Redeeming Your Dream

Redeeming Your Dream

by Shawn Beaton


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Just when you thought it was all over Jesus stepped into your life. Well, He is stepping back into your life once again to resurrect your dream. This is a time to dream again. We have seen some tough times in the recent past and some of our dreams died, but it is time to come out of the pit of despair. Jesus Christ is breathing life into those dreams that died and they will live again. What do you dream of? Is it a calling, a house, a marriage or a career? Start making your list and dream again. Jesus is redeeming the dreams of His people and He is angered at what the enemy has stolen from His people. He will restore all the enemy has stolen from you and then some.


1. Steps to Redeeming Your Dream or Pursuing a New Dream
2. Encouragement for Those Called into the Prophetic
3. A Powerful Prophetic Word Concerning the Times We Live In
4. A 50 Point Prayer Focus for Redeeming Your Dream

Do not listen to the cynical men of our times. Jesus Christ is beginning to do a new thing. He has seen people in the Church and outside the Church become depressed. He is pouring out His Holy Spirit in a great measure so that people may dream again. Hope is making a big comeback and with it is coming good news.
So, get this book today and find encouragement to pursue your dream. This is not the end, but a new beginning!

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ISBN-13: 9781724441263
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 05/14/2017
Pages: 98
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About the Author

I am a new indie author. My books are Christian, with an emphasis on wisdom. Throughout my books you will find strategies for living the Christian life. My beginnings as a Christian began in the Baptist denomination. I'm thankful to God for what I learned through the Baptists. They emphasized biblical study. At this present time I also enjoy some of the teachings from the Charismatic movement. I believe in embracing the gifts of the Spirit while testing all things with Scripture. I refuse to be contained to a denominational dogma. All things must be true in Scripture before they are embraced as dogma. Too many denominations believe they have all the truth. There is something to be learned from each denomination, except for cults.
I am 41 years of age and have learned a lot. I live in Canada. I studied some at Bible College, but learned far more through my relationship with Jesus Christ. I have also learned through suffering. Through this suffering I have learned compassion for all. My desire is to see believers empowered through Jesus Christ. That they would not be victims, but victors. I want to give my readers the tools to be victorious. I hope you will check out my books. I may not be on television, but God is no respecter of persons. You will learn through my books just as you would through any famous author. Be blessed in Jesus name.

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