The Red Siren

The Red Siren

by MaryLu Tyndall
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The Red Siren by MaryLu Tyndall

You'll be swept away in this historical romance by bestselling author MaryLu Tyndall. Faith Westcott is a lady by day and a pirate by night. Can she garner the riches she so desperately needs before her secret is revealed? Captain Dajon Waite is determined to catch the fiery redhead who has been pillaging the Carolina coast. When Faith invites his courtship, she hopes his infatuation will shield her true identity and keep other suitors at bay. Can the love of a godly captain win her heart, or will she be forced to marry Sir Wilhelm Carteret, a man obsessed with taking her to wife?

The Charles Towne Belles Series:
Book 1 - The Red Siren
Book 2 - The Blue Enchantress
Book 3 - The Raven Saint

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ISBN-13: 9780990872337
Publisher: Ransom Press
Publication date: 11/22/2014
Pages: 344
Sales rank: 748,687
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

MaryLu Tyndall, a Christy Award finalist and bestselling author of the Legacy of the King’s Pirates series, is known for her adventurous historical romances filled with deep spiritual themes. She holds a degree in math and worked as a software engineer for fifteen years before testing the waters as a writer. MaryLu currently writes full time and makes her home on the California coast with her husband, six kids, and four cats. Her passion is to write page-turning, romantic adventures that not only entertain but open people’s eyes to their God-given potential. MaryLu is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers and Romance Writers of America.

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The Red Siren 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 32 reviews.
Daughter_of_the_King More than 1 year ago
The Red Siren is a wonderfully written tale of a woman pirate, a Navy captain, and their struggles with God and each other. Filled with suspense, romance, laughter, devious plots, fun-filled afternoons, and chases across the sea, it is everything I could want in a book. Once I started reading it I could not put it down. I highly encourage you to read The Red Siren, and all of MaryLu's books.
cholesommers More than 1 year ago
M.L. Tyndall has done it again! The Red Siren captivated me from the first chapter and didn¿t let go until the story was told and I am now left waiting for the 2nd book in Charles Towne Belles series. I took an instant liking to Faith with her fiery personality, her go getter attitude and her willingness to fight against all odds. I found it very interesting how she could face down an enemy on sea with no fear evident, but it was fear that drove her to risk everything in her life to become The Red Siren. Her sisters added great interest and humor to the story and I found myself wondering how Tyndall will develop these two throughout the series. I truly enjoyed the twists and turns, it will keep you guessing until the end.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The Red Siren is a novel that takes you on a trip of faith, action, romance, and trust. As I started reading The Red Siren it started off a little slower than some of M.L. Tyndall¿s other books. However, after pushing forward the book grabs your interest and it cannot be put down.

Faith Westcott has watched her sisters married off to womanizing men merely because of their titles. Being of a strong will, she is determined that this will not happen to her. So what does she do? She is a lady by day and a pirate by night. She sets out to obtain her own wealth so that her and her sisters do not have to depend on any man.

Captain Dajon Waite is a responsible, handsome, brave and God-fearing man. The total opposite of Faith Westcott. When Captain Dajon Waite life is destroyed by the infamous pirate known as ¿The Red Siren¿, he vows to bring her to justice. However, this may be very difficult if he falls in love with her.

The Red Siren is one of the wonderful books that will take you away to a far away time and place. You will not want to put it down and till the last page is read. I highly recommend The Red Siren.
sheriberry02 More than 1 year ago
Wow, what a fantastic book. The first word that comes to mind is ACTION. Lots of action! Lots of adventure and a romance story thrown into the mix! I stayed up late to read it all in one sitting.

Faith Wescott, a fiery redhead, gives Dajon Waite a run for his money when her father leaves him as custodian over her and her two sisters. Faith is larger than life in this book. She is a lady by day and pirate by night! What a story! At times you want to grab her around the throat and throttle her and then other times you are cheering her on. Faith is a woman of incredible bravery and loyalty, but she does have a major flaw. Well, make that two major flaws - first, she has rejected God, not believing that He cares. And second - she has an almost hatred of all men, believing that all men are just controlling creatures with no true regard for women.
Enter, Dajon Waite. What a guy! He is responsible, brave, handsome :o) , and a God-fearing man. Almost a complete opposite of Faith, except for one thing - Dajon has a secret too. However, his secret may well destroy his career and the trust that he finally gains from Faith.
A true clash of the wills, The Red Siren, will keep you turning the pages faster and faster until the very last.
I loved it and highly recommend it to all!
cherryblossommj More than 1 year ago
Upon starting this novel, I was not completely enthralled with the character of Faith. She is independent, and feminist, and arrogant. After learning her background and coming to understand her plight I was able to allow her into my heart more. My first adventure with MaryLu Tyndall's The Falcon and the Sparrow was able to show me that MaryLu was a fabulous story teller. This book was able to show me that I want more and more and that the story is not long enough. I have not yet read her original pirate series, but now I must, as well as I cannot wait for the next in the Charles Towne Belle Series to come out.

This book brings us three sisters with very different lives, a naval officer with a past but a present and future guided by God, as well as two ex-slaves that are learning more about love and family than they knew in their years before. The author truly brings to life realistic characters that make you smile and make you cringe. From the First Mate who does not know what he wants to the heir or the city who is a pompous fool. There is hope and a light for all people, it just depends on if you are strong enough to look for it.

It took a couple chapters, but once I was sucked in, and curious for more, I could not stop turning the pages until I found out what would happen next. At each turn of events and situation I had no clue as to how anything could possibly work out and I was pleasantly surprised through out the entire journey to be thoroughly entertained and educated in the pirate and naval world of early Charles Towne, Carolina.

I highly recommend this story as well as anything else by MaryLu (M.L.) Tyndall and other related authors as well such as Kathleen Y'Barbo. Go read it. You will not be disappointed!
harstan More than 1 year ago
Outraged that with her father away, her sister Charity was forced to marry an abusive man, Faith Westcott vows never her and if she can help it and never her two other sisters Grace and Hope too. During the day she is a lady charming the ton, but at night she becomes a notorious pirate bringing in needed loot to keep the abusers away.

British naval officer Captain Dajon White leaves his patrolling of Coastal Carolina for home because he has an obligation there. Off of Portsmouth, England, he rescues Faith only to have her take over his ship. Ashamed as the Lady Em was his father¿s gem, Dajon vows to hunt down the she pirate who humiliated him and all other pirates. However, first he must deal with the obligation of taking guardianship of the unmarried Westcott siblings.

Though the plot of a sea pirate besting a male at sea is not new, fans will fully appreciate the fine opening Charles Town Belles¿ tale. Faith is an interesting lead character as she lost her faith in God with what happened to Charity and has turned to piracy to keep it from happening to her and her other sisters. Dajon has family issues too as he feels he fails to live up to his father¿s reputation. Known for her buccaneer historical romances, M. L. Tyndall provides another fine at sea thriller.

Harriet Klausner
Bookworm_Debbie More than 1 year ago
This is an incredible historical romance! I quickly became caught up in the story of heartaches that Faith and her sisters had been through. I understood her desire to provide a safe place for all of them where they would be provided for. Faith had one major shortcoming though, just like most of us. She felt it was all up to her to take care of them. She was an incredibly strong and resourceful woman, especially given the fact that it is only 1718. As the book progresses we slowly learn about Dajon’s past and what has brought him to the Carolina coast. He has decided that the only way to redeem a past mistake is to be perfect at following all the rules of both God and man. I loved both of these characters and was captivated by their journey as they both learned about God and His grace and forgiveness. There were wonderful twists to the story and I wasn’t sure how things were going to work out until the very end. I am looking forward to reading the other books in this series.
Danielle_Johnson1 More than 1 year ago
Loved this book. It kept you in suspense until they end! There was really never a dull moment. I Loved the main character Faith! She was passionate about everything! She was determined to get what she wanted. There was only the one obstacle and that was the Captain Dajon Waite. He was just as determined. These characters were wonderful! There were challenges that seemed to bring them closer together and tear them apart at the same time. I really enjoyed how Faith tried her best to take care of her sisters despite everything!
StaceyNV More than 1 year ago
I would like to extend a heartfelt “Thank you” to M.L. Tyndall and her publisher for sending me a copy of "The Red Siren" to review for them. I have always been grateful for this generosity, but haven’t been very consistent in taking the time to thank them in a public forum. I really appreciate your time, effort and expense in making a reviewer copy available to me. "The Red Siren" does not disappoint! Although this novel begins a bit slower than M.L. Tyndall's other swashbuckling efforts, the pace steadily pushes forward to reveal a wonderful romantic adventure. I eagerly await future novels in this series! Faith is leading a double life. She is the self-appointed caregiver to her two younger sisters and a confirmed bachelorette as well as an infamous pirate known as "The Red Siren". When Dajon's life is destroyed by this beautiful buccaneer, he vows to bring her to justice. But this may become difficult if he falls in love with her.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The Red Siren is the first book in The Charles Towne Belles series. Faith has given up faith and taken up pirating the seas to support her sisters. Faith cannot stand the thought of any more of her sisters marrying evil men, men they do not love. Dajon has been humiliated and cast away by his family, and his goal is to be successful and capture the female pirate who stole his ship. Faith and Dajon meet and he is put in charge of their protection. They start to fall in love. What happens when Dajon finds out the woman he loves isn't what she appears? I liked this book a lot. Faith almost wants independence too much, and Dajon is trying too hard to fix the past instead of living in the present. This book brings many emotions as the pages are turned. It’s a very enjoyable read. I would know--I've read the book three times.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Filled with loyalty and love, betrayal and pain, The Red Siren weaves an exciting story of a desperate lady pirate, and a handsome pirate-catcher. who somehow manage to fall in love. While faithless Faith Westcott tries to protect her younger sisters-one frivolous and the other selfless-and slowly earns money for their future by being a pirate; Captain Dajon Waite watches over all three Westcott sisters, and searches diligently for the lady pirate raiding the seas. Little do either know what God has in store for them. The Red Siren was an entertaining read, and I do recommend it, as well as the next two books in the series.
Broadwayphan902 More than 1 year ago
I think that this is a great book! It was a wonderful start to the Charles Towne Bells series and left me wanting more of the wonderful characters. Faith is headstrong, determined, and brave, and a wonderful heroine. She loves her sisters so much that she resorts to piracy so they don't have to marry cruel men. Dajon was also a great main character that I liked a lot. I found many characters with a variety of different characters just as I would in real life and I found it amazing. I realized I was anxious to see Faith's fate. I would definitely recommend this good book to all of my friends.
Chaplain-Debbie_777 More than 1 year ago
This novel was so enjoyable. I mean, come on, a lady pirate! You will fall in love with Faith and Dajon. Their story is so bold and wonderful, you will feel like you are right there with them. Come along on the adventure of a lifetime! See God's power move in the lives of two unsuspecting people. This is part of a trilogy, so be prepared to buy two more novels after this one. You won't be able to stop yourself!
Queen_Lizzie More than 1 year ago
This was a well written book. I loved that she was the bad guy, but with good intentions. It is a change. She was in charge of her life, and she had a reason for all of the stuff she was doing. In the end, I wished that I could have the kind of faith and courage that she had! Another good one by MaryLu Tyndall!
CinnamonG More than 1 year ago
Most people would probably think that a story about a girl who dresses up as a man and sails about at sea as the captain of a pirate ship only to return home to live as a respectable daughter and sister in the American colonies, would be an unbelievable story, but Faith Wescott does all these things, and The Red Siren still is a very believable story! Faith is an outstanding heroine, and her adventures and romance are well worth reading. Once you read this book, you'll have to read the rest of the trilogy!
Jutzie More than 1 year ago
The Red Siren by M.L. Tyndall is the first in the Charles Towne Belles series. The second book is The Blue Enchantress and the third is The Raven Saint. The books are about three sisters: Faith, Hope & Grace Wescott. They have an older sister who is married and still in England, her name is Charity. Their father is an Admiral in the Royal Navy and spends more time at sea then with his family. Their mother died in childbirth. As she lay dying she asked Faith to take care of her sisters. A request that Faith would do anything to accomplish. Faith Wescott would not allow her sisters to be sold into marriages as their older sister, Charity, was. She was married to a despicable lecherous man who had his eyes set on her three sisters as well. Faith was sickened that they came to America without her older sister but was thankful to be away from her husband. Faith's father agreed if she could get enough wealth to support the three girls he would not force them into a marriage. She found that pirating was her way to do that. Dajon Waite had one chance to prove to his father he was worthwhile. He had almost made it to his destination with his cargo with the Lady Em when they seen a lady in distress on another ship. His mistake was helping her, for she was no lady but a pirate. After the disgrace of losing his ship and his father disinheriting him life went downhill unto God lifted him out of the muck and gave him a new chance. Now he was a captain in the British Royal Navy and he was guarding the Carolina water from pirates. Admiral Wescott asked him to watch over his three daughters as he was called out to sea on duty. Dajon tried to refuse but received orders that the Admiral already left. Sir Wilhelm Carteret had asked for Faith's hand from her father and was granted so. Faith begged to be given time to get her "soap" business going and make the money before the promise was sealed. Her father gave her until he returned, about six months. Faith is determined to find as much wealth to pirate as quickly as she can during that time. Wilhelm was not one to stand back and not get what he wanted so he plots and plans during the book. Mostly he needs to discredit Dajon. Hope keeps throwing herself at the wrong men and Grace is determined to continue her work for the Lord helping the needy. To do so she has to go through areas where Indians are a danger to people. With Faith gone on the seas as well as Dajon trying to catch the pirate known as The Red Siren, the two sisters are continuing to sneak out of the house sending the steward, Edwin, into nervous fits. There are many unique characters in her book. Many are imperfect making the need for redemption that much stronger. Lives are almost destroyed because of envy, greed and pride. The story is full of adventure and danger. You feel the salt water spray you on the deck of the ship and feel the gloominess of the Watch Tower dungeon.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
MaryLu Tyndall is my favorite author, and has written yet another success! The Red Siren is an awesome book full of adventure, romance, and pirates. The characters are endearing, and the plot keeps you on your toes. I found I couldn't put the book down. The story starts off with Faith Westcott and the lowly merchant's son Dajon Waite. From the start Faith and Dajon butt heads. Five years later, things haven't changed, but, Mr. Waite is now an intimdating captain of the British Navy. Faith is willing to do anything to save her sisters from destitution and marriage. Throughout the story Faith has to be very careful of her next moves. She's a lady pirate, after all, and Dajon is keeping a very wathful eye on her! This story will keep you wanting to turn the next page.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Jasmyn9 More than 1 year ago
What would you do if you were a girl in colonial America faced with a tough choice? The choice between allowing your father to give you away in marriage to horrible men, or find a way to support yourself. Today that choice would be easy, but in Faith Westcott's time, her options seemed limited. She had to find a way to save not only herself, but her two sisters from what she saw as the horrible fate of marriages that they had no say in. Her choice to try and raise money is an interesting one. She turns to piracy...with the stable hand as her first mate and loud mouth parrot along for the ride. Few people believe the tales of the fiery red haired captain, the temptress that lures ships to their doom, know only as the Red Siren. But Lt. Dajon Waite has had a run in with her in the past, where she took everything from him, and now he eagerly looks forward to laying his trap to capture her. Faith beats Dajon at every turn. On the sea and on the land, she leads him in a merry chase that somehow ends up turning into a romance. But what will happen if he ever finds out that she slips to the seas at night to steal from the heavy merchant ships as they come into port?
Justpeachy1 More than 1 year ago
My Synopsis: The Red Siren is the first book in the Charles Towne Belle Series by Marylu Tyndall The Red Siren is a historical romance with a pirate twist. Captain Dajon Waite has been requested by Admiral Westcott to oversee the care of his three daughters while he is called away on a lengthy journey. Little does he know that Faith Westcott, the eldest daughter is the infamous lady pirate, and captain of The Red Siren, a ship she stole from Dajon himself. The attraction that Dajon and Faith feel for each other begins to deepen right along with Dajon's suspicions about Faith. Faith tries desperately to hide the fact that she is a pirate by night and must accumulate a certain amount of wealth if she is protect herself and her sisters from a life she will not allow. Her faith has been tested by the death of her mother and the cruelty her sisters have been subjected to. Will she find peace? Will Dajon make the right choice when he is faced with choosing to follow the rules or follow his heart? Read and find out... My Thoughts: Tyndall's choice of a lady pirate for the heroine of this book was genius. I have read several novels with a pirate as the lead character but very few of them were women. She develops the character of Faith Westcott with finesse. She is pirate, but not a bad pirate. She is only doing this to protect herself and her sisters from arranged marriages that lack love and often involve cruelty. It allows the reader to see her as a strong woman, but also one with a sense of honor, albeit one that is a little askew. Her struggle with her faith only deepens the idea that though she is flawed she can find redemption. The character of Dajon Waite represents safety and security. He is a rule follower. The reader will identify with the fact that he is trying to right past wrongs by doing what he feels is right. It is interesting to see how his character comes to realize that following the rules may not always mean doing what others expect or think is correct. I liked this book a lot. I loved the way that the writer developed all the characters including Molly and Lucas, servants in the Westcott home. Mr. Borland the jealous commander and Lord Falkland the errant suitor. The sisters, Hope and Faith also add a great deal to the story as Tyndall sets up the Charles Towne Belle series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Prolificreader More than 1 year ago
When you read the description of this book, it evokes the notion of "a lady pirate, how can that be a story line with a ring of truth?" But this story is not far fetched. Faith Westcott is struggling against God and man. Her father has no love to lavish and spends his time at sea, leaving his three daughters to their own devices, until a godly captain is asked to step in and be their guardian while their father is away for an extended time. The battles that ensue do not always include pistols and swords, but the struggles against the love of God. The devilishly handsome Captain Dajon Waite tries to help Faith see her spiritual faults all the while falling in love with the pirate he is trying to catch. This book was riveting- a story like all the rest of Tyndall's books. Truly excellent- a story that will keep you up late and anxious to return, a wonderful escape. It's filled with intrigue and adventure, but this author knows the delicate balance between too much adventure and the human emotions. The scale is balanced and a grand "huzza" is raised when you close the book. But you will certainly want to hurry and purchase The Blue Enchantress (book 2) it follows quickly on the heels of The Red Siren.
Faithf More than 1 year ago
The Christy Award finalist has returned to her beloved sea and pirate novels. As if to reflect her homecoming, the title of Tyndall's newest novel returns to the name of a ship: The Red Siren. The Lady Em is a merchant vessel returning from the Gold Coast with a load of Ivory, gold and pepper. After surviving the African pirate-infested waters of 1713 all the way to Portsmouth England, Captain Dajon Waite encounters a burning ship. This son of a successful merchant seeking Dad's approval ignores his father's standing rule-stop for no reason-when he gives orders to assist the smoking vessel, and save a seemingly distressed red-headed beauty on deck. After all, no sane pirates would work the British navy's home waters. The red-head turns out to be a pirate captain, whose gimmick is feigning trouble with a smoking burn-barrel on deck, tricking merchants into pulling alongside for the raiding. Not only is Dajon's cargo pillaged, the Lady Em is transformed into the pirate's newest ship. While the action pacing of Tyndall's fifth novel is more sedate than her rollercoaster Legacy of the King's Pirates trilogy, all of the above takes place in Chapter one. Disgraced but still called by the sea, Dajon Waite joins the navy. By 1718 he has become a Christian and is captain of the HMS Enforcer, assigned to protect New World waters off the Carolina coast. Hungry for promotion, Waite is also charged with a personal favor for Charles Towne resident Admiral Westcott: protect his three lovely daughters while Daddy's ordered to sea. Faith Westcott, the eldest daughter and a red-head, captures Dajon's eye. Dajon fails to recognize Faith as the woman pirate who stole the Lady Em. Charles Towne rumors of The Red Siren and her red-headed woman-pirate captain plundering their waters fuel Captain Waite's search, and our woman pirate hides her true identity as long as possible. Tyndall, as usual, satisfies fans of character and plot driven fiction. Even though the New World setting is sixty years before the Revolutionary War, readers find themselves in scenes reminiscent of movies like The Patriot and Pirates of the Caribbean thanks to Tyndall's vivid description. Waite is driven mad by red-heads of the weaker sex. The reader is driven onward by secrets dredged up by the antagonist-a powerful local lord accustomed to getting what he wants. While Sir Wilhelm's Machiavellian plans must be overcome, the real action in The Red Siren are the struggles that Tyndall's heroes fight within themselves. While Barbour Publishing insists on shelving Tyndall's incredible fiction on the romance shelf, alternate history fans would love her literary art. Just like the Legacy of the King's Pirates trilogy, if The Red Siren is romance, so is Robin Hood. Maid Marion wishes she was half the swordswoman Faith Westcott is. If this novel doesn't land M.L. Tyndall a Christy Award, it will be a travesty of literature.