Red Stone Security Series Box Set: Volume 4

Red Stone Security Series Box Set: Volume 4

by Katie Reus
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Red Stone Security Series Box Set: Volume 4 by Katie Reus

Sexy. Sinful. Suspense. Sparks fly and so do bullets in the USA Today bestselling Red Stone Security Series! This collection includes the following three romantic suspense titles by Katie Reus:

Deadly Fallout

Zoe's stalker has been murdered, but now she's in more danger than ever before. Former Navy SEAL Sawyer McCabe might not know the gorgeous Dr. Hansen as well as he wants to, but he knows all about trouble. So when Zoe is threatened, he steps in to help her regardless of the consequences. But it's not enough to escape a determined killer. As the danger closes in they have to trust each other if they want to stay alive. And Sawyer's determined to do whatever it takes to keep Zoe safe and in his arms. Because Zoe is worth risking everything for.

Sworn to Protect

Quinn's worst mistake was walking away from sweet, sexy Athena when he learned she was a virgin. Now his past has come back to haunt him. The man Quinn put behind bars has been released from prison and is out for blood. Quinn took years of the man's life and helped his abused wife flee so now the ex-con is hellbent on using Athena to make Quinn pay. Refusing to lose her again, Quinn will do anything to save her. Even if it means risking both his life and his heart.

Secret Obsession

Since she moved to Miami, Raegan Taylor has wanted Ford Burke-a sexy and rugged cop. He's everything she's ever wanted. Unfortunately for her, he's kept his distance. But when a night out goes extremely wrong, his protective instincts kick into high gear, and he finds himself fighting for her in more ways than one. Because someone else wants Raegan-and if he can't have her-nobody can. He's waiting. He's watching. He's lurking. Ready to strike. He'll make her his. He'll take down anyone who gets in his way-even a cop.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781942447801
Publisher: Katie Reus
Publication date: 08/06/2016
Series: Red Stone Security
Pages: 402
Sales rank: 500,650
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.89(d)

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Red Stone Security Series Box Set: Volume 4 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
gigiluvsbooks More than 1 year ago
Deadly Fallout This series is great for me because I get a little action, a little mystery and a whole lot of romance in a novella. I love this series because I can get a great fix in a short story that leaves me satisfied at the end. Now this is book ten of the Red Stone Security series, but like the others in the series it is self contained. We do get to catch and read about others from past stories but it does not make the story confusing or hard to read. I liked that both Zoe and Sawyer are smart characters, especially Zoe. She is a doctor and when things start to go bad she is smart about how she handles the situations. The sexiness between Sawyer and Zoe is exciting and very hot. A really great series, that keeps the action and romance going until the very end. 4Stars Sworn to Protect Are we sure this was 200 pages? It went so fast, I swear it seems I just started reading it and it was over. It was a very good story, just what we come to expect from this series, sizzling romance and a action-packed story. Quinn was kind of an a** when he walked away from Athena before. I get he was scared, but at least he had the common sense to try and get her back. If I was Athena, I would have made him work a little Quinn really is a stand-up guy, the whole action/suspense is because he did the right thing years ago and helped out a woman in a abusive relationship. Now, that person is out of jail and wanting to get back at Quinn and unfortunately Athena gets caught in the cross-fire. But, Athena is a strong and smart girl, who uses those assets when dealing with Quinn and trouble. Both Quinn and Athena were easy characters to like and care about what was going to happen to them. Part of the story is set in Vegas, so we get a cross-over with some of the Serfina series gang. That was a nice surprise. This the 11th in the series but it is easily stand-alone. Another, great suspenseful romance! 4Stars Secret Obsession Another Katie Reus book where we get double the romance! Even though this is mainly Raegan and Ford's story we also get the story of Ruby and Montez. Both are really heartfelt and super sexy. Though it is Raegan and Ford's story, I think Ruby and Montez stole the show a little bit. They were good for some fun and sexy mixed into the drama surrounding Raegan and hopefully we will see more of them. Now, onto Raegan and Ford... I really liked that there was an age difference between these two, for me it gave a little more to the story. A little taste of the forbidden, even though both are way over the age of consent, I liked the difference. Then when Ford screws up it shows sometimes age does not matter and even the older of the two can make mistakes and have more baggage than someone younger. Another thing I thought the author did really well was the villain. I got the creepy crawlies just thinking how the stalker almost got Raegan multiple times and how that it could really happen outside of the book...very well-done! Super sexy romantic suspense book, that I highly recommend. 4.5Stars
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Lots of romance and mystery .
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love stories when hot sexy men rescue their women from stalkers. I really enjoyed all 3 books!! Can't wait to read more of Katie's books.
booknooknuts More than 1 year ago
I have read each of these stories separate and I am including my reviews on the box set. Deadly Fallout In this book we have Zoe Hanson who is sister to Vincent. Zoe works at the ER as a surgeon and she is being harassed by one of the top surgeons. She decides to leave the hospital and goes to work at another doctors office. Well things go from bad to worse for Zoe. Now someone is after her also but who? Zoe is off to stay with her good friends and who is there? None other than Sawyer McCabe the guy Vincent got into a fight with but Zoe never knew why. Zoe is not your meek kind of woman she is strong but she is also smart and knows she needs help. Sawyer is determined to rescue her and her heart if she will allow it. Another winner for Red Stone Security and Katie Reus. I absolutely love this series the men are strong and the women carry a lot of strengths as well. I highly recommend this entire series to readers they are stand alones I do believe but each character goes into the next book and so on so I’d recommend you grab book #1 and go from there. Tons of action and OH so hot romance await you.. I was gifted a copy of this book for my honest review. Sworn to Protect Sworn to Protect is the next book in the fantastic Red Stone Security series. In this one we have Quinn Brody who has finally fallen for a woman. Athena is a friend of some of the other wives of the security team and Quinn took a shine to her right from the start. They dated for a few months but then he abruptly stops seeing her. Quinn has a change of heart and wants Athena but she doesn’t want him. He hurt her. When things go down hill and Athena’s life is in danger Quinn will do whatever it takes to save her life and win her heart. But will he be too late for both? Another wonderful suspense filled story by Katie Reus. I loved the action we get in this one and the chemistry between Athena and Quinn is off the charts. I was gifted a copy of this book for my honest review. Secret Obsession We met Raegan back in another story and she went through hell. So it is no secret that her cousins who are Harrison, Grant and Porter of Red Stone Securities keep her on a short leash. Their way of protecting her although it drives her insane. Ford was introduced to Raegan some time ago and has never let it be more although he is sure she wants him as much as he wants her. He is good friends with a few of the guys at Red Stone. Well all bets are off and Ford is stepping up and protecting what he wants most in life. We also get a glimpse into Ruby and Montez as their relationship starts to heat up. I enjoy this couple. We also get to hear from others in previous books in this series and I really enjoy that. So sit back, and get reading this sexy and oh so funny book. We get suspense and oh so hot romance. Awesome reading I just enjoy this series so much.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Short, sweet and sexy. Highly recommend
JoRead More than 1 year ago
I love this series and pretty much everything Katie Reus writes. I read and reviewed each story separately as the book came out and each of my reviews can be found by clicking on the link. The previous sets/books do not need to be read before starting this one as each story can be read as a stand alone. Definitely a great read and I recommend it to anyone that likes romantic suspense. Deadly Fallout Zoe and Sawyer get together trying to find out who's after her. The twist of the story was my favorite part because I thought it was going to be one thing and turns out that not only Zoe has a stalker but there are other things involved in the suspense. It was a page turning with a satisfying ending. Sworn to Protect This one was my favorite. Athena was a sweet yet mature woman who wanted to start a serious relationship with Quinn however he was not quite all the way there and leaves her. It was kind of a sweet romance with plenty of steam, sexiness, and suspense. Secret Obsession A new twist would be that of a second romance and that added plenty more to this story. The suspense of course was great but one thing that put me off on this one was that the ending felt more of a HFN and not entirely a HEA. I guess I'm too picky when it comes to my romances ;)
bouncyberthaCR More than 1 year ago
All three books of this box set can be read as standalones. Each and every one epitomizes everything I love about this authors romantic suspense offerings. Plenty of emotion, sexy times and likeable characters, whose relationships develop around a really good and suspenseful story-line. ARC generously provided in exchange for the above honest review.
Barbara_Jones More than 1 year ago
Grab your copy and get lost in the fun. :) DEADLY FALLOUT: 5 Stars! Deadly Fallout has to be one of the best books in the series so far... and I love them all! We first meet Zoe in her brother Vincent's book, RSS #7. Dr. Zoe Hansen has a stalker, one that she knows - a medical colleague who has given the illusion to those within the hospital that he and Zoe are a couple. After constant, unseen-by-others, harassment, Zoe gets a restraining order against him and leaves that hospital for work in a private practice. Feeling at peace in her new setting with a boss she can trust and confide in, Zoe is happy until her stalker re-emerges one night at her new job. Shaken to her core, she goes to her friends Blue and Mina's house to seek comfort. After hearing the news, Red Stone Security expert and former Navy SEAL, Alexander Blue comes home with his friend, fellow Red Stone employee and former SEAL, Sawyer McCabe to protect Zoe and get to the bottom of her stalker situation. And, this is where the story really takes off! Ms. Reus gives us delightful plot twists and turns throughout this story, along with scorching hot chemistry between Zoe and Sawyer, and passion that leaps off the page! I cannot highly recommend this book enough! Bravo Ms. Reus, another red-hot page-turner in the Red Stone Security series! I look forward to spending more time with these characters in the books to come. SWORN TO PROTECT: 4 Stars! Quinn Brody is a former cop who stepped up to help an abused woman break free of her abusive husband, Quinn's boss. Now, years later having left law enforcement, Quinn works for Red Stone Security. At a company BBQ Quinn sees Athena, a new Red Stone employee and the woman he dated briefly months ago but hasn't been able to stop thinking about. Realizing ending things with Athena was a mistake, Quinn is determined to make it right and earn a second chance with her. Athena has not forgotten Quinn either but his leaving so abruptly had hurt her badly. But as Quinn works hard to win Athena back, someone from his past returns seeking revenge and he'll do whatever it takes to get back at Quinn, including targeting anyone special to him. Can Quinn identify and stop the evil from his past and keep Athena safe? Or will he lose the person most important to him, just as he's trying to get her back? SECRET OBSESSION: 4 Stars! What a fun, sexy read. Raegan Taylor, niece of Keith Caldwell-owner of Red Stone Security, has had her eye on Ford Burke for some time. Ford, Miami cop and close friend to Grant Caldwell, Raegan’s cousin, has intentionally kept his distance and fought his daily growing attraction to her out of respect for her cousin and their slight age difference. But when it seems Raegan has a stalker, or perhaps something worse, Ford is determined to keep her safe and figure out why strange things are happening. Being a part of the Caldwell/Red Stone Security family, Raegan knows the importance of caution and safety, and she cannot figure out who would want to cause her harm. Knowing that Ford is staying close to her and that he’ll do anything to keep her safe is the only thing keeping her sane! Ms. Reus delivers again with this installment of the Red Stone Security series. Suspense, intrigue, and lots of heated sexy pages make this one great read.