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Reflections Of Life - Children's Stories

Reflections Of Life - Children's Stories

by Maria N. Andrade

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Reflections of Life - Children's Stories

Volume 2
By Maria N. Andrade


Copyright © 2010 Maria N. Andrade
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4389-1626-2

Chapter One

Bailey and Peaches

Bailey was a big and very fat black bear. One day he was walking threw the woods.

When he met a chipmunk named Peaches. Peaches, saw how slow Bailey was walking. And then he said! "Hi what's your name?" Bailey being so tired as he was. Said "Hi my name is Bailey."

Quickly Peaches ran up to his new friend. Than said meet Peaches at your service. Bailey who was still to tired just sat himself under a tree. Peaches told Bailey what you need is to move around a lot more. Bailey answered "I know, but I don't know how." Peaches said to Bailey,

"Right now you need to sleep, but tomorrow morning we are going to move around." The next

Day Bailey woke up, he was very hungry and wanted, a very huge and sweet breakfast. Peaches who was right beside him, said "Don't even think about all those blackberries. Instead we are going fishing. Bailey said "Fishing?" Peaches said "Yes! And I know where we could get some small nice whiteys to eat." Now Bailey was use to a big breakfast but Peaches was not about to let him have it. After they both had caught two whiteys, they both ate them. Bailey said in a sad voice, "but I am still hungry." Peaches told bailey now was a good time for us to take a long walk. Bailey who never took long walks without stopping every minute to lay down to sleep did not like that idea. Peaches who loves walking said, "sure after eating it is very good to do some walking, also it is the best exercise, all of the doctors say "It's the key to keeping your body healthy." So Bailey agreed and they walked, only ten minutes. Then Bailey said "I can not go on any further." Peaches looked at his new friend and asked, "Why not?" Bailey in now a crying voice said "because I am to fat so I will always walk to slow." Peaches who was a friend that would never let another friend down, turned to Bailey and said "Yes you can and yes you will!" Bailey looked at Peaches saying, "Do you really think I could do this?" Peaches looked straight into Baileys eyes. Then said again "Yes you will!" Now Bailey tonight we will rest but tomorrow we will be doing a lot more walking.

The next day the sun was bright and shining. When Bailey woke up Peaches had already prepared Baileys fish breakfast. When Bailey was done eating Peaches said, "Oh right now Mr. Bailey let us start our walking!" So Bailey and Peaches continued doing this every single day for one whole month. Bailey could not believe that he was walking for miles. As Bailey walked he would do a lot of sweating. One day Peaches took bailey to go swimming with him at a big clear lake. When Bailey got there he went right near that clear water. When he saw his reflection in the water looking back at him it was a tall slim bear with a great big smile on his face. Bailey as happy as he was began yelling, "Peaches look, look at me now!" Bailey said to Peaches "I always wanted to loose this big fat weight of mine but I never knew how, but meeting you made it all possible. Bailey and Peaches became very good friends, together they would continue to eat their fresh whitey fish. They also took there long walks. Now Bailey was the most grateful friend to Peaches because of his new friend Bailey got his good health back. Also always stayed slim.

Mr. Big Mouth

Mr. Big Mouth was the largest also the oldest cherry stone clam that lived at the bottom of the sea. He only had two friends, one was Timmy who was a small goldfish and the other one was a hermit crab called Roy. Mr. Big Mouth could only have those two friends because all of the other creatures were afraid of him, because if they swam near him he would eat them. But Timmy became Mr. Big Mouths friend when he got lost from his parents. And Roy became Mr. Big Mouths friend when he helped him get rid of a bad tooth by making Mr. Big Mouth fill up his mouth with many broken shells, and than told him to bite down as hard as he could, this way it could break loose that bad old tooth of his. After biting down he had to spit out all of the shells along with that bad old tooth. Mr. Big Mouth ate all the time and he was also known to eat to much and whatever came passing in front of his mouth. His friend Timmy would always warn him about eating to much. And Roy his other friend would tell Mr. Big Mouth to watch what he ate. He was told days, weeks, months and than year after year. But it went in one ear and out the other one. Mr. Big Mouth was a very stubborn clam. He would only do what he was not suppose to do. One night there was a very bad storm the sea became very mean, strong and wild from the top all the way to the bottom of the sea went completely crazy. Timmy told Mr. Big Mouth to please come hide with me but Mr. Big Mouth looked at Timmy and said "No!" And poor Roy, being pushed by the strong waves, yelled "Mr. Big Mouth keep your mouth closed!" And than again he said "No!" The sea was getting rougher and rougher. Many things were passing in front of Mr. Big Mouths mouth, and as they did he ate them. When the storm was over everything became calm again. Timmy and Roy came out of their hiding place, only to find their friend Mr. Big Mouth in a lot of pain. Now to help their friend with his stomach pains, Timmy and Roy made him eat a great amount of broken sea shells, until he could not eat anymore. Mr. Big Mouths stomach got so full that suddenly his mouth opened up so wide that everything came flying out as fast as a strong wind. When everything came out of Mr. Big Mouths stomach, he began to feel much better. Now Mr. Big Mouth listens to Timmy about eating too much, and to Roy about watching what he eats. Because of the lesson that he learned, Mr. Big Mouth will never have stomach problems again. He also lived a longer life.

Those Magic Ice Skates

During the winter threw Christmas week grandma Betty would always take me to see her best friend Rose Edwards. Rose was an ice skate instructor for the little girls ice skating league in New York City at Rockefeller Center. My grandma had a dream that one day I would be in that league. It has been three years that she has been taking me there. This year grandma said to me "Savannah Douglas when we go to Rockefeller center on Christmas week I am going to enroll you in my best friends little girls ice skating league so you can learn how to ice skate." When Christmas week came grandma Betty and I went to see her best friend Rose. When we got there grandma told Rose that she would like to enroll me into the league. Rose told my grandma that she would be honored to do that. Rose also told grandma that I would need a pair of white ice skates. So grandma and I went to buy some, but they were very expensive so grandma and I went looking for a second hand store. While we were in New York she took me to look at all the second hand stores there. As she was driving threw the city grandma spotted a large Salvation Army store so we both decided to go in. While we were looking around grandma found two pairs of ice skates. A man by the name of Ted, that was working there came over to help us. When grandma showed him what she had found, Ted said to her that he had a better pair of ice skates in the back room. Grandma asked him why were they better? Ted answered, "because they were worn by Sandy Swanger a professional ice skater from way back in the fifties and was one of the greatest ice skaters who ever preformed at Rockefeller Center. Its been many years since she has been gone but she will always be remembered, by everyone who knew her since she was the best ice skater in New York. If you don't believe me, next time you go to the ice skating rink look for her poster than you will see how she use to look in her good ol' days." When my grandma heard that she said to Savannah we are buying those skates! Than she took me home and grandma told my parents the good news. My dad gave me a big smile and mom gave me a big hug. They both asked if that is really what you want to do? I said "yes!"

During my first week I did not do so well but as I continued to practice I became better and better. When my grandmas best friend Rose saw that I was ready to perform, Rose told my grandma that I will be performing in the next weeks prize show. By looking at my grandmas face while Rose was speaking to her I could see the happiness that she was feeling.

Finally tonight was my night to perform in front of my family and a large audience and my family. There are four other girl performing before my turn. As I watched their performances I began to feel scared, now it's the last girls turn. And grandma must have noticed that I was scared so she came down to wish me good luck. Than she said "think of Sandy when your out there skating don't look at the audience, keep your mind on Sandy and your dream of performing." Than I heard my name being called. The announcer said, "Now we have our last contestant that will be performing tonight Savannah Douglas." As I started skating on the ice I could hear my family cheering for me. As I got to the center of the ice I blessed my self and asked god to please let Sandy guide me threw my performance. As I began to skate I started to feel light as if I was being carried. All threw my performance I knew Sandy was with me to help me do good. Everything went so fast that before I knew it my show was over. Than I heard the loud yelling and cheering from the audience. Then a man started to come out towards me to take me off the ice. As he was skating to me he had in his hands, a large bouquet of flowers. On the top of the flowers was a large white ribbon that said first prize. When I returned to the back room my parents, Mrs. Edwards, and my grandma were there to congratulate me on my winning victory. Grandma said "Savannah I always knew that you could do this." since that night I became a great professional ice skater just like Sandy Swanger. From the sky she made it all possible for me to be a great winner, also grandma Betty for buying those magic ice skates which I continue to wear in all my performances to become a great professional ice skater.

Home Again

There once was a mouse named Michael. Who was born in and lived most of his life in South America the northern part of Brazil, in a small town called Icoaracy. Icoaracy was so small that everyone who lived there all knew one another very well. The town people were all good hearted with lots of love, fun and caring. One day while Michael was out looking for his food he came across another mouse who had come to visit his families, that were living in the same town. This mouse named Fred was visiting from the USA. Fred began telling Michael all about the place where he was born. Michael who was never out of his country started to feel very exited about what Fred was telling him. After talking with Fred, Michael said his good bys to his new friend and wished him a good visit. That same day Michael decided that he must find away to the USA. Michael started heading towards the airport. By night fall Michael was in the airport sneaking around threw the crowds of people, he managed to get on the plane that was going to a place called Pennsylvania in the USA. Inside the plane Michael kept himself very quiet so no one would know that he was there. Suddenly he became very hungry he came out of his hiding place, while walking very quietly threw that aisle he came across a piece of bread and some cheese, that someone must have dropped. Trying hard not to make any noise so anyone could hear him eating Michael took his food back to where he was hiding, he ate it all. After hiding a very long time Michael heard the pilot speaking out of a loud speaker letting everyone know that soon they would be landing

The plane was landing in an airport close to the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania. Suddenly the plane came to a stop and Michael waited until everyone was out of the plane, than quickly and quietly walked out. While looking threw the airport Michael met another mouse, his name was Bob. Bob was waiting for his ride that was taking him to the Pocono's. Bob asked Michael if he wanted to come with him. Michael was still excited agreed to go. Bob and Michael went on a large bus that was taking all of the tourist to a resort hotel called The Split Rock Hotel and resort. It is located in the Pocono Mountains, Bob told Michael that was where he was living. And he also just come back from vacationing in Peru. Michael was from a hot country started feeling very cold while riding on the bus. Bob was use to the cold now, but he was born in Peru, but as a baby he grew up in Pennsylvania USA right here in the Pocono mountains in the Split Rock resort. Bob told Michael that he should stay in doors until he got use to the cold. Than the bus stopped and Bob and Michael waited until all the people were off the bus. Bob took Michael to his home, Bobs home was all the way down in the basement. He told Michael that he was going to like it there because Bobs home was near all the food that was kept for the customers. Since they were both very tired from there long trip they just called it a night, and went right to bed.

The next morning Michael woke up to a loud noise, it sounded like pots and pans moving around. Than suddenly a friendly smell of delicious food was flowing through the building. Bob told Michael up stairs on the first floor was where the kitchen was and the resort cooking staff were now preparing breakfast for the hotel guests that were staying there. Bob also told Michael that he would get them something for them to eat, when Bob came back he brought a small bag, inside the bag was small pieces of bacon, eggs and bread. Michael was not use to that kind of breakfast he only ever got by on crumbs of bread and cheese, but Michael ate it because he did not want to make Bob unhappy for his kindness. Bob asked Michael what he would eat where he was from. Michael told him my breakfast was bread and cheese crumbs and for lunch and dinner was crumbs of mangos, apples and bananas. After they ate Bob decided to take Michael outside to see the rest of the resort. The first place Bob took Michael was to the ski area where also people would be riding on the snowmobiles and having fun. As Bob and Michael were running around threw the snow Michael got himself lost since the place where he was, was huge and surrounded with a lot of snow Michael could not find Bob. Michael begin running here and there to see if he could find his way back to the building, at the same time trying not to get run over by a snowmobile. Poor Michael was so afraid that his heart was pounding very fast and in his mind he thought why did I ever come here because his home was never like this and if I could just get out of here alive I am going back home where it is hot and quiet. Finally after all the running Michael found Bob who was also looking all over for him. Michael told Bob to please take him back to the airport Michael said "I just want to go home." That same after noon Bob took Michael to the airport they said there good bys and Michael got on the plane. Tired from all the running around he did that morning Michael slept the whole ride back home. Suddenly the plane stopped and Michael woke up from the noise of people walking out of the plane. After everyone was out of the plane, Michael was so glad to be back home he ran very fast out of the plane and all the way home. While he was running he kept saying to himself, never again will I ever leave my country and my home. When Michael got to his house he put the biggest smile on his face and said in a loud yelling voice "I AM HOME AGAIN!!"

Katie's Special Doll

When Katie turned the age of five; her mother Alice gave her a very old baby doll that had belonged to Katie's grandmother. It soon became Katie's very special doll, she would play and sleep with it all the time. One day on a Friday morning Katie took her doll with her to play outside, as she was playing she noticed a very pretty flower that was in her mothers garden. Katie put her doll down so she could pick that beautiful flower, she than took the flower into the house to give it to her mommy. While Katie was inside she heard her favorite television show on, so she sat down to watch it and for the rest of the day Katie stayed in the house. That night at bedtime Katie noticed that she did not have her special doll with her so she asked her mommy if she had seen her baby doll. Her mothers answer was no. after looking all around the house for her doll Katie had no choice but to go to sleep with out her, which was not easy for Katie.


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