Red Snow (A Loose Cannon Novel)

Red Snow (A Loose Cannon Novel)

by W.S. Greer
4.5 2

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Red Snow (A Loose Cannon Novel) 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
naturalbri More than 1 year ago
I must say I am very intrigued by the brash and detailed writing style Greer engaged in this book. I am new to this author and went in hoping for brilliance, and I was not let down. I know part of the straight-forward, brash and something lewd writing was based round the main character, as that was his personality. In my mind that made the story! I liked that the author went the extra mile to really pop the characters main characteristics. It felt as though we were connecting with the person and really getting to know his true side. However, we were given a huge surprise when the author gave us a major twist and had the detective get lost on his journey. He's never npfailed to get the job done and has never let action get in the way of his work, no matter who she was, but he's never met one like this one. The Wild and very sexy turn we took threw me and in a brilliant way. The cocky man was thrown away and out came this new man, the one who was hidden all along. The author gave us depth beyond the norm and really creates characters who were levels of unique personality points and unexpected behaviour, just like real life. I loved it. Then we had the excellent pace. We were thrown through a whirl of sex, devious and cocky behaviour, slowed right up as we passed by the epic woman to catch his eye and then thrown straight back in the deep end, as we saw where that led. I liked it. It wS sexy, spicy and very exciting. I liked that I was always kept on my toes, waiting and wondering where we would be taken next. I highly highly recommend this read and cannot wait to read more by this author. **I was given this book for free and voluntarily provided my honest and unbiased review.
lisnaupet More than 1 year ago
Jarrod Granger is a homicide detective in Anchorage Alaska. He is great at his job, great in bed, but he doesn't have much of a love life. His devotion is to the job and it lost him the love of his life. This story is about Jarrod's hunt for the Snowman Killer and, hopefully, the return of his ex - Stacey. Red Snow is an overall good read. There are some violent parts but that is to be expected with a serial killer/murder story. WS Greer paints a vivid picture whether he is describing Jarrod's sex moves or the finding of the bodies of the Snowman's victims. Told almost entirely from Jarrod's POV, Greer gets into his hero's head while Jarrod unravels the mystery of a killer and when he is trying to reconcile his feelings about losing Stacey. This is a realistic view of a homicide detective's life. Gritty and in your face. Jarrod is an arrogant, slightly over-the-top guy who gets the job done. The surrounding characters, such as Jarrod's partner Marcus, his boss Danielle and his friend with very sexy benefits Brandi are well written and make the story all the more interesting. The Snowman Killer is also a very detailed and well rounded character. This is the only other character whose POV we see and he has problems. A devious, mentally unstable guy, he is for perfect foils for Jarrod's tarnished hero Definitely not a romance but a really good thriller of a book.