Reflections of Love Vibrations

Reflections of Love Vibrations

by Mishmah Igbójah Samad Al Aziz


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The quality of life is determined by the melody of our heart, harmonizing with the music of our soul. Every heartbeat is a melody of compassion and gratitude that resonates in the orchestra of life. Life is an orchestration, a myriad of opportunities that enables us to be our true selves. We begin life in search of self-discovery. We ever seek to be our true selves, and to express the love that flows within us. Whatever experiences we encounter are guides, which compel us to move in this direction. We engage in relationships that help direct us to the paths most suited for us to be our very best. Love and a sense of belonging are the basic and most important of these relationships. Belonging is primal, suggestive that as relational beings, we seek to receive and give love.

Love in its widest sense is true energy in the universe. It is humankind’s greatest gift, for it encompasses itself in everything. Without love, what would sustain the universe? Keep everything in order? Keep the world spinning around? Love is a reflection of truth, a validation that all that is…IS. Love is vibration– music, sweet, and lingers in within as a song of life. Like love and music, poetry unfolds in the heart. Like every heartbeat, love expressed through poetry is a melody that excites the heart. Love breathes life into all creation as a symphony of harmony and beauty. Like, love, poetry speaks and communicates with passion, by way of heart to heart, mind to mind – soul to soul. Poetry is a means to discover, to unveil meaning in life. Poetry enables us to elicit the essence of our feelings and thoughts, by allowing our imaginations to soar like eagles’ wings. Every journey begins with desire, and through poetry, emotional truth is communicated in a positive sense; and through relationships, we express and experience love vibrations, which are as close to us as each breath we take, and each heartbeat we witness.

Reflections of Love Vibrations is a collage of poems and poetical selections that takes its readers on a journey. It is a book of inspiration for the heart, soul, and imagination, with a variety of themes, from the prosaic to the profound. Love, the awesome power of dreams and the imagination, is shrewd throughout this compendium, which seeks to deepen our relationships through the use of poetic prose with a heartfelt, lyrical style. Reflections of Love Vibrations takes its readers on a spiritual journey of insightfulness, commonplace observation, and awareness of the essences of love and contemplation. This work sheds light on how reflections have transformative powers that rekindle the spirit and add more joy to life. Likewise, it helps its readers to view life, on a daily basis, in myriad ways, beyond those sometimes overlooked or often taken for granted. Reading this work is like breathing fresh air, outdoors, while listening to sweet music, and mellowing in the lingering perfume of a bright red rose, in early spring.

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