are going to get a lot rougher and for some deadly ! Mace is not comfortable with his role of seducing the bold yet strangely naive Keiko and things very quickly escalate meaning Mace is left struggling to placate not only a spitting Keiko but his fellow Red Zone Warriors as well . The mission quickly goes wrong when terrorists take over the building leaving Mace and Keiko playing a deadly game of cat and mouse but there’s also that certain someone who is forever a part of Mace and that dear reader is going to blow your mind ! I absolutely loved this and the pace was nonstop. If you’ve ever seen Die Hard then you can imagine a building overtaken by terrorists which leaves Mace firmly cast in a role that this time didn’t call for a vest ! Yes it’s just as frenetic and dangerous as any action film and Mace certainly has his work cut out saving Keiko. Keiko might be in the dark about her companies crimes but she’s no shy, retiring miss. Keiko is an absolute hoot and takes on Mace at every turn. This couple are without a doubt bonded in fire and it’s honestly hilarious reading about their exploits. Plus of course there’s that certain someone ( my lips are sealed but you will be gobsmacked) who really gets to upset every plan Mace makes but it added so much to this story and I cannot wait for more . This book had everything I want action, great characters, passion and humour. Yes it works as a stand-alone but I do recommend reading the first book because this series is fast turning into a must read and I want to shout about it from the rooftops. This voluntary take is of a copy I requested from Netgalley and my thoughts and comments are honest and I believe fair
PatriciaWhite 24 days ago
Red Awakening is the second book in the Red Zone series. This is also the first book I've read by this author but it will definitely not be the last..Very different from the books I usually read.There is nothing about this book that I did not love. Mace Armstrong is a Red Zone survivor and woke up 100 years in the future changed. He is a soldier out of place in a new world. Keiko Santo is Comm Tech's press secretary.On her birthday she is looking for a man of old.A Viking she certainly gets that in Mace and a lot more than she bargained for. Keiko can absolutely hold her own against Mace.She may be tiny but she is a bad ass. I love the interaction between all the characters that makes for the best books. The action is almost non stop and keeps up until the end. The blackest,darkest part of the night is the most secret of all.It's the time when creatures tiptoe and hold there breath for fear of discovery. It's the time when magic happens. The chemistry between Mace and Keiko is electric. She loved Mace Armstrong. And if it had happened fast, it was because they had lived a lifetime since they'd met. When a author can combine humor and serious suspense together that's a 5 star read. It's futuristic without being so Science Fiction that you get lost. I get so excited when I find a new author to fall in love with.I'm looking forward to more books in this series in the future and of coarse I had to go buy the first book in the series so I can read about Striker and Friday! “I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.”
carvanz 24 days ago
This book has a little bit of everything and all of it amazing! When Keiko is out on the town for her birthday celebration, all she wants is a steamy night with a Viking who doesn’t talk much. She certainly finds him, and she’s all in for a good time. Unfortunately, her Viking has a hidden agenda and Keiko is caught up in a swirl of danger that will open her eyes to the world she truly lives in. Mace was against the mission from the beginning. But once he lays eyes on the petite press secretary, his current target, his first instinct is to claim her. Despite his internal reminders that he can’t take things further, she’s a firecracker and he can’t help but yield to his desire. When the truth is finally revealed to Keiko, he knows he’s lost the only thing that has awakened every part of him but he’ll still give his life to keep her safe. I loved everything about this story! Keiko is a tiny thing with an attitude of someone capable of taking down the strong. She is fierce and feisty, never hesitating to threaten and act when provoked. I laughed at some of her antics and the reaction they caused in Mace. He drove her crazy and as his secrets are revealed she doesn’t think twice before speaking her mind. ’It was one thing to dream about a grumpy, take charge Viking. It was totally something else to deal with them in real life. In real life, the caveman attitude wasn’t sexy at all. Mostly.’ There is nothing I love more than a hero with a “mine” mentality and Mace definitely falls into that category, as well as all the others that I love about a hero. He’s a huge, hulking guy with a past unlike any I’ve read before. His need to protect and claim was absolutely delicious even as he struggled with what his past had forced upon him. When Keiko threw him her bigger than life attitude it made him want to laugh or kiss her or both. The more violent her threats and actions (which couldn’t hurt a fly) the more the fell for her. ’The woman needed a keeper. She caused problems wherever she went, poking her nose in all over the place, taking on people who were twice her size. She had no sense of self-preservation…’ This is such a fun, action filled read with plenty of humor that was sharp and on point. While the chemistry between Keiko and Mace absolutely sizzles, it doesn’t consume the story. With a fast start, things only crank up even more in intensity as things move forward for this couple. There is never a moment when this bogs down. Something is constantly happening or things revealed that left me hungry to continue reading even when life dictated that I stop. The secondary characters are as well developed as the hero and heroine and I’m anxious to read more from this series. I did not read book one but was not lost at all as this gives us all the information we need to move forward.