Red Zone

Red Zone

by Sherri Hayes


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The only thing Rebecca Carson ever wanted to do was join the FBI. Now, that was in danger because of a situation, of which she'd had little control. So when her ex-partner and mentor, Travis Hansen, calls and offers her an opportunity to help him with a job, she jumps at the chance.

Gage Daniels has made a pretty good life for himself. As a professional football player, all he has to do is ask, and most things are made available to him. This includes women. A well timed smile is usually all it takes to attract the opposite sex, especially in Nashville.

When a stalker threatens Gage, the team owner calls an old friend to help protect his star quarterback. Rebecca must work to protect Gage while staving off his advances. The last thing she wants is to be another notch on a hot shot athlete's belt.

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ISBN-13: 9781612131436
Publisher: The Writer's Coffee Shop
Publication date: 12/19/2012
Pages: 232
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.53(d)

About the Author

Sherri spent most of her childhood detesting English class. It was one of her least favorite subjects because she never seemed to fit into the standard mold. She wasn't good at spelling, or following grammar rules, and outlines made her head spin. For that reason, Sherri never imagined becoming an author.

At the age of thirty, all of that changed. After getting frustrated with the direction a television show was taking two of its characters, Sherri decided to try her hand at writing an alternate ending, and give the characters their happily ever after. By the time the story finished, it was one of the top ten read stories on the site, and her readers were encouraging her to write more.

Writing has become a creative outlet that allows her to explore a wide range of emotions, while having fun taking her characters through all the twists and turns she can create. You can find a current list of all of Sherri's books and sign up for her monthly newsletter at

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Red Zone 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
BrandeesBookEndings More than 1 year ago
4.5 stars First I want to say, while this is the second book in The Daniels Brothers Series, this book can also be read as a stand-alone read. I have not read Behind Closed Doors (book #1 YET), BUT, I definitely will be now.  I love a family saga series where books can be read as a stand-alone and then those same characters from the series make appearances in the book.  This series we will be seeing each Daniels brother having their own story – like I said, I love this!  When I finish a book, I am the type that wants to know ……then what happened.  This way, you get that little more that helps satisfy me.   As I am a fan of Sherri Hayes from reading her Finding Anna series, the rest of her books are on my to read list also.   This book would easily be enjoyed by those who love a good mystery, romance and like those sexy star-athletes in their books.   While Gage is a professional football player the story really does not overly focus on that so if you don’t like football or sports romances, you will still be fine here ;-)   The whole opposites attract thing really worked  in this book as the chemistry between Gage and Rebecca was certainly fun to watch.  Gage – NFL Star Quarterback, sexy, confident, a bit cocky, but then also thoughtful, caring and totally a family guy makes for a perfect swoon-worthy book boyfriend for you (I loved the family visit in this book – where you got to visit with past characters and get more of glimpse into future books).  Then you have Rebecca – FBI agent, reserved, dresses conservatively – way to conservatively for Gage’s liking, and she is a bit damaged from her childhood and chooses to put walls up for Gage – it should be an interesting ride for you to watch him try to knock those walls down.  Have to say, I liked having a woman being the protector in this one (girl power) it made for a little fun with Rebecca looking after the big tough football player.   Sherri did a great job with this book and I really enjoyed reading it.  Have you read this book yet? Let me know what you thought!
Dia_Pelaez More than 1 year ago
A suspenseful and equally romantic touch-down for author Sherri Hayes! In this romance novel, the two main characters are just about as different as night and day. Gage Daniel is a professional football player and a major philanderer to boot. Vanessa Carson, on the other hand, is a serious and uptight FBI agent. Who would have ever thought that they'd end up playing as a couple? First off, this is a story where the guy has the burden of proof to tip the scale in his favor and make the heroine fall in love with him. Gage Daniel's history with women certainly doesn't make that easy, and the fact that a crazy stalker of his has been keeping tabs on just about every woman he takes in his arms is downright creepy. Good thing Vanessa Carson is an FBI agent. The stalker, she could handle. The falling in love part? Doubtful. Sure, she might be attracted to him, too, but that doesn't guarantee that she'll fall for his charm without putting up a fight. I like Vanessa despite the fact that she's too uptight and serious. Truth is, I appreciate her dedication to her job as an FBI agent. As an older sister myself, I also appreciate how she stands as a pillar of support to her younger sister. She's certainly a character who has gone through so much, so you can't blame her for being the way she is. Vanessa has so many things hidden underneath the surface that only the most annoying man could probably annoy her to show a little bit of herself. Hn. Good thing Gage Daniels is very annoying. Gage Daniels on the other hand, is an entirely different business. On the surface, everybody only sees the hot-shot player both inside and outside the field. Very few people get the chance to see just what kind of man he's made of. And even fewer women get the chance to stay long enough to get to know who he really is. I like how Gage is a man of so many contradicting traits. It gives him depth as a character. Story-wise, the whole plot is nothing elaborate really, but the story-telling is engrossing. The attraction between the two characters was almost tangible. Also, I liked it every time Gage pestered Vanessa out of pure amusement. The banter between them is certainly entertaining. All in all, this one is a no-fuss, quick-reads romance story that's sure to get the reader get by on uneventful days. It has just enough suspense to keep you guessing and more than enough romance to keep you reading.
shannschoice More than 1 year ago
Gage Daniels is a professional football player with a stalker.  Rebecca Carson is an FBI agent currently on leave.  The two are brought together to help solve the mystery of who is stalking/threatening Gage Daniels. What I loved: I loved that Gage was really a great guy that had a history of many conquests.  He worked with great patience to overcome Rebecca's various obstacles to their romance.  He was such a stand-up likable guy. Gage's family was absolutely awesome. What I didn't like The author took great pains to really develop Gage's character.  Then she lets him leave the love of his life while she is still unconscious because of a possible fine?  Isn't this supposed to be a romance novel where nothing will keep the two apart?  I didn't get that at all. I have to be honest here and say that I really didn't love Rebecca's character.  She was stiff, straitlaced, passive-aggressive, and prone to create a lot more drama than was necessary.  She had to be prompted by her sister to entertain Gage's advances.  The least thing caused her to clam up, runaway, and hide in her room or outside.  And she's an FBI agent? really..... There were just elements of her character that didn't make sense.  Gage's character would frequently even request to see her push back more often.  When she did challenge him it didn't make sense.  He asked her to remove the jacket and open a few buttons on her blouse to appear as if she was an athlete's girlfriend.  She balked and then promptly did exactly what he asked.  If she was accustomed to going undercover she should have expected to dress and act differently. Another thing that bothered about the storyline was the lack of details.  There were many elements that would have added depth to the story but were glossed over.  She never full discussed her childhood and the root of her insecurities that made her want to avoid relationships.  The author could have given more detail which would have add much needed rich detail to help support the actions of Rebecca's character.  Perhaps this would have made her a little less repetitive and annoying. Rebecca and Gage have unprotected sex and literally in 2 weeks she has a result about whether she is pregnant?  It's possible but not probable couldn't she have at least waited a month or so?  Sex scenes would have been so much better with greater detail, but they were still steamy.  I would have just wished for so much more.  The story just seemed a little rushed, farfetched, and disjointed. If you can overlook some minor flaws this book is a good story just be prepared to take deep breaths, roll your eyes, and keep pushing there are enough sex scenes and other plot twists that make this book worthwhile reading.   Reviewed by Michelle for Cocktails and Books
shirley_frances More than 1 year ago
Engaging, suspenseful and romantic. Rebecca, an FBI agent who has been put on administrative leave after her latest case, is going out of her mind. While waiting to be reinstated her former partner offers her an opportunity to distract herself by helping him on his latest case - finding Gage's stalker. Gage is a famous football player. A handsome man who plays hard - both on and off the field, Gage suddenly finds himself being stalked. He refuses to believe that it's anything serious, but his boss insists that he needs protection, so he hires Rebecca's ex-partner to investigate and provide protection. Now that she has agreed to help, Rebecca has to act as Gage's girlfriend in order to keep close to Gage and keep him out of harm's way. Rebecca is everything Gage is not usually attracted to. Yes, she is beautiful and her body calls to him, but her stiffness and cold demeanor towards him is what really intrigues him. He sets out to discover if she is as composed as she seems to be and is determined to find out if he can rattle her feathers. Little does he know that with each passing day, it is his composure that it's shattered and his heart that is affected. I enjoyed this story so much. I liked that the characters were both head-strong and independent. However, both of them had a longing to connect with someone. They were both used to keeping their emotions in check, so when they felt this instant attraction to each other, each of them were determined to get over it. Obviously it didn't work and their attempts made for some great reading material. I loved the way that Sherri Hayes brought them together. Their chemistry was palpable since the moment they met, but their connection took a while to develop, which I appreciated. Sherri Hayes did a great job of engaging the reader from the beginning of the story. The romance part of the story was very enjoyable with entertaining and meaningful character interactions and lust-filled encounters. But I have to say that it was the mystery part of the story that really kept me engaged. Throughout the story I kept wondering who was behind the photos and threats and it wasn't until the very end that I managed to catch up. I found that the author did a great job with the writing by placing each and every encounter in the proper place to gain the most impact and maintain the reader properly entertained. The resolution to the plot was well executed and the ending believable. All in all, a great romantic and suspenseful read. Red Zone is the second book of the Daniels Brothers series, but it can be read as a stand alone. However, as soon as you meet Gage's family I assure you that you'll be looking for the previous book to read Chris and Elizabeth's story, which is exactly what I did. This is the first book I've read by this author and I was pleasantly surprised. I'm looking forward to reading Peter's story, Gage's older brother, his story already intrigued me and I can only imagine how the author will bring it to the page so he can find his HEA. I received this book from The Writer's Coffee Shop Publishing House through NetGalley in exchange of my honest opinion.
ReadYourWrites More than 1 year ago
This is the first book by Sherri Hayes I’ve read. It will DEFINITELY not be the last. Red Zone is the second book in the Daniels Brothers series, but you don’t have to read the first book before reading this one if you haven’t. I didn’t read the first and everything is still perfectly fine. For those readers who fell in love with Chris and Elizabeth from Behind Closed Doors, you get a little glimpse of them in this book. I love Sherri’s book dedication. She dedicated the book to her dad, who helped her develope a love of football. That’s something I can totally relate to. Gage Lucas Daniels is the cocky quarterback for a professional Nashville football team. He’s young and successful and can have any woman he wants. Well, actually, he has quite a few women, which leads to him having a stalker. Rebecca Carson is a straight-laced, by the book, FBI agent, who investigates missing children. After her last case went south, she’s on administrative leave, sitting at home bored out of her mind waiting to be reinstated. Rebecca and Gage are introduced to each other by Travis Hansen, who was Rebecca’s former FBI partner and mentor. Rebecca and Travis were hired by Timothy Donovan, the owner of the team Gage plays for, after he discovers the stalker has upped the ante against Gage. In order to catch the stalker and protect Gage, Rebecca has to pretend to be his girlfriend. From the beginning, Gage was attracted to Rebecca and tried to hit on her and it did not work. Rebecca did her best to not show any interest in Gage, even though they both knew that she was. But of course with his good looks and cockiness, he won her over with a little help from Rebecca’s sister Megan. Figuring out the stalker's identity was pretty easy after the person was introduced. I, for one, got the feeling something was off. But the reason why Gage was being stalked in the first place and the events which transpired afterwards were not things I expected. I love watching characters grow. Gage isn’t really the cocky guy he likes everyone to think he is. He truly has a heart of gold for his family and anyone else he cares about. Rebecca, for her part, is also protective of those she cares about. Because of Gage, she’s learned to let her hair down literally and figuratively and not always be the “FBI Agent” 24/7. I am so looking forward to going back and reading the first book in the series, Behind Closed Doors and any other Daniels brothers stories Sherri has lined up for us. Source: Publisher
RtBBlog More than 1 year ago
posted on Romancing the Books blog reviewed by Ursula from the Author I was eager to read this book as I’ve read the first book in the series; and enjoyed it very much! When I had the opportunity to an advanced look at book 2, I jumped at it, and I’m glad I did. As I’ve already stated, this book is part of a series called The Daniels Brothers Romance Series…and I’m looking forward to reading the entire series! Rebecca reluctantly takes a case with her old partner; she’d rather be back to work with the FBI. Deciding it is better to take the case then sit at home going stir crazy, she packs her travel bag and is gone. Rebecca is a slightly uptight fed. She doesn’t like to talk about herself and hides behind boring suits, but she has a good heart and a soft spot for her little sister. Gage is a player, both on the field and off…the random pictures and subtle threats he’s been receiving are all apart of the job. Gage doesn’t like having a babysitter, even a good looking, young female one. Unfortunately his boss doesn’t really care what he likes; if he wants to play, he accepts the guard; but they can’t tell him how to respond to her…and oh does he respond! Overall, Gage’s story is very entertaining and enjoyable. I have to agree with Rebecca’s first assessment of Gage, he’s a player, that would have been a big turnoff for me. I’m not sure his initial treatment of Rebecca would have gotten my attention in the way it did hers…but once he starts showing his ‘real’ side and quits being a jock, she is much more charming and attractive. Rebecca is rather stiff at first and the stiffness comes and goes throughout the book. As you learn more about her though, you find out what makes her that way and you come to understand her better. I very much look forward to the rest of the series. They are well written and pull you into the story. Sherri Hayes does a great job of not making her characters perfect, giving them flaws, making them human and making you fell like you really know them. The fact that I didn’t immediately fall in love, or lust, with the main man makes him even more appealing once he does get under your skin. The fact that the leading lady has emotional scars and a weakness for her sister makes you appreciate the walls she’s built around herself.
Book_Sniffers_Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was a fun read. You have a hunky football superstar and an attractive FBI agent who's sent in to be his bodyguard when he gains a stalker. Only, she's under the guise of being his girlfriend and after a little while living together, the lines sort of get blurred. Gage was a carefree character. He see's what he wants and he goes for it. So when hard-ass Rebecca gets thrown on his lap, he isn't thrilled with having a babysitter but it doesn't take him long to realize that having a sexy FBI agent living with you may not be a bad thing after all. Pretty soon he sets his sights on Rebecca and it isn't until about halfway through that she decides to throw caution to the win and have a little fun. Even though I enjoyed the story I didn't connect with it as much as I would have liked. I thought for sure I'd fall in love with this story considering I seem to be a sucker for athletic romances but that just didn't happen for me. However, even with the suspense of the stalker targeting not only Gage but Rebecca as well, I found myself bored in certain parts. There were parts where there wasn't a lot going on and Rebecca had a lot of inner dialog over her job and feelings for Gage. My interest was however really peaked when Gage brings Rebecca and her sister to his parent's house for Thanksgiving. We get to meet his whole family but what really grabbed my attention was Megan and Gage's older brother, Paul. Paul's wife passed away leaving him with a little one to take care of. The little girl takes immediately to Rebecca's sister. So when the ball is dropped that Gage's older brother is in desperate need of a nanny, Rebecca's sister steps in a before you know it, she's taking off to be a live in nanny. I don't know why I was so gravitated by their story but I was. I think if the author does a story based off of them I may read it.
Under_The_Covers_BookBlog More than 1 year ago
~Reviewed by ANGELA & posted at Under the Covers Book Blog “Ms. Hayes knocked this out the ballpark and beyond my expectations.” ~Under the Covers Red Zone is the second installment if the Daniels Brothers series and it’s even better than the first. It is without a doubt more suspenseful, the romance is stronger, definitely hotter, and the mystery kept me guessing. Ms. Hayes knocked this out the ballpark and beyond my expectations. Second brother to the Daniel Brother series, Gage is the long awaited, bro, the football player of the family. If you read Behind Closed Doors, at the end of the book, Gage received a mystery mail. Well, Red Zone takes place shortly after that. Gage has earned himself a stalker that has become out of control. Of course, the team owner hires Rebecca Carson who is an FBI agent on an administrative leave to protect him. And the good part is that she has to pose as his girlfriend while protecting him. Ah, yes. Can you already imagine the tension they will have? Off the bat, Gage and Rebecca are hot for each other and I love their chemistry. As soon as they meet, you feel their attraction for each other. But due to circumstances, Rebecca attempts to avoid any relations with Gage. Obviously, she’s trying to do her job and I can totally respect that. The only thing is her game of tug-a-war annoyed me at times. Her inner battle to ward off gage just wasn’t working. I mean, how can you refuse a hot, rich, jock that is clearly crazy for you? I sure wouldn’t put up a fight…in my fantasy world. Oh man, I can’t believe I’m saying this because I loved Chris and I have a thing for Trent. But hot damn, Gage is adorably sexy. Let me tell you, this book gave me a different perspective on the football players. We got to see a bit of Chris and Elizabeth, Trent, Momma and Papa Daniels which was a fun scene. I swear they are the all-American family. We also got a good amount of Paul who I believe will be the next hero of this series. I thought Ms. Hayes, did a great job setting his character up and getting the readers ready for him. Anyone who enjoys a good Contemporary, Romantic Suspense with a hot Jock Genre, this is the book for you. Ms. Hayes’ Finding Anna is also a great read for the ones who crave a darker story line. *ARC provided by publisher
CAJ45 More than 1 year ago
I gobbled up this book in one sitting. Its winter time and I love a good romance to get cozy with. This book kept me warm in all the right place. ;) I don’t think I knew the world existed until I finished. I would have liked to know more about why Rebecca was administration leave from the FBI and her background. Also I did find that the author brought up tiny details and never fill you in on them. I know most people could care less what was in the bag Rebecca came home from shopping with but it drove me nuts not knowing. Really just a peek and I would have been very happy woman. Sometimes I get stuck on the details that are not there than the ones that are there. Gage and Rebecca were what I was expecting. A great guy that goes for what he wants and never takes himself too seriously. Rebecca is a girl that takes life to seriously and tries to keep a safe distance from everyone. All in all it’s a feel good romance that brought a smile to my face many times. I’ll be waiting the next book.