Redneck Shaman

Redneck Shaman

by William Wallace


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This book is a basic course in developing shamanic awareness. Ideas were developed from over 250 books, and from ideas used mainly by Ulster Scot and Scots-Irish spiritual people in the U.S. The redneck tradition welcomes all, and is generally egalitarian, just as it was in its Celtic costume. Celts, along with Native Americans, are reclaiming their spiritual roots. This book was designed to help people get back to being indigenous, to being rooted in the deeper parts of mind. Ultimately, we are all indigenous, and this book was written in service to all. The creator put fun on this earth to help mark out correction solutions. This book is about having fun, and playing with energy patterns, with the light and information that make up the Universe. This book is very similar to Dowsing and Manifesting, and The Key to the Secret, because the three authors differed on what the final product should look like, so they each went their own way.

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About the Author

The author, who is an ethnic Scot, began studying the material in this book at the age of 11, and spent four decades mastering it.

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