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Red Hook (Artie Cohen Series #6)

Red Hook (Artie Cohen Series #6)

4.6 3
by Reggie Nadelson

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Several months have passed since the tragedy enacted in Disturbed Earth. Artie Cohen has just married Maxine and is about to take time out of the city with her when two events pull him back: the apparent murder of a friend, and the appearance of his former girlfriend, Lily, their break-up never fully resolved. Through her great skills as a storyteller


Several months have passed since the tragedy enacted in Disturbed Earth. Artie Cohen has just married Maxine and is about to take time out of the city with her when two events pull him back: the apparent murder of a friend, and the appearance of his former girlfriend, Lily, their break-up never fully resolved. Through her great skills as a storyteller and creator of memorable characters, Reggie Nadelson weaves a thrilling tale of deception, while bringing to ever-greater life her protagonist, Artie Cohen—deeply flawed and deeply human.

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
Nadelson's strong sixth Artie Cohen whodunit (after 2005's The Disturbed Earth) depicts a grim and gritty post-9/11 New York City faced with new fears of terrorism aimed at disrupting the 2004 Republican National Convention. As Cohen, an NYPD detective who grew up in the Soviet Union, prepares to marry, he receives cryptic requests for help from an old friend, Sid McKay, a respected reporter who has become increasingly disillusioned with the corruption of the American news media. Cohen imperils his personal happiness by going the extra mile for McKay, delving into a complicated world of terrorism, the Russian underworld and real estate speculation. Tragically, Cohen's efforts can't prevent McKay's murder. The author continues to raise the stakes for her three-dimensional hero and shows every sign of having many more compelling stories to tell. (Oct.) Copyright 2006 Reed Business Information.
Library Journal
Nadelson's sixth Artie Cohen novel (after Disturbed Earth) opens as the 2004 Republican National Convention takes over New York City. About to go on his honeymoon, the newly married Artie is delayed by the murder of his friend, Sid McKay, who had thought he was being stalked but would not say what frightened him. While he obsesses over Sid's death, believing himself responsible because he did not do more to help his friend, Artie's new marriage goes down the tubes. Nadelson's sparse, staccato prose captures the rhythm of New York City in the same manner as William J. Caunitz and Michael Jahn. Nadelson is also the author of the recently published biography of Soviet rock idol Dean Reed, Comrade Rockstar, which has just been optioned by Tom Hanks. Copyright 2006 Reed Business Information.
Kirkus Reviews
Marriage brings little joy to Artie Cohen, NYPD. He packs his new bride off to New Jersey while he searches the Brooklyn waterfront for an old friend's killer. There's zero chemistry between Artie Cohen (Disturbed Earth, 2005, etc.)-who tortures himself daily over his old life in Russia, his Alzheimer's-stricken mother in Israel, his lost love Lily Hanes and the sadness he finds in people everywhere-and blandly cheerful Maxine Crabbe, who, undaunted by the loss of her fire-captain husband at the World Trade Center, longs to buy a condo in lower Manhattan. They spend little time together at the lavish wedding party mega-mogul Tolya Sverdloff throws them before Maxine leaves for the Jersey shore with twin daughters Millie and Maria. Promising to join them, Artie first slopes off to Red Hook to marvel at the gentrification of the old warehouses and look in on retired reporter Sid McKay, who sends him urgent messages, then refuses to elaborate before he's beaten to death. Artie puts Maxine off repeatedly while he chats with high-fliers at fancy clubs, prowls Brighton Beach to find the crazy Russian lady who sells tamales at soccer games, probes Tolya's deal to buy part of the old High Line and moons over Lily at their favorite Chinese bar, exposing the dark side of the human soul and the upside of downtown real estate while his inquiry lumbers on. Big Apple navel-gazing at its glummest.
From the Publisher

“Anyone afraid that American culture is turning homogenized and denatured need only visit the vital, layered immigrant neighborhoods in the "archipelago" --Reggie Nadelson's word --of New York City...The amazing Nadelson ... can't write a character who doesn't charge off the page.” —Richard Lipez, Washington Post

“Psychologically complex ...Nadelson pulls few punches, and the final revelation is a genuine shocker--a rare accomplishment in crime fiction these days.” —Publishers Weekly, starred review

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Walker & Company
Publication date:
Artie Cohen Series , #6
Edition description:
First Edition
Product dimensions:
5.28(w) x 8.55(h) x 0.95(d)

Meet the Author

A journalist and documentary filmmaker, Reggie Nadelson is the author of five previous Artie Cohen novels: Disturbed Earth, Red Hot Blues, Hot Poppies, Bloody London, and Sex Dolls. Comrade Rockstar, her biography of Dean Reed, the American émigré who became the biggest rock star in the Soviet Union, is under option to Tom Hanks. Born in Greenwich Village, Nadelson now lives in downtown Manhattan.

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Red Hook (Artie Cohen Series #6) 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
harstan More than 1 year ago
In 2004 as the Republican National Convention prepares to begin in New York City, NYPD and the Feds worry about terrorist activity. Department Detective Artie Cohen, born in the Soviet Union but a local for twenty-five years, feels optimistic with blues skies smiling at him as he is getting married to his beloved Maxine Crabbe and while Republicans will own Manhattan he will be honeymooning. --- However his blue skies turn cloudy not due to the Bushian led invasion, but instead because his long time friend reporter Sid McKay calls him a couple of times with cryptic messages that seem to call for help and overtly accuse the news media of pampering corruption especially covering the administration. Only for Sid would Artie dig even a little into the connection between the Russian mafia and a questionable real estate deal as he is about to leave town on his honeymoon. However, when someone kills Sid, Artie needs to learn who and especially why, but unraveling the truth also opens information about his late close friend that Artie does not want to know. --- Artie is at his best as he runs the City from Hunts Point in the Bronx to Red Hook in Brooklyn and a few stops in Manhattan. He is at his best as this investigation has turned personal at a time when he was euphoric but as he digs deep into the Sid scenario, he becomes sad and depressed. The story line hooks readers from the moment that Artie finds Sid and keeps readers' attention until the final altercation in the harbor. Artie is in top form as he behaves more like a noir star than a cop as he unravels truths that remind him of his heritage as much as solving who killed Sid. --- Harriet Klausner