Redefining Work-Life Balance: One-Minute Tools to Manage Stress, Achieve More & Enjoy Life Every Day

Redefining Work-Life Balance: One-Minute Tools to Manage Stress, Achieve More & Enjoy Life Every Day

by Jim Bird

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Yes - There Is Work-Life Balance! … but it’s probably not what you think.

Too many academics and HR departments have defined work-life balance in superficial ways that make it unattainable, undesirable, or both. Common sense dictates that if something you desire is ill-defined or “impossible,” your outcomes will be disappointing and potentially even harmful.  But sadly, common sense hasn’t been common practice.

Redefining Work-Life Balance is about creating life-altering, positive results. These pages convey a way to deliver powerful results using simple, one-minute tools proven to enhance life balance and enjoyment. The outcome is reduced stress, increased achievement, and more joy every day – for the rest of your life!

Discover and enjoy easy-to-learn concepts with practical applications to:

Understand what work-life balance really means

Avoid the “As soon as…” trap

Establish a ‘Way of Living’ Goal -  A powerful tool for crafting how you live every day

Accomplish your work-life priorities faster… and with less stress

Find a more rewarding and happier balance in all your relationships


Master the emotion-decision link with your personal emotional management tool

The tools and tactics in Redefining Work-Life Balance were refined while building a light manufacturing business from a small startup to generating over $100,000,000 in sales with a great team of 250+! That success and the success of thousands of clients is made possible by adapting and applying these tools, and respecting that in addition to having a job, each one of us has a life.

Create more achievement at work and more enjoyment in life with Redefining Work-Life Balance!

Part One of this book begins by dispelling the myth that there is no such thing as work-life balance. Instead, it delivers a proven re-definition that is clear, fulfilling, and attainable, along with a tool set that will enhance the value and positive balance you get from life – today and every day.

Part Two is about people and relationships. You will learn two powerful one-minute tools that can be applied to your life immediately. The outcome is having a more rewarding, less stressed, and happier balance with the important individuals in your personal and work life. In each chapter, you will also see examples from people who have generously shared their personal stories and experiences in implementing these tools.

Part Three is about achieving the things you want in life. It delivers two tools that supercharge your thinking. You will get more good thinking done with each of these tools in minutes than most people get done in days, weeks, or even a lifetime of typical pondering.

You will also discover two balance measurement tools: one gauges your emotional status and reactions, the other illuminates your current emphasis in life and enables you to adjust it easily if it is not where you want it to be.

Part Four concludes these pages using your definition of a good work-life balance to clarify your Way of Life goals. These goals are not specific markers to surpass or milestones to accomplish, they are instead way of living goals. What are the most meaningful and important outcomes you want from your life every day? You will be surprised how quickly these meaningful and often life-changing goals become clear with this final tool in the book.

My promise to you is that by applying these proven tools, you will create immediate positive outcomes, personally and professionally. More importantly, based on the feedback I have received across demographics, countries, and cultures, I expect that you too will retain and use your favorite tools along with your re-definition of work-life balance to be happier, less stressed, and more fulfilled over your lifetime.

Let’s turn the page and redefine work-life balance in a way that works for you!

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781948787857
Publisher: Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press
Publication date: 04/26/2019
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 222
File size: 5 MB

About the Author

Jim Bird has consulted with hundreds of companies and coached tens of thousands of individuals to successfully create more achievement, joy, and positive balance in their personal and professional lives. A recognized pioneer in work-life balance he is the founder and CEO of WorkLifeBalance and a regular speaker and author who is frequently cited in major media including the front page of USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, CNN, the LA Times, Huffington Post and Forbes.

Jim’s passion for work-life balance began as a college research project focused on developing know how and tools to excel in building a career and enjoying life’s journey. Growing a startup from three individuals to a team of 250 and generating over $100 million in sales he further refined and developed these tools in the real world. Jim is married with two daughters and lives in Atlanta, GA . He is an avid saltwater fisherman and loves spending his free time fishing the Florida flats.

Table of Contents

Introduction 1

Part 1 Redefining Work-Life Balance 5

1 Work-Life Balance Redefined 7

Avoiding the "As Soon As" Trap 11

Summary 13

2 The Choice Challenge 15

A Simpler Way - Your Life as a Puzzle 18

Summary 21

3 The Commitment Tool 23

Daily Calendars 24

Summary 28

Part 2 Building More Meaningful Relationships 29

4 Gain More Achievement & Enjoyment in Every Relationship 31

Instant Chemistry 34

Clarifying the Functions 35

Date vs. Meeting - Tool #3 39

There is Always a Face on Your Watch 44

Summary 45

5 TAP® Into Your Family & Friends 47

Good Ideas Are Not Enough 53

Your Turn 54

Doing Important Things That Would Not Have Gotten Done 57

Doing Important Things Sooner 57

Summary 60

6 TAP Into Your Work Associates 61

Active Listening is the Most Critical Part of Communication 62

Good listening is the key to good communications. Consistent follow-through is the key to making good communications pay off 63

Listening Occurs Almost Automatically When You TAP 63

Play Includes Catching People Doing Something Right 65

TAP Into an External Client 66

Summary 71

7 TAP Into Yourself 73

Summary 79

8 Capturing the Magic of the Moment 81

Learning the "F" Word 84

Quality Time - What Does it Mean? 87

Summary 89

9 Your Emotional Management Tool 91

The TAP Summary 97

Summary 100

10 Changing Your Life Emphasis for More Value & Balance 101

Emphasis Settings - Balance Within and Between Your Life Quadrants 105

Summary 112

Part 3 Achieving More in Life and Work 113

11 Supercharge Your Thinking 115

The List and Prioritize Method 116

Shorter, More Effective Meetings 119

Summary 120

12 Identifying & Completing Your Most Important Projects 121

Summary 128

13 A PATH to Success with Family & Friends 129

Summary 133

14 A PATH to Success In Your Work 135

Summary 143

15 Your Most Important Self Project 145

A Self Quadrant PATH 145

Summary 151

16 A Lifetime of Successful PATHs 153

Use PATH, WIN, A.M. & P.M. and Happiness Meter Together 153

Keep Your PATHs Visible 154

Make a Monthly PATH - Stay in Focus on the Most Important 155

Summary 157

Part 4 Your Big Picture 159

17 Way of Life Goals 161

The Crucial Difference Between Project Goals and Way of Life Goals 162

Answering the Big Question: Why? 165

How to Avoid the "As Soon As" Traps 166

Way of Life Goals - The Wide-Angle View 167

The Achievement & Enjoyment Standard for Every Goal 170

Answering the Big Question - Why? 171

Summary 172

Reader's Note 172

18 A Way of Life Goal for Your Work 173

Summary 181

19 A Way of Life Goal for Family & Friends 183

Family and Friends 183

Summary 191

20 A Way of Life Goal for You 193

Who's Left? 193

Summary 197

21 You Can Change Your Big Picture 199

Choice Does Not Require Change 202

Summary 203

22 Using the Tools Together 205

23 Making an Attitude Investment 209

An Attitude Investment 212

Summary 216

24 Getting the Most from This Book 217

Complete This One-Minute Exercise 217

Tell Somebody 218

Apply One of the Tools for All of Next Week 218

Review This Book Soon 218

Work-Life Balance Resources 221

Redefining Work-Life Balance Online Workshop 221

Redefining Work-Life Balance Live Workshops 221

Redefining Work-Life Balance Train-The-Trainer 221

Redefining Work-Life Balance Keynotes 222

Tula - The Work-Life Skills Dashboard 222

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