Red Coat Diaries, Volume II: More True Stories from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Red Coat Diaries, Volume II: More True Stories from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police

by Aaron Sheedy


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ISBN-13: 9781771611534
Publisher: Mosaic Press NY
Publication date: 10/20/2015
Pages: 200
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Aaron Sheedy, the editor of Red Coat Diaries, has been a member of the RCMP for over a decade. He has served with several different detachments and is compiled both volumes in the Red Coat Diaries series.

Table of Contents

Foreword Commissioner Bev Busson (Ret.) ix

Acknowledgments xiii

Part I Breaking Ground

Bathtubs and Batons - Constable Connie Pinnegar, née Smith (Ret.) 3

A Mountie's Italian Connection - Sergeant Regina A. Marini 6

Emergency Response TEAM - Sergeant Valerie Brooks 12

From City GIRL TO Bush Woman - Sergeant Regina A. Marini 21

I'm Posted Where?! - Sergeant Rhonda Leigh 24

#Gdivtravels: A Civilian Member Explores the Northwest Territories - Jean C. Turner, Civilian Member 32

It's 2014! What Do You Mean I'm the Only Female? - Constable Jennifer Dowden 38

My First Posting - Corporal Louise Savard 43

The Gift of Inuuqatigiitsiarniq - Sergeant Yvonne H. Niego 46

The Head Turner - Corporal Donna Morse, née Burns (Ret.) 50

No Prince Charming - Inspector Ruth Roy 53

The Kick in - Sergeant Andrea Hooper Rhodes (Ret.) 57

Captain - Corporal Veronica S.E. Fox 62

Part II Balance

Adam's Story - Sometimes You Never Forget A Name - Sergeant Stephanie Ashton 73

A Change of Plans - Corporal Dawn Metallic 78

CAGED - Corporal Anette Martin (Ret.) 84

Little Brandan - Forever my Little Hero - Sergeant Regina A. Marini 88

Defining Moments - Corporal Heather Dickinson 91

Confirmation - Corporal Veronica ST. Fox 96

Peacekeeping Jane - Sergeant Jane Boissonneault 101

Hope Collides - Constable April Dequanne 106

Lady with the Rose - Corporal Veronica S.E. Fox 109

All Work, No Pay - Auxiliary Constable Tammy Graham, Civilian Member 116

Pride in Uniform - Sergeant Penny Hermann 123

Part III Nowhere Near Ordinary

Boating 101 - Constable Christy Veenstra 131

Cortez-Staff Sergeant Nav Hothi 135

Duck and Cover - Corporal Veronica S.E. Fox 141

The Home Team - Constable April Dequanne 145

Flight - Constable Sarah Leslie 149

Zone Partners - Corporal Donna Morse, nee Burns (Ret.) 152

Maqua the Bear - Inspector Jim Potts (Ret.), Elder 154

Penelope P. Enroute to Market - Chief Superintendent Ruby Burns (Ret.) 158

A Well Tailored Man - Constable Adriana Peralta, née O'Malley 162

The Quest - Corporal Veronica S.E. Fox 166

The Small Running Shoe Caper with Big Rewards - Sergeant Regina A. Marini 173

The City Slicker Meets Her Match - Sergeant Mia Poscente 176

Zero Avenue - Corporal Donna Morse, née Burns (Ret.) 180

Prime Dust Up - Constable Tammy Um 184

Standoff - Constable Constance Henderson 186

Thailand - Staff Sergeant Nav Hothi 191

Editor Biographies 197

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