Reel and Rout

Reel and Rout

by Robert A. Monks


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Reel and Rout is a timely novel that exposes the backroom and boardroom shenanigans that plague corporations and that have led to a daily dose of headlines and scandals. From Enron to Global Crossing to ImClone we are inundated with the suspicion that all is not right with the business world. Filled with colorful New York Lawyers, inept trustees, avaricious bankers, and even a few devoted public servants who care about more than the latest sex scandal, Reel and Rout is a tale of greed gone wild but in a world where some try to accomplish good.
The protagonist, Cedric "Drive" Rhodes, is the aging South African CEO of the world’s most powerful media company and he is anxious to do one last deal. Over the years he has taken his experience in the family newspaper business and stints in Hollywood and in television to sculpt a global powerhouse that is both feared and admired. Drive believes he is the smartest CEO who ever lived and this deal with prove it. He will do the impossible. He will acquire, in a hostile takeover, a beloved corporate icon, the American Observer, at one time the most widely read and translated magazine in the world.
But the American Observer has fallen on bad times. Circulation is down, revenues are diminished, and the stock price has plummeted. With a cadre of colorful characters, Drive Rhodes goes to work on the most challenging of transactions - a foreigner taking over an American institution.
Robert Monks has spent his career in public service and business advocating for responsible behavior from all parties involved in the global corporation - executives, board members, and shareholders large and small. This lifetime of experience has been brilliantly translated into a novel that is insightful and persuasive.

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ISBN-13: 9780972429528
Publisher: Brook Street Press
Publication date: 01/30/2004
Pages: 350
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.50(h) x 1.20(d)

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Drive was smiling as he walked up Fifth Avenue on this lovely Sunday afternoon in high summer. How many Sundays have I meandered up the great commercial streets of the world, reveling in the special pleasure of plans carefully conceived, fascinating people to work with, and the operatic composition of bold and ambitious projects? Sundays are timeless. No phones, nobody claiming the right to my time. I feel like a great chef. I am creating something new, something that wouldn’t exist unless I willed it so. The best ingredients. Careful preparation. Contemplation of the process about to unfold is very bliss. I live to work. This is what I am. I have special talent. I was placed on earth for this.

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