Reduced To Tears, The Weary Walk Home

Reduced To Tears, The Weary Walk Home

by Tyler Speer


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ISBN-13: 9781463417826
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 07/07/2011
Pages: 108
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.26(d)

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Reduced To Tears, The Weary Walk Home

By Tyler Speer


Copyright © 2011 Tyler Speer
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4634-1782-6

Chapter One

A Broken Home

Passion is the only thing that will help this marriage not to die.

Compassion is the only thing that will help these children not to

You lied when I asked you if every-thing's alright.

You said, "it's fine".

Even though your dead inside.

You're alone.

Because every night he thinks you're pissed.

But in reality you're only missed.

Emotionally torn throughout this dark abyss.

And in return you break these metal rings with your fists.

There has to be more to life than this.

Or is this what it means to truly exist?

But to tell you the truth I don't really care what you two scream at

As long as you keep it away from me, my sister, and my brother.

A violent hurt was bottled away deep within.

But now it's lashing out in a rage of sin.

Feelings held back seep through my pores now.

But sadly I've already dealt with these feeling before now.

So you say your unhappy, is that really true?

I guess together till death means nothing to you.

I see you stepping back.

Watching this sinking ship go down.

And it reminds me of a fallen king with a broken crown that he

I loved the days that you use to fret.

Telling me ten years of your life that you regret.

Well this life is precious and a marriage is a blessing.

So please tell me how in the world will you find your happy

So finally I say to you I'm sorry, I'm tired, and I'm done.

I'm sick of acting like I care when all you want to do is run.

I can't wait till you realize you were wrong.

Knowing it's all over and how your family is gone.

And I can't wait till you memorize all the words in this poem.

Because you'll be hanging on every single word that I wrote.

As I sit hanging on to every single piece of glass from this
picture that you broke ... TRS

Memories Of A Lost Man

A man and his memories sits in his house.

Staring in the mirror as he fights with himself.

He has no ambitions.

He has no dreams.

And no one comes to love him.

At least that's how he makes it seem.

Down his throat.

The poison fills his veins.

From the empty bottle of liquor.

He holds between his knees.

He breathes.

Slowly and calm.

Still trying to believe that his true love is gone ... TRS

Wasted Dreams

Some call me a waste of talent.

Some call me great.

Some call me larger then life.

Others call me a mistake.

But through this walk called life my dreams have always stayed.

But the past couple of months they have started to fade.

So now with dying dreams in my head and sadness in my steps.

Leaves me no other option but to drink away the rest.

I drank to relive the pressure.

I drank to relive the pain.

I drank to relive my heart until i simply went insane.

But sadly I care no more the dying dream is dead.

I sit here on the concrete floor and listen in my head.

It says I should live no more now that my dreams are gone.

Sadly I agree with this.

Considering it may be wrong.

So with tears in my eyes.

A pistol to my head.

I will meet up with my dreams someday.

Because we both are dead ... TRS

Wasted Words

So sit back and listen.

To a twisted transition.

As you remain in a position unable to tell fact from fiction.

Because it's so strange when the people around you don't have
faces or names.

And all they want to do is convert you.

And bring you into their life of shame and their life of pain.

So who's to blame?

The heart or the brain.

Which one is the source of this agonizing guilt.

I hide feeling remorse from the shadows from these walls I built.

So tell me how can you judge me.

When your own hands are so damn bruised and bloodied.

And how can you point out my imperfections.

When you're the one who can't bare to look at your own

And why do I have this fixated obsession with my depression.

It use to be something I embraced for strength.

But now it just bides it's time and waits.

To arise once again and destroy this place.

So now I don't want to speak, hear, or see evil.

So I'll tear my tongue, ear drums, and eyes from off my face.

It's just so hard to make it through the days with no food upon
our plates.

With our eyes still pixelated we're ready to start our
revolutionary march.

But you just can't fix what's just not broken.

Even though we have so many missing parts ... TRS

A Forgotten Friend

What's the definition of life?

It's so damn hard.

When everything around you has you chained, shackled, and

And I never thought I would see the day you would change your
face as you gave your old life away.

But tell me why you would rather gamble with your life.

Instead of stopping by just to say hi.

Before you draw the wrong hand and die.

And just be careful.

Because one of these days you will take it too far.

And everyone will leave you out of these feelings called

Because I've known you all your life.

So why are you cutting me down with your words that are so
knife like?

And why do you keep telling me that nobody cares?

Because I've been the one to take you away from all the despair
in this world.

Cry for me because I'm done.

I've loved you like a brother.

And cared for you like a son.

Because hate is the cousin of compassion.

So why do you cause so much self destruction when you get
down some.

And because of this you're holding our friendship up like a

You're now like a child who only throws tantrums.

And you don't even seem to care.

Well lets see how much you love your life when your friends just

It's time to grow up before you lose it all.

I'll stand beside you and watch as your life falls with the
decisions you've made.

You've set fire to this world and I feel you'll never be saved.


Forget you!

You don't even know the meaning of the word anymore.

What if I turned the tables on you just to settle the score, would
you get it then?

Or just block me out like I can make other friends.

This is not an attack on you, just a warning.

Just a heartfelt pure warning.

Because I can tell the future like a prophet.

It's like I know what you're going to do but I am just unable to
stop it.

I just wish we could go back to the way it use to be.

Back before the smoke clouded our eyes and we set fire to these

That infected our lungs and we couldn't breathe.

How will we ever grow old making decisions like these?

But I guess friends we shall be now and friends we shall stay.

I just wish you would have thought of someone besides yourself.

Before you gave your life away ... TRS

Words From A Lesser Man

Words will be words.

And names will be names.

And the ones who disagree will proclaim that this life is just a

A game for the crazy and the sane.

But even though days have passed, your voice and picture
remains in my brain.

As I try to find the meaning to my life before this is left in vain.

For I want to be a change in this wicked world.

But the lack of dignity and respect on this planet makes me turn
a blind eye and hurl.

As I try and curl the weight of my problems that seem so unreal.

But I'm always unimpressed.

With these words I write and the promises I possess.

As I will always remain second best.

So I turn to the never satisfying remedy in these drinks again.

I have been doing so well.

Until old habits start to begin.

Trying to keep my head above water but it just pulls me back in.

And I just need to forget this word love.

It just possesses people from within.

So tell me what the point of fighting is.

When no one is going to win.

So switch me shoes.

To claim to have nothing in this life so you have nothing to lose.

So which path will you choose?

Will you be singing high hopes or be crying the blues.

So I beg.

Just put away your words.

With no mercy comes no victory.

What happened to the holy man who only showed sympathy.

You'll be missing me.

For today I walked away.

As I realize.

Existence is only a word you say ... TRS

This Poem is For You

I talked to you today.

But your face I could not see.

But the more time passes the closer I feel you are to me.

And I just wish I could have told you the three little words you
never knew.

But too much time has passed now, as your love for another

So now I'm consumed by confusion.

Why did I let you go?

Because no matter who you are with my feelings for you will
never plateau.

Why won't you just come back home?

I know it's hard but we can make it on our own.

I know what he did to you was unfair, and how he treated you

But I can show you what it's like to truly be happy.

Please stop crying I promise it will be okay.

I can be your crutches until you have the strength to take them

And screw this world we can build our own, one without sorrow
or pain.

And I promise once you're in my arms you'll never feel hurt

I know I should've acted on these feelings way back when.

But God works in mysterious ways and I believe everything
always happens for a reason.

So maybe we both had to go and get our hearts smashed to the

So we can appreciate the happiness because love wouldn't exist
without hurt.

And I hope you haven't given up on the words "I Love You"
because I still mean every word.

But I promise I will do what I can to help.

But just because one person is too blind to see how amazing you
are please don't give up on yourself.

And I know some nights are just to unbearable to live.

But I can bless you with the power to look beyond all of this.

And I know I'm always going to love you, I just hope your
feelings for me aren't to far gone.

So till then, I will just continue speaking to you through these
Poems ... TRS

I Needed You

I needed you today but you were no where to be found.

Now there's nothing left to take away the pain.

As this bottle falls aimlessly to the ground.

I called for you today but my voice you could not hear.

Now there's nothing left to take away the pain.

As piece by piece our memories disappear.

I reached for you today but your face I could not feel.

And it's just so hard to make it through the days.

When you can't decipher the fake from real.

I burned your picture today.

A task harder then it seemed.

Now there's nothing I need from you.

As I breathe life back into my dreams ... TRS

The Faceless Man

This mysterious man enters my home.

Standing within my gaze I can see he has come alone.

But as I look upon him I realize.

This man has no name and has no face.

"What do you want" I cried, " leave this place."

He didn't answer.

He just stood there so still like a statue of rock.

Because sadly this man he could not talk.

"What do you want" I cried again.

But all he did was point at me and then back to him.

"I don't understand" my voice now in tears and overwhelmed.

But all he did was point to me and then back to himself.

Then from out of nowhere he clutches my hand.

But as I quickly stand to react.

With one fatal twist of my wrist I'm being drug from my back.

I feel like this is it.

This is where my life will end.

But from over his shoulder he points to me then back to him.

He pulls me to an open grave.

Releasing me he drops to his knees to pray.

I rise.

Walking cautiously to his side.

And to my surprise this man has awakened eyes.

A mouth appears as tears begin to fall.

"I never wanted this for you, nothing like this at all" he says.

"I never wanted you to lose your dreams, or see the things that
you had to see."

And the final words from this man were, " Don't let the
darkness in your life destroy who you are."

And just as he came this man disappears.

But this whole night it's just been me staring at myself in this
Mirror ... TRS

Leaving What Is Left

What happened since the day my life arose.

What happened to all the beauty that this life has shown.

So tell me.

How hard can it be to be happy?

So tell me what do I have to do to get the screams in my dreams
to fade.

And where is the motivation I need to make it through today.

So tell me.

How hard can it be to be happy?

Where did you go?

And tell me why you felt the need to leave.

And why is the only thing you left me with was a broken home
and this feeling of disbelief?

And this unbearable pain in my chest that makes it so hard to

So tell me.

Is this happy?

And where were you when I was face to face with defeat?

My mind was so distorted and my wrists began to bleed.

And I poured my soul to the floor as I begged you not to leave.


This is not happy!

One day you will see that it's to late to fix this.

And you shattered my heart and dreams.

Now I am going to leave this poem suddenly.

Just the way you left me ... TRS

A Wrong Turn

Where did our love go wrong?

When did our love go astray?

I really needed you today ...

When did our love turn to hate, a selfish imprisonment.

Something our hearts could never escape.

So let us recreate the happiness we once let live.

We can start again.

Back before the pain and sorrow had a chance to begin.

So live and let die.

The past emotions that brought tears deep inside.

I'm just so sorry.

And this is why.

We are gone.

And have given in to this untimely goodbye ... TRS

A Sick Soul

I'm so sick of being tired.

And so tired of being sick.

That I'm so ready to be expired.

So in the morgue there will be a tag on my toe and labeled in
fine print and it will read;

"Here lies a man who could never escape his doubts.

And it seems the devil has won this poor boy's soul because his
problems he couldn't figure out.

And every night he'd isolate himself inside his room as he'd cry and

He would stay away for days and days.

The only things that would accompany him were these bottles
of pain killers and sleeping aides.

And when he would finally emerge from this depression-filled

The only thing he would offer this world is a lifeless gaze.

His blank face showing no emotion.

But on the inside he was bottled up with insanity and rage.

And everyone around him prays that it is just a phase.

And one day it will be erased.

But what he's really waiting for is the day she comes home, so he
can truly be saved.

So till' that day he hopelessly waits.

But knowing even if she does come home it will be too late ...

Should Have Been Forever

She said go.

Follow the rainbow to your dreams away for the screams of

I'll be here holding your head in my arms when life get to hard.

And you contemplate insanity.

She said come with me.

Without the hate and pain on your mind.

Our love can last forever until the end of time.

Because I don't need a ring on your finger to be convinced that you
are mine.

We can fly away forever.

Until this sick world gets cured and declares that it is better.

This ink in my arm represents me never showing you harm.

With the sticks and the stones running aggressively but
passionately through my bones.

A chemical reaction makes my thoughts turn crazy.

Especially when I utter these words to you and call you baby.

Well maybe running away is not the best way to take it.

It's like taking humor away from a clown leaving him stripped
and naked.

His life's wasted.

Well maybe we can do better.

And maybe we can do more.

Showing this world there's more in this life to look for.

And as we look to the skies.

With our eyes paralyzed and hypnotized with the shooting stars
passing us by.

We dream of the one day we can be together.

Waking up every morning just to see each-other.

I love you.

And don't let anyone persuade your mind differently.

Or else you'll spend the rest of your lonely life missing me ...

Strong Enough For This

We've walked these halls once before.

But these memories we can't ignore.

And I just don't think I'm strong enough for this.

The way you looked when you finally fell.

And left me only loving myself.

Even though I remember a time when we were both so innocent.


Excerpted from Reduced To Tears, The Weary Walk Home by Tyler Speer Copyright © 2011 by Tyler Speer. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


A Broken Home....................1
Memories Of A Lost Man....................5
Wasted Dreams....................6
Wasted Words....................8
A Forgotten Friend....................10
Words From A Lesser Man....................15
This Poem is For You....................18
I Needed You....................21
The Faceless Man....................23
Leaving What Is Left....................26
A Wrong Turn....................28
A Sick Soul....................29
Should Have Been Forever....................32
Strong Enough For This....................35
Consumed By Hate....................37
This Picture Of Mine....................40
Life As I Knew It....................41
Sleeping Or Awake....................44
My Child....................47
Save Them....................50
The Sand....................56
This Weary Road....................58
Her Storm....................60
Reduced to tears....................62
The Last Night....................64
The Life For Me....................66
I'm Sorry....................67
A New Beginning....................71
About The Author....................73

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Reduced To Tears, The Weary Walk Home 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
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This is probably some of the best poetry I have read in a very long time. The author writes in ways that anyone can relate to for any situation. It is a Must Read!