Reflections Of Love And Life Through The Eyes Of A Woman

Reflections Of Love And Life Through The Eyes Of A Woman

by Shonna West


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ISBN-13: 9781463427511
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 08/23/2011
Pages: 124
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.29(d)

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Reflections of Love and Life Through The Eyes of A Woman

By Shonna West


Copyright © 2011 Shonna West
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4634-2751-1

Chapter One

    Your Love

    To me it's like a breath of fresh air, without it I cannot breathe
    With it I could be me and I was okay with who I was
    It fulfilled me
    Made me whole, grabbed my soul, it made me want no one but it
    I can finally go without tears for it
    But the feelings I have for it is, and will not die
    For it is a part of who I have become
    In my dreams, I am constantly searching for it
    I don't know why, but it is something I need
    And it seems everything I try will not keep it from my mind
    It is because it was the perfect fit for me
    It cannot be replaced and it is why if I can't have it
    I would rather do without ...
    And it is your love

    Your Lies

    Your motives are unknown, yet you have many believers
    But underneath the surface you're an evil deceiver
    Far from the truth
    Don't know what world you live in
    Your constant lies offend me, simply has my head spinning
    Misinterpretations, falsifications, wrong information, and
    You lie with no hesitation with your shallow conversation
    Got a big imagination, but it's all a fabrication
    Trying to remain a mystery
    So you conceal all your history, by lying and lying consistently
    It doesn't make any sense to me
    Does the truth hurt you too bad?
    Does it cause you too much pain?
    Are you totally insane?
    Because your lies are all in vain
    No integrity in your eyes, no sincerity in your cries
    So to me it's no surprise
    No honesty in your lies

    Who Am I?

    Simply unique
    Heart of gold, that's me
    On point all the time
    Never a dull moment with me cause I shine
    Natural beauty, skin smooth as butter
    Angel with no wings, I am like no other

    Another me you will never find
    I'm God's creation, his design
    No one like me, I'm so divine
    I am so special, one of a kind
    Who am I? You ask
    I just gave you all the facts
    Nothing false, I gave you truth
    Now my question is
    Who are you?

    When It Rains

    When it rains it pours, your beautiful day is ruined
    The skies are dark and cloudy there is no rainbow or sun shining
    A day of joy all washed away, your plans pushed back another day
    Destroying all your hard earned labor, it seems the lord aint in your
    Then all of a sudden the rain is gone, the sun is shining, it's a
    beautiful day
    Finally, the rain is gone away
    But when it does rain it pours
    Sometimes one gloomy day after another
    Everything is ruined by all the inclement weather
    Just be patient, for you will see clear skies again
    There is always sunshine after the rain

    When A Woman Knows

    When a woman is tired of crying she packs her things and says
    And there is nothing you can do to make her stay with you
    When she sees for herself the hand that she was dealt
    She plays the unfair game, but she doesn't see things the same
    When a woman loses hope and no longer can she cope,
    When she is tired of all the pain, a woman makes a change
    When life comes at her wrong, a woman remains so calm
    She takes time out to think, she won't let her ship sank
    When a woman has been misused and when she's been abused
    She fights for what is right and she takes back her life
    When a woman stands her ground, no one can knock her down
    When she knows her worth, her place here on this earth,
    The gift that she beholds, a woman shines like gold
    So strong she'll never fold, she's confident and bold
    A woman takes control, but only when she knows.

    Wake Up

    Wake up my sistas
    It's time to rise and shine
    Look at what's against us, open up your eyes
    Things aren't getting easier, but harder by the day
    The crowd that you are moving with is leading you astray
    You've turned into a follower your mind belongs to them
    They do what you allow them to you gave them your consent
    Your body is a treasure, but you treat it now like trash
    So many had the pleasure of getting in your pants
    Love ... I wouldn't call it, looks more like disrespect
    My sistas need to wake up, get this reality check
    They're all over your body they've stained you like tattoos
    No love for you, don't give a damn
    They just play games with you
    So blind to the reality, but diseases have no names
    No warning when it comes for you
    You'll never know it came
    One careless night of pleasure can lead to many years of pain
    One bad decision and your life won't be the same
    My sistas better wake up, because it's not a game
    My sistas better wake up or we'll be put to shame

    True Love

    When your heart steers you wrong and has you singing sad love songs
    Don't give up so soon, because true love is waiting on you
    You made a big mistake, what you thought was love fooled you
    Do not be discouraged, you will find what is true
    Your heart it isn't perfect, sometimes it can be blind
    But if you can be patient, then true love you will find
    There is no need to rush it this love will come to you
    You'll never have to question you'll know that it's the truth
    True love will someday find you and starring you in your eyes
    Will be a love so honest, he'll never tell you lies
    Never will he raise his hands he'll never make you cry
    Until that day be patient, don't give up on the cause
    The lord has what's in store for you
    He will send you true love

    Timeless Love

    A vision of your love flashed before my eyes
    It has my heart singing sweet, sweet lullabies
    Long walks on the beach with our footprints in the sand
    My heart raced as we held one another hand in hand
    The smell of sweet roses, blue skies, white doves
    Will always remind me of your sweet love
    Dwelling on you touch has my thoughts filled with bliss
    You showered me with love, how I miss your tender kiss
    But in my heart it lives forever, your love will never die
    No matter if we're together our love will not divide
    I will forever keep you in my thoughts
    And memories of your love will stay close to my heart
    And each and every night when I'm staring up above
    I'll wish upon a star that we'll forever be in love

    Thicker Than Water

    Many friends have come and gone, but you have been there all along
    We disagree with one another, but that don't mean we hate
    The love we share, a bond so tight
    It doesn't matter if we fight
    We kiss and hug and brush it off
    We're sisters so there's no love lost
    Closer to me than any friend, you are the fluid that is within
    Even though your miles away, both your smiles still brighten my day
    So grateful that we share a mother
    Where you stand, they'll be no other
    There's no one who could take your place
    Replace what's written all over your face
    Love and joy to name a few, no one will come between you two
    So with all that being said, we share what is colored red
    Water runs, but blood is thicker I am so proud to be your sister

    The Motions

    Come take a walk with me and talk with me
    Let's watch the sun rise and set
    And make this a night we never regret
    Gently touch my face, let me feel your warm embrace
    Caress my lips as you grab me by my hips
    Pull my body close so I can get a dose
    Run your fingers through my hair ... love is in the air
    I'm caught up in the moment as you move in closer on me
    We're going through the motions as you're giving me the potion
    My body is amazed as I'm caught up in a daze
    Come grind with me and ease your mind with me
    Hold my hands as we're lost in a trance
    I'll be yours tonight, there is no second chance
    Let me feel your rhythm, as we share this dance

    The Little Things

    It's those little things you do that make me love you
    Those tight hugs and sweet kisses, I'm not in this for your riches
    The way you hold my hand, the way you always understand
    The way you reassure me that everything will be okay
    The way you block harm from coming my way
    Your love is all that I could ever need or want
    Your love is the key that opened up my heart
    I don't see dollar signs or a free ride
    What I have seen in you lies on the inside
    I don't see my next meal ticket
    I see the one that I'll share my life with
    Our love isn't about who did what for who
    It is you loving me as much as I love you
    It feels so good to have love, unconditional
    What you have given me is truly beautiful
    You've given me love, true love
    What more can I ask for
    You've given me so much that I can't ask for more
    I could never have enough, that you make sure of
    Better than gift you buy, you lavish me with love

    Thank You

    I have said thanks to many for so many different reasons
    But truthfully speaking, my thanks go to God the only one I believe in
    He is the one who carries me he lifts me off my feet
    The one who gives me vision to the things I cannot see
    Thank you God for loving me, so much you gave your son
    You are such a loving God, for me you are the one
    You deserve all thanks I have I owe it all to you
    You are the one who catches me whenever I fall through
    When trouble seems to follow me you steer it all away
    You showed me the value of my life, so thanks is what I say
    It's you who gives me blessings you put your hands on me
    Thank you God for touching me, for I am now with peace
    I appreciate everyone in my life for all the things they do
    But you deserve all thanks I have I owe it all to you

    I'm So High

    I never knew ecstasy would feel like an outer body experience
    You've got me on cloud nine and I've been there ever since
    I don't know why, but you got me so high
    And I'm never coming down
    This has got to be heaven and you must be the almighty
    No man has ever had my body so delighted
    I'm floating in the clouds with stars all around
    You got me so high and I'm never coming down
    You are my guilty pleasure and I'm going to crave you forever
    Until the earth fades away, because until today
    I never knew ecstasy like I know it now
    I'm in the clouds, so high
    And I'm never coming down

    She Prayed

    She was alone, struggling
    Trying to survive
    Trying to keep her head above
    Just trying to stay alive
    The road she was on seemed endless
    The world so cold and cruel
    But she kept on moving forward
    A rest stop was coming soon
    The lord, he saw her coming
    This girl came from afar
    She soon would reach the finish line
    A long way from her start
    When she was tired of crying
    For things to be okay
    She'd talk to God about it
    And he showed her his way
    Her life was a roller coaster
    So full of ups and downs
    But God put her in order
    Now she's on solid ground
    With faith that she would make it
    She stayed positive
    When she felt she couldn't take it
    God gave her a reason to live
    He is the one she talked to
    When things were going wrong
    She prayed to him for guidance
    Until he made her strong

    See Me Cry

    I shed tears of joy, I shed tears of pain
    When there's no room for sunshine, my tears are the rain
    At times I have my reasons, at times I don't know why
    I can't control my eyes when they feel the need to cry
    I shed tears for love, I shed tears for war
    As I let out my emotions, my tears come down hard
    At times I try to hold them, but their mind is its own
    I can't control my eyes when my tears start to fall
    I shed tears, for I'm human
    My feelings, I can't always hide
    I can't always cover my eyes when I feel the need to cry
    I cry for many reasons, many times I don't know why
    So please don't be surprised if ever you see me cry

    Secret's Out

    You tell your friend your secrets, they tell it to their friend
    Their friend then tells their friend and that's how it begins
    Now you're angry that this happened, but you let your secrets out
    Now everybody's talking because you opened your mouth
    How could you be so foolish?
    You can't even trust yourself
    And you thought that your secrets would be safe with someone else
    Best friends become enemies and lovers are broken hearted
    But you don't want to take the blame for how the rumors started
    Nobody went out searching and nobody had to dig
    You are the one who let it out and told them what you did
    Your skeletons are in the open and things out of control
    All your secrets are out the bag and everybody knows
    Rumors are all around you, but that's just how it goes
    You should've kept it quiet and left your closet closed


    Although my journey to success has had
    Many wrong turns, do not enters, and stop signs
    At the end of the tunnel I finally saw the green light
    I may detour every now and then
    But road blocks will never cause a complete stop again
    I have been tested by the best and hurt by the worst
    Yet I am still here standing and stronger than ever before
    My biggest challenge is yet to come
    But I am ready to compete
    The only person who can come in between me and my dreams is me
    The only person who can make me fail is me
    My image is more than a mental impression
    In my mirror, I see more than my reflection
    My eyes tell stories of struggle and progression
    My eyes tell stories of love and life lessons.


    Never underestimate a woman or take her kindness for weakness
    A woman is a queen, who should be praised for her meekness
    A woman is a jewel, a face of royalty
    A queen she is, strong at heart and she has loyalty
    Mothers, wives, and sisters, queens are all around
    So when you see one coming
    Respect her and bow down, hail this gift from heaven
    Without us kings are weak
    Women are much stronger than any man could be
    Long hours of labor, this pain no man could bear
    A blessing to the human race, that's why a woman's here
    A queen is a lady, so she respects her king
    She plays a part in his success, a queen does many things
    A woman is a diamond, so pretty and divine
    So when you think of woman, you should have queen in mind.

    Be Careful

    This world is full of backstabbers, so watch out for the knife
    Be careful of the people you let into your life
    Some snakes you never see them
    They linger in your grass
    You never see them coming so they creep upon you fast
    Some friends will be deceiving
    They'll hide beneath their grin
    You have to be real careful of those who will pretend
    Keep your friends close to you, but your enemies, keep them closer
    Don't put your trust in everyone, be careful of salt—throwers
    You have to watch your circle, so keep it very tight
    Be careful of pretenders who sneak into your life
    Don't let those sneaky demons shed darkness on your light
    You have to keep a close eye so keep them in your sight

    Beauty Runs Deep

    Beauty is more than what meets the eye
    It's not just your outer, but also inside
    The body of a goddess we all want indeed
    Influenced by the models who are in magazines
    But beauty runs deeper, good looks won't get you far
    Your outer appearance doesn't define who you are
    True beauty is hidden, a blessing in disguise
    Beauty is beyond the surface of your eyes
    The one who smiles pretty may be ugly underneath
    You want to see real beauty you have to dig deep
    A picture says a thousand words, most of them untrue
    A mirror shows reflections, but only one side of you
    We often put our emphasis on what the world can see
    And we forget about the heart, the beauty that runs deep

    Behind Closed Doors

    I know you see me smiling like everything is cool
    But you don't know my struggle, the pain that I've been through
    You think you've got me figured out, the things you are believing
    But me, you know nothing about
    My looks they are deceiving
    I seem to be so happy, like everything's okay
    But you don't know what I've been through, you just don' know the
    Behind closed doors I've broken down, my life, not what it seems
    Sometimes I find it hard to sleep, I don't have pleasant dreams
    I'm not who I'm portrayed to be, so please don't envy me
    My world comes crashing down, sometimes feels like a thousand feet
    Behind closed doors I'm hurting bad, although I don't perceive
    Nothing is the way it seems, so please don't envy me


Excerpted from Reflections of Love and Life Through The Eyes of A Woman by Shonna West Copyright © 2011 by Shonna West. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A sweet person, who has poured out the words so many woman have had in their head and hearts. Keep up the good work and be blessed.