Redemption (Chronicles of the Fallen, #2)

Redemption (Chronicles of the Fallen, #2)

by Julie Morgan

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BN ID: 2940046275711
Publisher: Julie Morgan
Publication date: 03/13/2014
Series: Chronicles of the Fallen , #2
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: NOOK Book
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Redemption 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Samantha_H1 More than 1 year ago
Where to start , This book 2 picks straight back up where the last left off . Fantastic doesn't begin to describe this book , Once again Julie manages to keep me up late from not being able to put the book down . The plot line keeps pulling you in more and more . I was hanging out for this one after the first book and I now I have to wait for the next book to be released
Book_Bug_Reviews More than 1 year ago
This is a triple review covering all three books. It did take me a while to get into this series. I wasn’t really crazy about the voice used in these books. I prefer 3rd person to be past tense rather than present tense, it just didn’t read very smoothly, it didn’t feel natural and kept me from really getting into the story. There was also a lot of unnessasary descriptions. I don’t need to know how many spoonfuls of sugar everyone take or that they stirred it after adding the sugar. (Who wouldn’t?) Sometimes the descriptions would be so lengthly and detailed I would get distracted and not know who they were talking about until after the two pages of reading how one person got dressed. However, I did enjoy the plot very much. Once it got going it The first book was pretty slow to get going but it also had a lot of background and building of the world the characters lived in so that by the time you get to the next two there is quite a lot more going on. The second book had less detail than the first, which was good, but still had a bit too much. The take on fallen angels and the other supernatural creatures that were features was different than what you would expect which I really liked. It gave them a bit more depth. I loved how the plot became more detailed and the twists throughout the book were not super predictable. The final book is no longer about Lisa and Alex, but about Samuel. It’s a great continuation to the story with some of the other characters who need their story told. This one could be read as a standalone (unlike the first two) and you’d understand it, but I think it would have more meaning if you read books 1 & 2 first. The amount of detail in this book has once again improved. I probably would have rated this series a 5 if it didn’t go overboard with all the description. It had an original plot, which is something I love. But as much as I enjoyed it I found it a tiny bit difficult to get pulled in completely like I wanted. While it did get better from book to book, in the end it was still way too much, to the point where in some parts I didn’t know what was going on but I knew every detail of the setting and every move each character made. This series is great, but the amount of detail in much of it was a little too excessive, but it’s defiantly worth a read. I think this series speaks a lot of the amount of growth this author has had in their skill and would recommend this series to any who like Angels, demons and more. Rating: 3.5 out of 5
MyndiL More than 1 year ago
I still think there's perhaps a bit TOO much detail in this book, but not near as much useless information as in the first. The story however, is amazing and that's what keeps me reading. It's different from anything I've read before. Morgan's take on the Incubus and Angels and even Fallen Angels is new and refreshing. The turns the couple takes in their relationship in this book follow where the last book left off but still surprise you and keep you guessing as to where they'll end up by the close. Also, we're left with an opening for the next book, but not left dangling on the edge of a cliff like most books do. All in all, I would recommend this book to anyone who likes reading the more adult paranormal stories, or anyone who likes reading of angels vs. demons and the like.
Jazzie More than 1 year ago
I am such a nerd for stories of Angels and Demons and the never-ending conflict between Heaven and Hell. Redemption is the sequel to Fallen, which pretty much lays out who our characters are and the setting of the story. Essentially, Fallen should be read before reading Redemption. Julie Morgan wrote such well thought out characters that I fell in love with Alex and Lisa, and their journey of love...especially since he's a fallen angel, now a hybrid, and Lisa is expecting. Starting a life together has brought on other dangers for our two main characters, which tests there strength individually and together. This brings on a whole new twist of the classic battle between Angels and Demons. Julie's use of words to describe the actions of Angels and Demons was fascinating...leaving me with a "whoa" reaction. In Redemption, Lisa and Alex has grown as an individual and as a couple since Fallen. This is in no way lagging in pace, with the well developed characters and the third person point of view which I really enjoyed. With a sense that a narrator is telling the story, all character's point of views flow with the story. It was refreshing to read a book told in this point of view since many books that I have read recently are told in the first person point of view. Although I loved the story, it was written beautifully, but the word "chuckles," to me, was used a lot. It didn't bother me too much since I was too immersed into Alex and Lisa's story and their plight, but it was noticed. The Chronicles of Fallen Series is definitely one to not miss especially if your a fan of the paranormal genre that involves Angels and Demons, the battle between Heaven and Hell.
Book_worms77 More than 1 year ago
I was gifted this book by the Author for an honest review. I gave this book 5 Angelic Stars. This is book 2 in the Chronicles of Fallen Series it cannot be read as a stand alone, this is also not the last book in the series.  This is the continuing story of Lisa and Alex.  Alex is now fallen. He gave it all up to save Lisa from her death caused by Samuel. Lisa is now PG with Alex's child, a thing that they  never thought could happen. This story is about Alex protecting his family, and his life. From some un-known source that is trying to destroy them. It is the demons? Is it a certain demon? All Alex knows is that he will stop at nothing to protect what is his. He loves Lisa with every part of him and will do anything for her, even sacrifice himself he has already proven that. Come join Alex and Lisa as they figure out who wants them destroyed and why. After all they have been through can they make it again?  Julie has done it yet again! This story was just phenomenal to me. Someone who can think of the things that she wrote in this book is just amazingly talented! I could not put this book down. I finished it in one sitting and now my body is paying for it. LOL    Lisa is such a strong character and Lisa could certainly have taken her in such a different direction then she did, but she didn't and Lisa is all I would hope to be if any of this ever happened to me. I mean come on I can dream of wanting someone like Alex in my life right? It takes a certain amount of talent to do the things that Julie has accomplished in these stories. I am so glad to say that I found these books and have read them. It has been an honor to read for you. Thank you for choosing me. I cannot wait to read what you have coming in the next book, I am sure it's going to be something that will surprise us all!!  
pepperjwooten More than 1 year ago
Redemption (Chronicles of Fallen, #2) by Julie Morgan 5 out of 5 stars In Redemption, Morgan leads readers on a whirlwind journey following Alex and Lisa further into their life together. Alex is a Fallen angel and Lisa is his newly impregnated love interest and they are faced with the uncertainties of what their unborn child will be once it is born. Samuel, the incubus who previously seduced Lisa, rears his head again with a new determination and curiosity regarding the unborn hybrid, causing a great raucous between Heaven and Hell and their inhabitants. Michael, the archangel and Alex's dear friend, tries to prepare Alex and Lisa for what may await them following the birth of their child but the speed with which Lisa's pregnancy progresses hinders his attempts. The birth of a child brings a mix of emotions, an unlikely alliance, and a heart wrenching close call. There is no way I could possibly describe the torrent of emotions that flooded my mind and heart while reading Redemption. The simplicity with which the angels and demons are incorporated into society is beautiful enough to make you question the possibility of actually walking alongside someone who is more than human. I look forward to seeing more of this group and I certainly hope to see Samuel's eventual demise!!!!! **Honest review given in exchange for a complimentary copy.** Meagan
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I fell in lust with Alex and Lisa in the first book in the series Fallen. In Redemption I fell in love. You must read in order. Definatley not a stand alone. The angst, the love, the desperation to be together is phenomenal. I am a romantic at heart? Can't wait to see what happens next in the 3rd installement!