by Derek Corbally


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Up to recent years the Roman Catholic Church played a huge part in Irish society and the development of the family structure.

When I was a child I was told it was a sin not to go to mass on a Sunday, that I would go to hell if I was to die with a sin on my soul and that I would not see my Mother or Father in heaven, heavy stuff for a child. For a while I believed that Priest.

To have a family member as a Priest, Nun or Christian Brother was considered an honour for the family and their relatives. It was a status symbol to a degree, a badge of honour if you will.

Ireland was renowned around the world for producing in abundance great men and women of God. Men and Women who would give up everything, travel the earth to Third World Countries and help their fellow man. Their goal was a simple one; to help the needy, to educate and teach the word of God; in doing so life would be better for everyone.

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