Red-fleshed Peaches

Red-fleshed Peaches

by C Thornton


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Red-fleshed peaches are far rarer than the white-fleshed or yellow-fleshed types. In some countries they are almost impossible to find. How they spread from China to other parts of the world is an interesting story, partially shrouded in mystery.
Their colour sets these fruits apart - the deep ruby shade of their flesh make them spectacular additions to recipes. Their flavour, too, is unique. Moreover, red-fleshed peaches have numerous health benefits. Rich in antioxidant anthocyanins and flavonoids, they possess qualities that both heal and protect the human body.

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Publication date: 05/31/2015
Pages: 134
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Table of Contents

Introduction xi

About Rare and Heritage Fruit 1

About Peaches 11

Red-fleshed Peaches in France 23

Red-fleshed Peaches in New Zealand 31

Red-fleshed Peaches in Africa 37

Red-fleshed Peaches in the USA 39

Red-fleshed Peaches in Australia 49

About Pleaches 61

Red-fleshed Peach Recipes 63

Desserts 64

Iced Desserts 74

Flans and Tarts 78

Cakes and Slices 91

Drinks 93

Preserves, Conserves and Pickles 95

Savoury Dishes and Salads 103

Red-fleshed Peach Liqueur 108

Index .................. ........112

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